But it managed to do something.

It managed to control the living things around it, that is, those living things that regard its brain and organ fragments as treasures.
Recyclers can send out nerve signals that affect these creatures and let them do things themselves.
But this group of creatures is a group of low-level creatures.
They can’t easily move the recycler’s brain because the recycler’s brain is a huge object with a diameter of 100 meters.
It took these creatures several generations just to drag it here. It is impossible to take it everywhere to avoid the storm.
The recycler decided to let them do something else.
That is to collect and assemble those organ fragments.
By assembling the surrounding organ fragments, the recycler retrieved the previous data. In fact, in addition to receiving a lot of data from the meat pieces, there are also a lot of data hidden by the original recycler, which put all these data in a container.
Then the storm happened.
Although the recycler has predicted the coming of the storm, it can’t avoid it. It can see the storm by luck … and it may not affect itself.
But it’s not so lucky.
The recycler was killed by the storm.
The storm caused it to collapse, that is, everything in this area became very … flat in a short time.
This completely killed the recycler’s brain, but it did not affect the organ that hid the data.
Those creatures controlled by it were also let by the former recyclers in storm warning escape from the shelter without any impact.
The storm phenomenon did not last long, and did little harm to the only bridge as a whole.
This creature continues to live here, and occasionally a unified group of believers is born among them, but it does not infect any creatures.
So a long time passed.
There is a group of creatures with a bridge.
This group of creatures is a group of cellular creatures.
The only bridge organism that has been living for a long time has no cell organism.
They were among the first cellular organisms to appear here.
And these creatures came here with a definite goal.
They quickly landed on the only bridge and found the entrance to the ground.
They went all the way to the only bridge and finally found the location of the data organ left by the recycler.
And then he died
They all committed suicide.
While the data organ … Move up.
It recovered the nuclear information from the corpses of those creatures around it.
Then the data organ starts to work and slowly collects all kinds of debris to put them together …
Finally, it successfully assembled a … creature.
That is, Lin now sees this creature-distorting the origin of managers.
It can also be said that this data organ is actually a twisting device, which can read nuclear information to make objects.
It is amazing that the source of managers is mainly composed of distorted information hidden in the nuclear information of these organisms and data from data organs
And those data in the data organ are not nuclear information.
Although these data are not nuclear information, they can’ help’ organs in reading nuclear information.
So as to create a more’ perfect’ manager.
But it didn’t elaborate on the details inside
At the same time, it didn’t say in detail about itself, for example, what kind of creature it was, and it didn’t tell Lin about it.
When the manager wakes up, he will soon know what he should do. It is mainly to exert … distortion.
It means that it is to distort everything here … so that all creatures in the whole unique bridge will act according to the set line.
But before that, it has to recover … energy.
It’s the only bridge that infects living things with all kinds of beliefs and sends energy, and they are still pervasive today.
The distortion manager made a thing to collect this energy, which it said was actually difficult to collect, and it was collected for a long time.
And at this time, it slowly … took control of the only bridge.
In addition, many other things have been done, such as the demise of bone inscriptions and so on, which are deeply related to it
The ability to distort managers seems quite powerful.
Later, the distortion manager received almost all the energy … It found that each of these energies was a different consciousness.
That is to say, each belief is the result of the combination of different beliefs.
The original’ unified’ a considerable number of existing species.
And the reason why they produced so many kinds seems to be that they participated in the bus war before.
At that time, the storm caused its special energy to change.
The manager collected almost all the energy, but it found that … the unified energy method was used.
Some unified energy can be found here, but more is … the outside is empty.
Other beliefs are not floating out, but there is unity.
Moreover, managers believe that unification may have drifted out a long time ago rather than now.
In the end, it decided to recover all the unified energy that had drifted away.
Then there is Lynn who knows things, finds the unified energy and tries to make it … like distortion.
This is actually a way to’ receive’ it.
Before it stopped Lynn and Walsh from killing the unity of faith, the manager almost took it back.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and sixteen Source
"It’s been a long chat … enough information has been shared."
"It feels good that there are creatures who can understand these histories."
"So almost …"