"-and’ I’ (prototype) said welcome.

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"So we hit it off."
When their voices fell, the piano in the piano room also ended synchronously.
Looking out of the window, I am a little sad when I gently pull my hair in the evening.
The sunset glow covered her face, and her white skin was almost transparent.
Alice realized what the former sense of disobedience was.
-there is no shadow in the evening
Chapter 50 Selfish love
Like the moon in a wine glass, it is like a daffodil on the lake.
At dusk, the setting off of Xiaguang becomes semi-transparent, which has revealed the "prototype" psionic quality.
"… you are not going to resurrect the dead Miss Xiri."
Alice stared at some melancholy girls in the next room and whispered, "You let her die and stay here."
"This is the resurrection."
The prototype is very positive and said
He looked at the dark-haired girl who had finished playing the piano, but still stayed in the room and looked at the sunset. Her eyes were full of warmth and tranquility.
There are almost all living things in the piano room in Xiri-beds, tables, pianos, toys, game glasses, books, retro record players, and all kinds of posters that girls like …
But only lack of food and water to wash your hands.
Now it’s time for dinner, but I’m alone at home, but I’m not hungry at all.
I didn’t know that the prototype horse would come back, but she didn’t prepare her own when she made tea.
There is no trace of tea and snacks at the table. The trash can next to the table is cleaner than it is.
All this proves one thing …
"She knows that she is no longer human, just a ghost."
The artifact looks back at the budding lover.
Russell had the same memory, and the devil did not hesitate to ask, "She didn’t mind Ram."
"She obviously knew she was dead … you call this resurrection? Do you call her life happiness? "
"This is about to discuss one thing, artifact."
It is obviously a little unhappy to be questioned about "budding lovers". She simply calls the artifact name "Do you admit death?"
"… you this problem is too big"
"Can’t you answer? Then I’ll tell you … In my mind, death is’ away from what I love’.
"Whether the body is important to enjoy eating and drinking is also important to be able to’ live happily’ and add something to the world, such as the termination of work and the beating of the heart … I think those are all important.
"The so-called death is that what you love, what you love, and what you love will be separated forever … In other words, if you want to be able to come back, you can’t die much, that is,’ not so perfect’.
"But how many people can’ live perfectly’ in this world? Since most people’s lives are imperfect, what is unacceptable about this way of resurrection? "
Bud-picking lovers stared at the evening sun and said softly, "It would be better this way."
"She won’t get sick again, she won’t get old, she won’t let my heart ache, and she will make me realize the despair of losing her again.
"Her personality will never change again, and she will not be suddenly influenced to doubt my love for her; There won’t be anything that suddenly surprises me and I don’t like it so that I can accommodate her and make unnecessary changes; She won’t let me touch those parents and relatives who don’t love her.
"She belongs to me now and will always belong to me. I will always love her … until the end of my life in a thousand years, when I am old, she will still be as young as at this moment, and she will accompany me when I leave this world.
"flesh and blood are necessary for human beings to be confined to flesh and blood, so all kinds of original sins arise. Giving up this meaningless body will make people happy."
The demon blends with the elf, and the young people are obsessed with watching the evening whisper.
Separated by a wall, I can’t see his eyes, and I can watch the sunset slowly outside the window.
Alice finally understood everything—
The so-called "piano room" with everything to show all life is one-way through …
Because that room is really a "real-life hand-held display cabinet"!
"bud-pick lover" loves Xiri not the girl with mental illness, but the similar soul mate imagined by "prototype"
In other words, this evening is just a "spiritual hand"
You can see and touch a large-scale hand that has your own thoughts, but you will never betray the need to feed and drink water or manage excretion. You don’t need to worry about each other’s hobbies, and you don’t need to "dress up", "cultivate" and "play" regardless of each other’s mood …
"… is this’ selfish love’?"
Alice murmured softly.
Bud-taking lover replied flatly, "This is me."
"No wonder you hit it off … you are the same kind."
"That’s true. You and your host must be the same kind of people."