"The criticism from Berlin is not from the wind. Since some people think that I am no longer suitable for the empire and I am not the kind of person who is obsessed with the stack, then I, Heidi Selim, the former commander of the first reconnaissance fleet, Imperial vice admiral, have to give up all my duties and glory and return to my hometown of Kiel Ocean Fleet. Long live the German Empire and long live William!"

It is said that Heidi Sillemgrass, a naval strategist at Kiel Naval Academy, chose to resign after rejecting the admission notice of philosophy major at Berlin University. However, the resignation report is still so soft and charming, but it is not a sharp-edged color in the pen and ink that pushes the emperor back from the corner of history.
"Selim!" Re-arranging the vase of Qing Dynasty was broken again. Attendant George-Philip-Teleman set foot in front of the house. William’s roar and anger resounded through Charlottenburg Palace. "The emperor, the fucking Kiel fisherman’s chop suey, refused the emperor’s low spirit. He actually tried to make the king of Hohenson family slap himself hard! He, he is really Muenzer in William’s time! "
Subject to a good education, the emperor can’t scold too vulgar words, but he can turn civilians into unruly people. Heidi Silembi Muenzer shows that the emperor is angry. You must know that Muenzer was the leader of the German peasant war and led the peasant and civilian miners uprising in 1525!
After all, Teleman pushed the door and came in, choosing a humble corner and saying nothing. The emperor didn’t seem to notice that his squire continued to gaffe around the table for a long time before he calmed down a little.
"Attendant, I am the master of the German Empire, right?" Calm down. The emperor stared at Teleman’s chest and asked the iron cross 1st class medal sink.
On February 1, the commander’s room of the battle patrol of Luzov in the Gulf of Finland
Wang Haidi’s monologue continues, and Lei Deer’s mood is like a roller coaster, which changes from the most angry to silence and then ferments into shame.
"After the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel, David Betty got two enemy-class and two Queen Elizabeth-class capital ships. After returning from the South Atlantic in mid-March, the number of David Betty’s mobile fast capital ships may be-9. On the other hand, the ocean fleet Luzov and Devlinger are blocking Cedritz in the Gulf of Finland. Mao Qi and Deutschland are exhibiting combat training in the southeastern Norwegian waters. Despite the vast situation in the North Sea, the ocean fleet predicts and intercepts a fast fleet with a speed of more than 25 knots, which is different from finding a needle in a haystack. The strength is changing. This is probably Betty’s dare to go to Britain. The German quality forms a balance of power. In February 1915, he went deep into the southern part of the North Sea for a combat cruise. The source of confidence is Lei Deer. I know that David Betty’s light cavalry has adventures in his blood. Let him finish running-in as soon as possible. He will definitely go south again. This is obviously an
Remove the coffee cup put aside by Lei Deer and replace it with a crumpled chart. Wang Haidi identifies the location of the five capital ships of the first reconnaissance fleet and lists David Betty’s repeated North Sea combat cruise route. A node is heavily marked with a light way
"Lei Deer is indeed the best time to end the naval political storm, but peaceful things don’t meet my expectations, which is not enough! I am the commander of the patrol fleet. Without the full support of the old marshals before the naval battle and the cover of resignation after the naval battle, even with the support of General Schell hippel, even with the heavy reputation of being the first-class naval strategist and unbeaten Ares, I am bent on protecting the emperor of the ocean fleet, but I always try to tell him what to do. Lei Deer, the imperial secretary of the navy, went it alone for half a year in 1915, which was the last chance for the ocean fleet to smash the British strategic blockade. I must seize every opportunity to exclude the enemy of the admiralty from interfering with the decisive battle and successfully get through the imperial sea transportation line! "
"Selim wants to know that you are challenging the creed of Crocodile Aristocracy and the Emperor Wei Na!" Erich-Lei Deer almost foresaw the protagonist’s lonely ending after the war because of the emperor’s suppression of gorgeousness. He sighed with a wry smile, "Maybe you will be forgiven for being unruly during the war, but after the war, you will be attacked by the emperor the strongest. This will end your military career before this!"
"Oh, Lei Deer, do you know what the European War in Heidi-Selim Empire would be like without me …" Wang Haidi made an untimely joke as if she were possessed, and recalled that "Kiel guns, Berlin riots, Scarpa Bay rainbows and the humiliating Treaty of Versailles can change all this, so that Anne can face the price and let Avril Lavigne go to church school for a few more years, so that Catherine’s family can escape the riots and make the ocean fleet proud … that’s enough!"
Pushing the cabin door with a touch of the glow of Finland Bay is beautiful and beautiful. Wang Haidi is like an old man who sees through the world of mortals and repeats, "That’s enough!"
The second gun Chapter 13 Those pseudo-sublimes (1)
[I said I didn’t live in a ld calendar. I checked on March 1, 1915, rogue Jun Gaga …]
Capelle caused a wrong political storm when he made a mistake in seizing power. The arrogant emperor’s ocean fleet returned the fact that he was in control. Erpitz, Ingenohl and Hertzendorf, the old Croatian soldiers with one kind or another, were forced to resign, which seemed to safeguard the emperor’s prestige, but caused a devastating blow to the influence of the emperor’s admiralty. Because the new platform was eager to try, young people were bolder and more persistent in victory than their predecessors, although their bones were saturated with the German military discipline concept.
When capelle and Muller stubbornly chose to attack Heidi Sillem for lack of long-term vision, the old era was at the end of the road. Oh, it was already revealed that it was about to collapse. When Heidi Sillem resigned from Emperor William on February 1, the old era ended. However, neither William nor the Royal Navy could see this until Heidi Sillem planned the raid on Mudros Bay and David Betty concealed his rifle to render the strongest sound of the Jutland naval battle.
-In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Jutland naval battle, the Veterans will retire from the post of Director of Naval Training. Lieutenant General Wolfgang Wei Gena delivered a famous speech entitled "Veterans never die but fade", and made a sharp review of the naval high-level wrestling that lasted for nearly one month in Berlin in February 1915.
"General …"
After the complicated handover on March 2nd, the new commander of the blockade fleet, Major General Benke of haneke, took a step back and gave a military salute to Lieutenant General Heidi Selim, the naval god of war in his mind. "You won’t resent me for replacing your position?"
At the end of February, Wang Haidi set off for an accident hearing presided over by the Navy General Staff for several days. During the accident investigation, he suffered enough. The civilian investigation team members of the Admiralty accused and criticized Wang Haidi, who was overwhelming. Wang Haidi blocked the command post of the fleet and was revoked. Major General Paul Bi haneke blocked the fleet officers and soldiers and took over Wang Haidi’s post with hatred eyes.
"It’s just that the Admiralty ordered these conspiracies and plots to be investigated. It’s a relief for me to cancel the blockade of the fleet!" Wang Haidi commanded the sailors to move their own characters to the transport boat and turned around. Compared with Major General haneke, it seemed as if it were false. "The Gulf of Finland can’t bear my ambition. The boys in German West Africa struggled to support Da Daniil and I Heidi Silem also had my own mission to fulfill!"
In March, the Battle of the Daniil Strait reached a deadlock. The Turks lost three coastal highland fortresses and more than ten outlying fortresses one after another, and two artillery pieces were destroyed. Ammunition equipment also plummeted. After the sinking of the old battleship Giant, the British lost their lives again on February 24th. The southeast side of the old battleship Ocean was struck by lightning and sank. More than 500 sailors were killed. Although Lieutenant General Carden was removed from his post and Major General John de Raback took over the command, mine clearance still became protracted.
March 2 nd, Murderos Bay, Lemnos Island
In the lonely night, a full moon hangs in the sky, and the pale moonlight obscures the wide waves. The captain of the E-destroyer Deventer River took off his military cap on the bridge and said to his co-captain, "Hunter, this is not a good weather for submarines and torpedo ships to raid. Maybe we can relax tonight because there is still a bottle of scotch in my captain’s room …"
"The Turkish navy is not worthy of our high vigilance. They have no initiative to attack!" Vice captain hunter smiled and rubbed his hands, and made a mockery of the vast sea.
Tearing the Aegean Sea, the broken white waves patrol the periphery of Mudros Bay, and the searchlights of the destroyer Winterriver mast follow the water waves, and gradually drift away. At this time, the quiet ocean surface suddenly shows waves, and a cylindrical object jumps out of the sea level, making the cold force the bay to spy around.
Major Bok did a good job in matching the anchorage information base of the battleship of the British-French joint fleet. Careful comparison was made by Bok Hang, the captain of the Turkish naval air force. Tukal-Deng Nici skillfully corrected several mistakes and immediately bit his pen to force his eyes to move prey from the bulky periscope toward him. The navigation officer whispered, "The British must have never imagined that we would choose a full moon night to raid the south submarine detachment and penetrate into the bay from the southwest to cover it. The plan of General Raouf’s torpedo boat fleet was perfect!"
On the other side of the bay, a Turkish surface assault fleet, which looks like the British and French patrol fleet, approached the periphery of Lemnos island carefully, waiting for the guns to come out of Murderos Bay. The British Murderos Bay deployed many light ships, which were able to penetrate into the bay smoothly. Seven German destroyers, the Hamidiyah armored cruiser, were modified and disguised as British destroyers, and those four legal destroyers naturally appeared in the original ecology.
"Gunther Lutjens’s surprise attack is that the fleet strength and weather factors are unfavorable to us. The heavy losses of surface ships are foreseeable. Although Germany is our alliance, I am still very grateful that you are willing to stay with the Turks to fight side by side!"
The battle is approaching, and the command tower of the old armored cruiser Mehmediye is full of suffocating silence. He volunteered to join the surface assault fleet. Although he was quite calm in front of the sailor Gunther Gunther Lutjens, his heavy breathing and trembling hands still exposed his nervousness and impatience. Raouf was young, but he had already experienced the Balkan war. He was well aware of Gunther Lutjens’s entanglement.
"Since it is natural for the AU to entrust its life and death to the other side, I, Gunther Gunther Lutjens, am duty-bound!" After Raouf’s little gag, Gunther Lutjens’s tense nerves can finally relieve some young people who are proud of the German navy.
At 2 am, blazing guns, heartbreaking alarms and dull explosions suddenly resounded through the quiet bay.
"Damn it, the Brits are practicing again!" Sleeping with his wife in his arms, the fisherman’s man got up and walked towards the window sill in a thin coat. "They all deserve hell!"
The shock wave generated by the explosion in the harbor across the stone wall is still unscrupulously penetrating, shaking the house, shaking the glass windows, and pouring fine dust, while the wife is wrapped in shouting and has bronzed skin. Shut up and still persist in walking towards the window sill.
Blood-red light printed on the opposite wall of the window sill. The man trembled, hesitated to move his steps and carefully melted himself into that piece of blood light. Immediately, he found that the water was clear, and the Bay of Mudros in Saudi Arabia was like a boiling sea and purgatory. The British and French steel giant ships were like frightened children or rushing about in the vast bay with 6-inch guns and temporarily installing 47 guns before the war to swing to the sea. The ammunition was madly tilted or the smoke in the anchorage was raging.
"Damn it, it’s a Turk!" The fisherman’s man grabbed a shotgun and made a hard cross. He turned to his wife and said, "Lisa, the heretics called. The descendants of the Crusaders must defend their homes!"
"Major General Raback’s situation is not good. The joint fleet was attacked by submarines. The captain of the Awesome was shot. The ship was abandoned. The Glorious and Albion were also shot. The specific losses have not been counted. In addition, according to the lookout’s report, the stern of the battleship Dandong also burst into flames!" Fleet war staff panting ran into the flagship Irish control tower toward baker, major general panic way
"Habsburg offshore defense submarine can’t reach Lemlos Island or … sneak attack. Are we Italian?" Major-General Raback was stunned for a moment, and his consciousness focused his suspicion on the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy, and pushed it to the naval intelligence department in a hurry-scurry. "Order the ships to make a fire as far as possible and maneuver toward the southeast of the Gulf to get rid of the Turkish submarine with speed advantage! Summon light fleet reinforcements to find them and destroy them! "
The speed of submarine attacking surface ships is a natural disadvantage. Surface ships can often run out of the speed of more than ten knots, while the submarine’s water speed is only a few knots. The water-saving voyage is less than 100 kilometers. More than 20 battleships of the Anglo-French joint fleet are wrapped in thick anti-submarine nets, and the anchorage is neatly arranged. Although the weather is not good, this is enough to soothe Deng Nici’s blood.
Although the old battleships in Britain and France are protected by anti-submarine nets, German ocean-going submarines are generally equipped with 5 mm G7 wet thermal torpedoes with a total weight of 136 tons. The warhead is 195kg. The old battleships in Britain and France, which are weak in water armor and poor in watertight structure, are cut through. Less than half an hour later, the awesome sank due to the explosion of the ammunition depot. The battleship Albion capsized and sank due to too much water, and the hull of the Glorious and Nelson were damaged, and they struggled to support it.
However, only six German submarine torpedoes were prepared, and Deng Nici had to command his submarine troops to retreat.
Major-General Raback ordered that the coal-fired boiler be started, which would be difficult for the British-French joint fleet. Those ships were old for more than ten years. The old battleships such as the Ginkul, the Irish battleship Majestic, Solemn and the King of Wales had just returned to the anchorage, and the boiler had not yet turned off. When the British and French light ships were busy looking for German submarines, Major-General Roebeck took the lead in turning into the southeast. At this time, the lookout found several fast-moving shadows coming towards them.
Four avant-garde destroyers of Durandal class, which were carried on the surface of the water to raid the fleet, greatly confused three capital ships. Several German destroyers behind the watchmen’s line of sight were crude and poorly disguised, but it was also harmful in the night. Whether the British or the French were reinforcements, the patrol fleet became a lookout and it was too late to notice that the destroyers rushed over to discharge the attack formation.