Chapter 111 belongs to me

Lelong laughed and looked at Xiao Leng and slowly opened the Fengshen bag. When he got it, the Fengshen bag became bigger. Many of them were still very beautiful and seemed to have more power. Suddenly, the mouth of Fengshen bag was opened wide, but a strong wind blew out from the inside. This strong wind blew Xiao Leng out and hit Jin Yi Xianfu Jiuxuan. It was a shame to be blown out far, far away. Now it is the day when Jiuxuan was blown out, and Xiao Leng was just able to barely see this distance.
Fortunately, Jin Yi Fairy House is controlled by Xiao Leng, and he bumped into it for an instant. Jin Yi Fairy House put him in, and Jiu Xuan did not have this benefit.
"Ha ha, you can’t be arrogant. I will kill you slowly and then go back to the way it is. Di Hong Xiandi will also reward me. Although I have made this thing now, it’s really good." Although Xiao Leng entered the fairy house, the Lelong still laughed and the fairy house was blown up. It was a fairy house that flew for a while and then fell to the fairy house. Although it was a magic weapon, its weight was still great. Although the Fengshen bag could be blown, it still could not be blown far, but it was only a few tens of meters away. It’s not easy, but Jiuxuan was blown almost out of this boundary, and Jiuxuan was injured by this wind. It’s still very serious. Those Lelong genera were also blown out far away, and it’s not much better than Jiuxuan. They were injured by Xiao Leng, and they were injured and injured, leaving them half dead.
Feeling this powerful power, Lelong laughed. He wasn’t injured, but his subordinates looked at each other. No wonder this thing can become the magic weapon of Emperor Hong Xiandi. This power is really unusual. But they still underestimated the power of this Fengshen bag, and it is quite underestimated. The stronger the messenger is, the greater the power will be. The power that Lelong, an immortal, can exert is only one percent. If the immortal emperor Di Hong makes it, it will be almost able to exert half the power. If a man of God makes it, this thing can be regarded as a top magic weapon. After all, the celestial world is only a few in total
Xiao Leng also suffered a little injury, which is normal. Xiao Leng’s body is much stronger than Jiu Xuan and much stronger than the fairy. Moreover, the power exerted by this dragon hand is only less than one percent. Naturally, it is impossible for Xiao Leng to be seriously injured. However, such a little injury is also a surprise to Xiao Leng or an artifact is strong. Like he has that artifact, his power is only one percent because of this Xiao Leng, but it is this family who makes it and the artifact actually hurts himself. Cold nature is anger, uniting for so long, and the number of his own injuries is several times. It is not in line with Xiao Leng’s embarrassment as it is now. Xiao Leng’s mind sank into the golden fairy house and found that the artifact actually caused a little damage to the fairy house, which made Xiao Leng very angry.
"Hum, it’s really cruel of you to be able to hurt me. I’m very angry now." Xiao Leng suddenly appeared outside, but even so, Jin Yi Xian Fu still finished controlling him. Once again, he suddenly appeared and frightened this Lelong. Xiao Leng inside Jin Yi Xian Fu couldn’t be captured by that Lelong, and he couldn’t feel Jin Yi Xian Fu moving, so suddenly Xiao Leng was able to scare him.
Xiao Leng’s sudden appearance is not to sneak attack on this Lelong. If he wants to get the Fengshen bag, he must rely on proper means to sneak attack, which is not good. However, this also gives him an advantage and is lost. Although he was surprised to see Xiao Leng’s appearance, Lelong was very shocked, but he quickly opened the mouth of Fengshen bag and a strong wind blew Xiao Leng out again. This wind has become more powerful. Xiao Leng directly hit the ground. This time, he didn’t hit the Jinyi Fairy House and directly blew Xiao Leng into the ground. The appearance of the deep human-shaped potholes in front of everyone made Lelong laugh, and the expression of his genus became better. Although they were still worried about who did not dare to show it, if the immortal emperor knew that Lelong had made this magic weapon, they would all be punished, and they did not stop Lelong from making it. The sin would be greater. The immortal emperor would praise them for finding the Fengshen bag, but the two could not offset the punishment of the immortal emperor and make them smell and turn pale.
Xiao Leng was blown to the underground, but he was seriously injured. Depending on his physical strength, this injury was still ignored by him, but he was very angry. He was so embarrassed twice and thrice that he couldn’t fight back. How could Xiao Leng not be angry? His anger caused a big pit in the underground? Oh, it can’t be said that it should be a big pit. The memory of the celestial land is very strong, but Xiao Leng appeared and burst out of energy, making it impossible for this big cave to recover completely in a few days.
Lelong looked at Xiao Leng and entered the humanoid pit, but he saw Xiao Leng’s explosion, gas strength and expansion, and the energy rushed straight at the mouth of the cave, but it was like a shell leaving a chamber directly hitting Lelong’s body and knocking this reckless person out of high. So Lelong was knocked unconscious by energy. Xiao Leng didn’t know or want to know that he would return to the ground directly along the route. He didn’t really give Lelong a chance to fly directly and attack Lelong’s ice soul sword. In an instant, Lelong’s neck appeared and was hit to the sky. Lelong could not dodge. It’s very good that the dragon neck was cut off by Xiao Lengbing’s soul sword, but it’s impossible to stop it from being cut by such a strong weapon, just like harvesting dirt. Xiao Leng kicked his head and was kicked far away like a ball.
At this time, Lelong’s body also fell from the sky. Nine Xuan also returned here. He looked very embarrassed and gently explored his hand. It was natural for Lelong’s hand fengshen bag to reach Xiao Leng’s hand.
"Now this belongs to me." A slight cooling determines the ownership of this thing (let’s stop here for the exam tonight)
(PS joke) How can a classic quotation be so classic? 1 No matter how ugly it is, you should fall in love and talk about the world full of love.
2 the hand will be towed away. If you don’t leave, you will continue to tow away if you get dizzy ~!
I struggled with fat and almost didn’t sacrifice.
Think about the salary ratio and don’t want to live.
5 Confucius said, "Don’t sleep at noon and collapse at noon." Meng said, "Confucius is right!"
After living for more than 20 years, I failed to do anything for my country and people, and I was heartbroken every time I thought about it.
7 life is born to live ~ ~
Earning money to sell cabbage, with the heart of selling * * * * ~ ~
I can resist anything but temptation ~ ~
1 Qinqi painting is too tired to wash clothes and cook ~ ~
My wife said she wanted to see the flash, and I cut the line with a kitchen knife.
I planted a bunch of boyfriends in spring, and now it’s autumn, and it’s actually harvested ~ ~
13 recently, the work is not outstanding, the performance is not outstanding, and the lumbar disc is a bit prominent.
14 people don’t attack me ~ ~ I don’t attack ~ ~ If people attack me ~ ~ I will be angry ~ ~
The greatest sorrow in life is that youth is not acne, but it is still there.
Whenever I’m in trouble, I read the Tibetan scriptures "Oh, oh, moo, coax" and translate it into English, which is Allneygyhe!
I won’t tell you if you kill me. You haven’t played the honey trap yet!
? 1 Don’t talk to me about ideals … I quit!
Is money really that important to you? I’ve been talking for more than three hours, and I haven’t dropped a penny
Well, if there is no affordable housing, just give me an affordable grave.)
Chapter 112 Or kill
Xiao Leng said that Lelong is sad. Lelong is the strongest among them, and the Fengshen bag is not this person’s opponent and others. It is also white, but the Fengshen bag is still in his hand, and others can’t help but take it back.
"You, you actually killed Lelong’s adult …" A person was bold enough to come and plan to make moves, but when he was just about to make moves, Xiao Leng had already made a flash of a shadow. This person’s head also fell to the ice soul sword face without sticking a little fairy blood. Xiao Leng’s means is naturally not biting. Which of these people didn’t kill many people, but now it’s their turn to be killed. All of them froze.
"How do you not strike back? Then I can’t stand it. "Xiao Leng smiled and walked step by step to these people. Did you want to kill Xiao Leng Babras? He was too scared to move. He wanted these people to kill Xiao Leng and find another chance to run away. Even if that thing was taken back, he could take it out for a second time. But he didn’t expect that this person was so tough that he could defeat so many immortals. It was really a mistake. If he knew that he would surrender, he would forget it and mix it with him. This opportunity was gone. He turned around and left. He had lost that motivation.
Before coming to Babras, Lelong left several genera to retreat and naturally took Babras out. "Why don’t you want to kill me?" Haha, now this opportunity is gone, but I don’t really give you a chance. I don’t want to be poor in the future. "Xiao Leng said that the ice soul sword in his hand was going to be cut. Na Ba Brass also naturally closed his eyes. At the same time, his fairy instrument suddenly stood across his ice soul sword. An ice soul sword cut into this big knife face. Perhaps it was Xiao Leng’s deliberate intention. Perhaps this Babras was very strong? I’m afraid Xiao Lengshui is true.
The ice soul sword cut off the big knife face as soon as it was cut off. The two weapons seem to have the same level, but the ice soul sword can actually cut off his weapons. The strength gap between the two people can’t be ignored, and this person has lost confidence. This is just a struggle. People also have to struggle before they die. This person does this, but ants still survive. How is it? What’s more, what about this immortal who has been practicing for years?
Xiao sneered at the ice soul sword and cut off his broadsword without stopping to cut directly into this Babras body. Suddenly, this little fairy left a hole. Surprisingly, this Babras body is no longer bleeding. You know, his body was still bleeding yesterday, but there is no blood left. It is quite strange that Xiao Leng was very surprised. Nine Xuan came to Xiao Leng’s side to give Xiao Leng a message.
"This man has practiced a secret method, unless he cuts his limbs and head, otherwise his body will not bleed, he will be injured and won’t die." Jiu Xuan said that he seems to be very familiar with it, but his idea may not be correct.
Xiao Leng nodded lightly, and the ice soul sword turned directly to Babras’ head. The ice soul sword just stuck to his neck, and the head fell off as soon as it grunted. The body also fell down, but it didn’t produce the situation. Even if the head fell off, Babras still didn’t shed a drop of blood.
Everyone is frightened and bloodless, but they have never seen it. It’s really informative to see it now.
The head fell off, grunted and rolled away for a long time, but it didn’t stop. Xiao Leng felt a strange horse sticking out an energy and continued to roll the head. "Poof" This is bleeding and blood arrows are flying. It turns out that Babras really cultivated a secret method. His secret method is to gather all the energy to the head so as to be immortal, but even so, Xiao Leng saw the flaw. If only he didn’t roll, he might save his life if he didn’t roll automatically and wanted to leave, but he was impulsive.
"Ha really has this secret method. This secret method seems a bit …" Xiao said with a smile that he is very disdainful of this Babras practice. A fool can see something if he still can’t see it. Isn’t it even worse than a fool? Babras’s strength is very poor. He practiced this secret method just to give himself a chance to live, but he seems to be too clever and mistaken for such a person.
His death, Galleron’s death, made Lelong all angry, but there was no way to die and people could not survive for such a long time, and there were only a few people left.
Looked at each other, a few people began to prepare to kill Xiao Leng. It’s also a bad thing for them to do so. Xiao Leng means that they have seen it. Now that they can kill Lelong and Babras, they are going to provoke Di Hong Xiandi. Just don’t stop, anyway, they are also afraid of further lice and don’t bite people. I’m afraid that’s the reason.
A few people fly up, and everyone shoots a few fairy force. They know that Xiao Leng has no resistance and their strength is almost the same. Isn’t his companions flying out now? They seem to be scarred by the fairy house that looks very magnificent. They are learned, and they can also hurt this person by sending out immortal strength far away. And they can be careful to prevent the fairy house from helping him without fairy house. However, he is wrong about this. Even if it is far away from Jinyi Fairy House, Xiao Leng’s strength is still very strong, and Xiao Leng’s figure disappears as soon as they attack. Xiao Leng’s cold speed soon appears in a blink of an eye. The ice soul sword around these people is gently explored and a person’s life is harvested.