Chang Sheng and Guo Feng quickly left their homes and headed for the place where the housekeeper said.

The village in the northern suburb outside Mengshan looks ordinary at all. The small house of the farmer’s house is crowded with people.
"The home owner or you have prepared such a place before Cong, that is, the Chang family is so powerful that they will not find it." Li Xiong, the head of the Li family in the room, praised it and sighed. "But there are so many innate masters in the Chang family. When are we going to hide like this?"
"It’s not impossible!" Tian Cheng looked at An Feng and Li Xiong with a cruel look in his eyes. "I happened to know a very powerful master of poison refining. I once heard him say that he can refine a poison, which can suppress the innate masters for a short time and make the innate masters exert their sublimation peak strength. It is very expensive to refine this poison. There are three innate masters in Mengshan City. If we want to deal with them first, we must refine three doses of poison. I think three doses of poison will cost more than 20 million yuan."
When Li Xiong heard this, he immediately said, "For 20 million taels of silver, our three families can still get the question: Can we guarantee the poison tube?"
"Absolutely no problem!" Tian Cheng nodded very positively. "Although that master is a poison refiner, he never tells lies!"
"In that case, we have nothing to hesitate about. Although it hurts to take out more than 20 million taels of silver, don’t say that it is 20 million taels of silver, just let us lose everything. Don’t forget that we still have three changjiafang cities, and if we want to destroy changjiafang, we can take care of the government and share some benefits. Everything in changjiafang will be our money again."
An Fengyin is full of resentment. "It’s the first time that I’ve been in such a mess for so many years. It’s not too late for the family to take charge. In a few hours, at dawn, we will set out together to find the master to buy poison and other poisons. When I get old, I must kill everyone in his family!"
"Father’s adult still don’t kill all of them." An Fenger suddenly said, "It’s a pity that the ethereal beauty of Chang’s family is rare to kill."
"Yes, I must keep Xiao Ye, and then I must enjoy her body."
"When the time comes, count me in. We’ll make her little ye together, and she will be ecstatic. Hey hey …"
There has been no talk in the room, and three family dissidents said that they were ethereal and excited.
"You don’t want to be a beauty like that, because it’s a natural master who left her poor in the future?" Tian Cheng heard several junior dialogue to lambaste one.
"Tian Shu, don’t worry about the innate master. How can we stop him? We can give her chains to lock her some chains, but even the innate master can’t get rid of it. Hey, hey, think about it. After the ethereal is tied up by chains, we will be crazy about it. I will be excited."
An Tong’s face shows a lewd smile …
Suddenly, at this time, the door was violently pushed.
"I want to move the old woman to die!"
Chang Sheng walked into the room with a face of ShaQi. He had just found a place with Guo Feng and had not entered the room when he heard the foul language of these people.
Six people in the room saw the sudden appearance of Chang Sheng, and it took a while for An Feng to react as if he had been immobilized. He looked at Chang Sheng in horror and looked incredible. "Chang Sheng, you are not stupid!"
"What do you say!"
Chang Sheng asked, "Suddenly, I rushed out with a punch and slammed out these guys. I still want to kill his family and dare to pay attention to it. I’m really impatient!"
In an instant, Chang Sheng has killed six people in the room, but unlike killing people during the day, Chang Sheng has blown each other’s heads this time without hurting each other’s bodies.
"These three guys are all rich. They should all have a lot of money when they come out to hide."
Chang Sheng crouched down and groped for six people. After a short time, his face suddenly showed resentment.
"Mom, the six king egg body how some loose silver they are all rich! How can you go out without money! "
Chang Sheng looks depressed. It seems that he really doesn’t have the talent to be a robber. It seems that other people’s robberies are all a robbery. What a world it is to be myself and never get much money every time!
Guo Feng’s face was dripping with cold sweat. No wonder he was a little careful when he watched the young master make moves just now. He always avoided hurting these people’s bodies. He was worried that these people were carrying silver tickets and were afraid of accidentally breaking them. As a result, the young master finally found that these people had no money at all. No wonder the young master was depressed!
Cough a Guo Feng walked beside Chang Sheng and said softly, "Master, everyone is dead now. Should we go back? After all, it was not short when we came out."
"Well, when you go back to Guo Fengtian, you send someone to Tiantai auction house to watch it. If you find Sun Shihao or his hand going to the auction house to meet a woman named Xie Shiwen, you can tell me immediately."
Chang Sheng lightly commanded 1, now that I think about it, Sun Shihao is almost ready for what he wants.
"Yes, young master," Guo Feng hesitated for a while, but continued, "Young master, now four families and their children have been killed by us, so their property will be turned into the main property. According to the laws of our Daqi dynasty, these property will be auctioned by the Ministry, including our regular family market. I think the powerful families and gangs in Mengshan will participate in the auction. It is difficult to get our regular family money, so we still can’t recover our square market."
"Don’t worry, young master, I have already made up my mind, and our horse will be very rich." Changsheng smiled. He wanted to refine Dan medicine, and even the medicinal materials were bought. Will there be a shortage of money with medicinal materials?
Turned to look at the eye Guo Feng Chang Sheng suddenly thought of Guo Feng’s real strength. Supposedly Guo Feng’s talent is very good and his practice kung fu is severe enough. Maybe it’s not far from the breakthrough. "By the way, how about Guo Feng’s real strength? Still stay in the innate layer? "
"It’s still a long way from the second time, but I can often learn from each other with dimly discernible progress speed is still very fast." Master Guo Feng answered a depressed heart and asked what this sentence meant. How can he break through in just a few days when he entered the congenital? Is it true that master everyone can break through in just a few days like him?
Chapter 13 Shanzhai (1)
"Oh, it’s good to have progress!" Chang Sheng nodded his head. It seems that he still thinks it’s too good for Yu Guofeng to learn from ethereal things. He knows that two people have entered the innate realm at the same time, and their strength is almost all right. But this is also the benefit of big families and sects. Everyone can learn from each other and ask for advice. Like those congenital masters of a single family, it is impossible to find someone to fix it. Naturally, the speed of progress will be slower.
However, it’s my own way to learn from each other, and the gap between them is too big. Even if they are together, they are not their opponents. However, many times they fight, but they don’t learn from each other. Besides, there is an ancient monty in their body who doesn’t know how bad it is!
The next morning, the bodies of several people in the peak were found, and then the news that all the owners of four families and their direct brothers died spread all over Mengshan City.
Without even asking, everyone knows that it must be done by a regular family. They have enemies with four families, and they have the strength to do it, and they also have a regular family.
However, it’s no use knowing that everyone can take Chang’s family. They don’t have evidence to prove that Chang’s family killed people, and even if they can, what if Chang’s family says that people were killed by their young master and then casually throws out some money? It’s nothing at all for his young master, but fools don’t need to pay for killing people!
At noon, another news soon spread all over Mengshan City, and the sheriff officially announced that four properties were confiscated. He had also entrusted Tiantai auction house to auction these properties, and Tiantai auction house decided to change the second large-scale auction to five days later, and all the properties of Pan family, Anjia and other four families would be auctioned. In addition, the auction house also said that there would be a mysterious Dan medicine auction.
Xiao Chengzhong, the true-born rudder, sat firmly in the main seat of the rudder and quietly listened to the report. Since Fang Zhenhai’s death, he has sat in the main rudder and no one dares to have an opinion!
"The auction organic conversation is to take these four family businesses and Changsheng himself. He must get rid of Li Chuan treasure as soon as possible and do something to show grandpa as soon as possible."
Xiao Chengzhong whispered after listening to the return of his hand. He picked up the envelope in his hand. It seems that the letter was received by himself yesterday. There was a little bit of Ying Wuhou officially asking the emperor to play and ask the emperor to lift Enke.
There has always been a tournament in the Daqi Dynasty, but it is held every five years, but it is not the case with Wu Ju Enke. This time, the Emperor Wu Ju Enke officially suggested that a nationwide martial arts selection be held every year to select all young heroes from all over the country to supplement the national strength.
It is foreseeable that once Enke is approved, there will be a large number of talents in the country every year. This is definitely a good strategy for Qiang Bing, a rich country. It is said that Ying Wuhou’s proposal has been endorsed by many military ministers, and the emperor is also very optimistic that Wu Jun Enke’s proposal will be passed in nine cases out of ten.
"I must make achievements for my grandfather in the near future. Let him support himself. It is best to let him give his precious crystal to himself. I want to get that crystal myself. My strength will surely advance by leaps and bounds, and then I will be gifted by myself. When I get the first time in this martial arts, I will be able to pull with Ying Wuhou!"
"hmm? You have given the things to Xie Shiwen? Well done, Changsheng. Your death is coming … "