"Black Rock Xianping shook his head Ma Shouyi, one of you with a group of new people, what rules to do and what to do are clear. If you make a mess then, you are asking," Li Yanshen said.

Four people immediately serious clap breast said "don’t worry, adults will never what’s the problem"
"Well, that’s good. You go." Li Yan waved. Now it’s not time to hold on to these people. It’s not a problem to command the first group of Han people in Heiyan these days. If they don’t have any problems, the new monks will definitely follow their orders
Of course, Li Yan is also confident that even if the newcomers don’t listen to him, they are also confident to let them listen.
Thinking that it will take three days for the fifteen monks to resume their repairs and have done all the things they should do, he left the Temple of Peace, but just to be on the safe side, Ji Qing stayed and concluded what was wrong.
After the replacement, Li Yan also thought of one thing when he was preparing to return to Yuan House from Ping ‘an Temple, but on the way.
"It seems that I haven’t given her some gifts with Yuan Xiang for so long. It’s still too early to buy some ornaments today." Thought of this, I won’t go any further. I turned and walked to a busy street. Although he didn’t know the name of this street, I saw many shops selling poems when I passed by.
Every street in the Tang Dynasty is very special. For example, this street sells jewelry, of course, there are rouge and gouache, and some clothing stores always come here to buy things. Generally speaking, the wide street is full of beautiful and pretty women, including rich ladies and maids and singers. Of course, there are also men, and the number is relatively small.
There is no need to save money now. Li Yan chose the most magnificent and largest jewelry store and went in.
He was a little surprised by the luxury in Beijing, but a jewelry store was decorated with resplendent jade paving, and the gold cylinder was engraved with ladies’ dressing pictures and women’s thrush pictures in the mirror. All kinds of Huang Jinzhu were covered with their own. I don’t know how much energy it took the refiner to refine it so finely.
A few steps further, he asked a strange fragrance that made people feel shocked. Li Yan was a well-informed person. He recognized this fragrance as Long Xianxiang. This Long Xianxiang is a whale monster in the sea. It is very difficult to form after death. I didn’t expect this jewelry store to directly put Long Xianxiang in the chimney to make incense. Everyone smells it.
You know, this Long Xianxiang is of great help to the monk’s cultivation, which can make people relax and enjoy themselves. It is definitely a treasure for the monk who wants to be concise. Although it is not very big for the monk who is moving to the stars, it can make people relax and enjoy.
Every friar who came in was accompanied by a maid, and soon a pretty and smiling maid greeted him.
Without waiting for her to say anything kind, Li Yan directly asked, "Where is the best place to put jewelry here to take me?"
Maids see Li Yan speak and act with dignity, and wear golden dragon armour. They guess that nine times out of ten, a general is a very rich person, and more importantly, such people are richer than those civil servants, and they will not bargain with women like asking questions and asking questions.
Thought of here, the maid smiled even more, as if she saw a lot of money flashing. She quickly said, "The general has the honor to come to the store. Naturally, the general will choose the best jewelry. Please come here."
"Leading the way is" Li Yan waved.
Soon the maid took Li Yan to the second floor.
The second floor is not as spacious as the first floor, and it is not as magnificent as the first floor. Instead, it is full of tranquility and elegance. It is more comfortable to look at people, and there will be no such splendid tacky.
Li Yan glanced at it at random and saw that there were exquisite jewelry, jade bracelets, phoenix earrings and pendants in the transparent glass, all of which were fine.
"Ming?" Feel that he reveals a different color. These jewels are refined by top refiners. They are not decorated, but can play a variety of inscriptions.
"There is a way to make money and refine jewelry with refined weapons skills, so it is estimated that it can turn into a bowl full of pots. Sure enough, this predecessor’s wisdom is not underestimated." Li Yan secretly said in his heart that he should be able to make money. No one here would think that it is impossible to think about that little trick in his previous life unless he said it.
Li Yan is not a woman all the way, and he will not pay attention to those particularly exquisite jewelry, but a refiner will evaluate them.
"This can’t be done. It’s just an inscription. It’s not worthwhile to buy it."
"It’s no good. Although there are two inscriptions on the inscription, both of them are offensive inscriptions. There is nothing in the light. It’s just a lie to women. It’s just wrong to print jewelry with offensive inscriptions. Who will use a piece of jewelry as a weapon to fight with others?" Li Yan secretly shook his head
Next to the maid, it’s a little embarrassing to see the general at a glance. Sure enough, the general is as cross-eyed as he is when he comes to buy jewelry. Even if he is beautiful, he won’t look at it again, so his eloquence and kung fu will be weak.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-six Find an excuse
Since it is best to buy Yuanxiang naturally, this will not change, but after reading a piece of jewelry, Li Yandu shook, "Is it better to be too bad?"
Next to the maid still laughed, "General, don’t worry. The best jewelry has been placed here. There is absolutely no better jewelry in the store. The general may wish to take a patient look and believe that one day he will meet the general’s taste."
Li Yan shook his head and said, "I don’t want jewelry if there’s anything to my taste. Forget it. I didn’t tell you. I’ll have a look myself."
After another turn, I finally found a more suitable jewelry, a jade bracelet, but this jade bracelet was not carved from jade, but made from jade, not jade and cold jade. This cold jade, when he saw the former thief’s postscript, gave himself a dish made from Wan Han jade to drink, but he later gave it to Mu Baifei.
"How much is this jade bracelet?" Feel the chill. Although it’s not the top wanhanyu, it has several hundred years. If you take it with you, it will be cooler than the whole person. Besides, this cold jade will help you protect your flesh from being defiled by snakes, insects, rats and ants in the wild.
The maid smiled and said, "The general really has a good eye. This cold jade bracelet is carved from a century-old cold jade. If a woman wears it, she will not only stay young, but also reduce the dirt and keep her body clean …"
"That’s enough. Don’t explain so much. How much is it?" Li Yanyan sank. Why did the maid keep talking like a salesman?
"Five thousand dollars" said the maid at once.
Li Yan glanced at "do you think I look like a sucker? Five thousand dollars. Do you know how much armor you can buy? It’s only a thousand dollars to recruit a Godsworn. Do you dare say that this jade bracelet is worth five Godsworn? Your business here is dishonest. I think you’d better find another one. "
The maid smiled awkwardly, and the price was indeed higher, but she was able to meet a general who spent money like water. The general was cautious, but he could calculate the approximate value although he didn’t know how much the jade bracelet was really worth.
"This general seems to be tough." A maid sighed in her heart and hurriedly said, "The general should not be angry. Since it is buying and selling, there is naturally room for bargaining."
Li Yan said, "I’ll buy it if I agree with a thousand dollars." After that, he walked directly to the building without talking nonsense. He knew that a thousand dollars was actually a higher offer.
The maid hesitated for a moment, and the shopkeeper said that the price of this piece of jewelry should not be less than six hundred dollars. Well, I still made some profits, but I didn’t promise Li Yan so readily. Instead, I waited until Li Yan was about to leave before I ran to pull Li Yan back.
"The package sells better" was pulled back, and Li Yan didn’t say much. He took out a lot of money from his arms and threw it out.
"Yes, yes, general, you wait a moment." The maid quickly packaged it with a smile on her face.
Li Yan suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the building at this time. It was none other than Yuan Xiang’s servant girl Xiaoru.
"Small shavings? Why didn’t she see Yuan Xiang when she came? It’s not surprising that the girl came to go shopping. The thing is that Xiaoru is a little puzzled.
"By the way, buy a piece of jewelry for Xiaoru. Yuan Xiang also agreed to let this Xiaoru be a servant girl beside me."
Thought of here, Li Yan lost a lot of money in the past. "Take another bracelet."
As soon as the maid’s eyes lit up, she quickly took the copper coin and repeatedly said that she had taken out a carefully wrapped one from the container.
Looking at the brocade box wrapped in silk and jade bracelet, Li Yan grabbed it and strode away from the maid behind him. She wanted to recommend some ornaments, but there was no chance.
"It’s a rich man who always throws a lot of money out without blinking an eye." The maid looked at Li Yan as if she had seen a lot of money run away. It’s a pity that she knew this kind of person was persuaded by herself in a few words.
When Li Yanlou saw Xiaoru, it seemed that she had a conflict with a woman. When she heard it, Xiaoru accidentally rubbed the rouge gouache on the girl’s skirt.
That woman looks like an imperial palace maid in a palace costume, but this maid-in-waiting has a big temper. Because of this little thing, she swore at Xiaoru, "Are you a blind bitch? I came from here and you didn’t know to avoid it. You also got such dirty things into my clothes. Do you know that this dress is an imperial palace maid with an imperial city? Get over here and clean it quickly or I’ll give you a slap."
Xiaoru cowered and apologized repeatedly, but it didn’t quell the anger of the maid-in-waiting. Instead, it made the maid-in-waiting more pushy because of her passive Nuo Nuo.
Li Yan frowned. Just a maid-in-waiting dared to be so presumptuous. It seems that Xiaoru is weak and bullied.
Left and right, those rich ladies are also looking on coldly. Maybe they even snorted from time to time when this is an interesting thing. "It’s really shameless that two vulgar women in the Tang Dynasty are mixed up in public like bitches."
Xiaoru’s head fell lower when she heard this, and she looked at a loss.
However, the maid-in-waiting looks even uglier, and the speaker wears a gorgeous body. She can never afford to offend a small maid-in-waiting, but this person is different in front of her.
"You don’t roll for me, you bitch." Shirley dumped the maid-in-waiting with a slap.
But at this moment, a cold light suddenly appeared, and the people heard the sound of the drawn sword. At that moment, the maid-in-waiting let out a scream and retreated repeatedly. She went out and her palm was cut off, and blood was sprayed all over the place, causing the maid-in-waiting to cry.
Li Yan coldly came forward with a piece of imperial court writing in his hand, "Peace will arrest the wanted criminals and give in to idlers."
"Wanted criminal?" At that time, the people who were watching the scene of bustle immediately retreated, and those women were also scared to disperse in a hubbub. All the women in Beijing had hidden rules, such as they could not interfere in the court affairs. Of course, this rule was not set by them, but by their father and husband, who were afraid that these women would accidentally get into trouble.
Some courageous women looked at Li Yan’s handwriting and found that there was nothing wrong with it. It was indeed a general of Tang Ping ‘an, and there should be nothing wrong with this man wearing armor and hanging a sword around his waist.