Such as thunder, it is no longer ringing

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"This ….. this seems to be more powerful than when Grandpa turned to the realm?" I blinked my eyes and saw that the power of this punch was not stupid.
I feel like I’m on the wrong track, and I’m not orthodox, because my strength is definitely stronger than that of the master of Hua Jin.
Actually, I don’t know. Maybe it’s my profound fate. Gong Zhuang belongs to the positive skill, which can repair the body’s dark wounds and enhance strength, while this ancient golden bell cover belongs to the yin, which is a strange skill of the spiritual master.
Maybe there is a chance of one in 100,000 to combine yin and yang!
And the combination of yin and yang is quite dangerous, and the body may burst at any time. It is not without success in the long history of people, but they have all disappeared. This is a mystery. No one knows that Huajin people went there, leaving a foot in the water and going to the back, so they were arranged by the people to show their magical powers.
And I am a lucky person, I don’t know how to touch the two kinds of work, so that they can be integrated, and because of the combination of Yin and Yang, I also wake up the congenital fetal qi that has been hidden in my body, so that I can’t believe the speed increase and break through the dark energy at one fell swoop, so I don’t know at what level.
However, one thing is certain: I have less boxing power now than Grandpa did in the past.
Meanwhile, my eyes. No! It is my whole body that feels as if I have a new understanding of the whole world.
I don’t know that when I successfully integrated the Golden Bell Hood Santi Gong Zhuang, Sun Tan, the third martial brother, and Liu Qingfeng, the distant horizon, both sprayed blood in their mouths at the same time, and it was expected that the Golden Bell Hood Power Line would disappear.
The two of them have been practicing the golden bell for nearly ten years, and they have fallen short!
Two people instantaneous coma at the same time.
Chapter 151 Virtual
At this time, there are me and the third martial brother in the room.
"Does the golden bell cover function alone?" Three exemptions frown suddenly looked up and said to me.
"I don’t think so. Grandpa said that in the end, martial arts will not only transform their own bodies, but also explore their own lives, which will not affect others!" I’m puzzled, too. Why did my three-pose Gong Zhuang meet the unexpected golden bell?
And after 2011, the Third Martial Brother worked hard for many years, so he could no longer run to imagine the energy flow route, and there was no sense of gas and heat flow.
Three exemptions and I struggled again.
"Come on! It seems that my generation has a look at the world of chemical energy. Xiaoyun, don’t let Third Martial Brother down! " Ten minutes later, the third martial brother showed a weak smile on his face and patted me on the shoulder.
Looking at Third Martial Brother’s white hair at his temples, my nose feels sour!
Third Martial Brother abandoned all his wealth and status and came to this poor place to practice boxing wholeheartedly, but in the end it was such a result.
"Three exemptions you …"
"I’m fine. To tell the truth, I earned it. Although the golden bell has stopped running, the hard work in the past ten years has not accumulated my energy in an instant, which has caused my dark energy to change all over my body and enter the realm of transformation."
Third Martial Brother is not without gains. He is almost 56 years old and has entered the realm of transformation!
"It’s fate, Xiaoyun. I hope you must cross Huajing to see what kind of world Huajing is?" Third Martial Brother finally sighed and accepted this fact, and he put all his hopes on me with him.
"I’ll try again with you, Sister Yu Jing, to see if I can have a baby!" Third Martial Brother really gave up his pursuit of martial arts this time, although he is now in the realm of strength, that is, his age is already a few years away from sixty years old, that is, he has been practicing boxing since childhood, but his strength level can stay for another ten years or so at most, and seventy-year-old descendants can resist the years and rings.
Sister Yu Jing is now a 40-year-old young woman and an elderly woman.
Following us, during the five years in Somalia, the body has gained more vitality and lost charm. After commercial wars and life and death, Sister Xu Jingjie has become a glass of wine. The beauty has been gathered, but the fragrance has remained for a long time.
Although Rollin Wang has matured a lot, it is always lacking, but for me, the fatal attraction has never diminished.
In a villa in the southern mountains, Liu Qingfeng sat on the sofa with her eyebrows locked.
"How on earth did this happen?"
Q Yishitang has been fighting with Lian Jiamao and Yang Jingshuo for three years.
In three years, Binhai Entertainment City has taken root in Q City.
On this day, Liutian County can be described as undercurrent, because today is grandpa’s 90th birthday.
Both Wang Chengyun and Ma Zhendong came to Liutian County in person, because even martial arts practitioners rarely live to be 100 years old and reach their 90th birthday, which is quite grand.
However, grandpa’s 90th birthday this year is not extravagant, because I, Master Brother, Third Martial Brother and others have no country.
There are two people, Dad and Second Martial Brother, who accompany Grandpa to drink in the courtyard.
When the car arrived in Liutian County, I came with three exemptions.
Looking at the familiarity with Liutian County, I was deeply touched and then walked towards home step by step.
Three martial brothers and I suddenly ran out from the side when we were 100 meters away from Grandpa’s yard. About twenty people took the lead, namely Wang Chengyun and Ma Zhendong.
"Li Xiaoyun and Sun Tan didn’t expect you two to really dare to come back!" Wang chengyun snorted.
"hand over the gold bell cover, or no one will come today!" Ma Winter’s eyes are full of murderous look, because both of them are going to know their destiny.
Three exemptions and I walked on without saying a word.
Grandpa’s 90th birthday is impossible for both of us not to come back!
Wang Yuncheng’s eyes flashed with cold light, and his body leaped forward, and a fist was punched towards my chest.
I was prepared to smash my left fist with my left hand, and I also brought a left-handed fist into my body, a right-handed body and a right-handed fist with my right foot stepping forward. This is called defense, taking the lead, attacking, attacking, and attacking!
My left hand hit Wang Yuncheng’s right arm with a split fist, but in an instant, the muscles of Wang Yuncheng’s right arm suddenly jumped up. It was a physical hit, but to be honest, the main attack was the fist, feet, knees, shoulders and elbows.