"What do you say?" Li Yan stared at Yuan Xiang’s charming face and said, "You promised me that everything would depend on me when I came back."

Yuan Xiang’s heart is naturally loved by thousands of people who are willing to be loved by Lang, but she is more happy that Li Lang has been so fond of her feelings for so many years. She has not reduced her feelings. It is a sign that Li Lang likes the new and hates the old that she is really wrong about Li Lang.
Thought of here, she couldn’t wait for a cicada’s head to raise her mouth and slightly open the man’s face with faint fragrance, while her eyes were slightly narrowing waiting for the man to arrive.
In the face of Yuan Xiang’s temptation, Li Yan has no resistance and Qing Huai pity cloud. When he was a maid-in-waiting, he was able to stay awake, but when he got here, he immediately lost his restraint and once again dominated the mouth.
Taste the familiar sweet Li Yan, and the moment of joy and reason will disappear with it.
Green Huai and flow cloud see this shortness of breath also get up, they quickly locked the door and then tiptoed on the couch.
I don’t know if it was Yuan Xiang’s intention or what happened. Her couch is very wide, which is more than enough for five or six people. This makes Li Yan often let Xiaoru and Moon stay here.
A moment later, Li Yanhu’s body shook and he was familiar with Yuan Xiang.
Yuan Xiang’s charming body trembled and frowned, which seemed a little painful.
"All right" Li Yan light way
Yuan Xiang Qiao’s face is blushing and full of feminine charm. She shook her head. "It may be that there is no assistant minister for a long time as before, and it will be fine after a few days of habits."
But that’s true, and with Ailang’s conquest, she found that the root was not her own fault, because she had met Li Lang before, and although she was a little uncomfortable after she left for a long time, this feeling would disappear, and at this time she found herself unable to cope.
"Li Lang became stronger." Yuan Xiang bit her lip lightly. It was only a moment before her charming body froze and then collapsed.
Li Yan looked at the body and smiled gently. "I told you to recuperate."
"Bad Li Lang’s concubine almost forgot that she would be thoroughly remoulded after she became immortal." Yuan Xiang was soft and charming, but her heart was better than happiness.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixty-three Fight at home
See yuan Xiang so charming Li Yan couldn’t help showing a bad smile. He immediately said a few words.
Yuan Xiang immediately shook his head in shame after hearing it. "No, Luggage Lang can’t bully my body like this. My body won’t allow it."
Li Yan said, "Xianger, this is your fault. At the beginning, you said that if you wanted me to come back, everything would depend on me."
"But …" Yuan Xiang bit her red lip gently and her face was hesitant.
Li Yan, hey hey, smiled and immediately picked up Yuan Xiang’s charming soft body. Then she resisted and occupied this body again. This time, he walked in a dry way.
"Li Lang knew mischief. I really don’t know where you learned these things. After this time, my body can’t comply." Yuan Xiang frowned deeply and glared at the man with a shy face.
Beside Qinghuai and Flow Cloud, they covered their mouths and smiled. I didn’t expect the master and his wife to be so loving for the first time in so many years.
"Hey, the day after tomorrow is still long. Is it the last time?" Li Yan will hold her in his arms and ask in a low voice. "How do you feel?"
Yuan Xiang gently gasped after half a ring and said "very … comfortable"
"My sweet son is honest." Li Yan was in a good mood, and the Vietnam War became more and more brave. Immediately, the bamboo house was full of spring, and the charming sound made people’s bones crisp.
It was not until the morning of the third day that he was willing to let Yuan Xiang rest. At this time, Yuan Xiang had already collapsed like mud, and the man didn’t even want to have a finger. It took two hours to get better.
When Yuan Xiang opened her eyes, her face was radiant, her face was white, her face was red, and her pink was tender, especially her eyes seemed to contain a touch of never-drying spring water. She wanted to melt people and feel that it was really beautiful. Yu Qinghuai and Liu Yun, the two maids, embraced each other and fell into a deep sleep. Look at their corners of the mouth with satisfied smiles.
Li Yan’s anger is gone now, but he is in high spirits. Looking back on these two days, he can’t help but smile, which is very memorable.
"Bad Li Lang" Yuan Xiang frowned and was angry. Now I think about it, my heart is almost ashamed. I should have accepted the absurd request of Ai Lang at that time.
"Sweet son recover strength so soon? Do you still want to accompany me once? " Li Yan quite some provocation said
Yuan Xiang got a fright and immediately begged piteously, "Can’t I make a mistake?"
"Ha ha, it’s good to know your mistakes." Li Yan patted her head with satisfaction.
Yuan Xiang smiled again. "Well, my body is not fooling around with Li Lang. If Li Lang hasn’t enjoyed my body yet, I’ll call Xiaoru." Although she has been bullied by Ai Lang these days, she has also tasted it and her feelings with Ai Lang are getting better and better.