"Who’s in love with you? No, I’m just helping you vent your anger. Don’t think about it if you’re kind enough, …" Wang Xinmei couldn’t help shivering. A limp and numb feeling came over from her chest.

"No, Brother Li, something will really happen."
Wang Xinmei was afraid that Li Dage couldn’t hold it. She knew that she was losing her mind, too. God knows what the consequences would be if this fire collided.
I couldn’t bear it when I was born. When Li Yan intentionally touched both sides of her thigh, it was already wet
"Okay, okay, I won’t move you." Li Yan vomited a sigh and took back his palm. He was also afraid that he would make an animal thing, but this bow and arrow is not even as good as an animal.
Wang Xinmei’s heart was slightly relieved. Although she had some expectations just now, she still held back. It seems that after that, she still has to refine her mood. Otherwise, she will have a reaction and feel embarrassed when she is hooked by Li Dage.
While Li Yan was enjoying Qi Renfu, someone was unhappy in another place.
Wan Li in the northwest of Running Water City is a Gobi, which is close to the desert. However, there is a towering mountain here. This mountain is not a waste, but a vibrant and beautiful mountain with green cypresses, green grass, old vines and ancient trees and waterfalls and springs. The scenery around this mountain is out of place, as if it had been deliberately moved from other places.
It takes a great deal of magic to move mountains and fill the sea.
Every hidden place on the mountain peak is built with fine iron, and the tower is faced with three monks with bows and arrows, all of whom are of good strength. This remote place has a monk with a practice environment and a well-known master, but here it is just arranged to be posted.
There are a lot of towers, not less than forty at a glance. This is still a secret. There are even many dark towers that surround the whole mountain and protect it.
However, there are many blood-red old vines growing in the valley. A peasant woman is watering these old vines in a wooden bucket. The liquid scooped out of the wooden bucket is not water, but scarlet blood. It is obviously fresh, but these blood are not human blood, because human blood is not very hot. This should be animal blood.
A gourd ladle of animal blood poured on the red old vine, and when it was revived, it twisted to absorb the blood completely, but looking along the old vine, it looked like a ruby with small blood-red fruit noodles.
There is no doubt that these old vines are bloodthirsty vines, but the result is Jingxueguo.
This kind of blood-sucking vine is dozens of times more powerful than food. Godsworn can not feel hungry for ten days and ten nights, and he is full of strength. Ordinary people can eat one and not starve for one month. Usually, drinking some water is enough. Generally, this kind of blood-sucking vine will be planted in various sects to serve as food for monks practicing Qi, and some alchemists will also say that the anti-hunger effect is better after the blood-sucking fruit is cultivated into blood-sucking pills. It is the best thing for a monk to take a bottle of blood-sucking pills for a year without eating or starving.
However, this valley is full of bloodthirsty vines, and even the cliff is covered with a piece, which is like being covered by old vines. People will feel a strong bloody smell when they walk in here. If there is a little fog, these fogs are all red.
Guess here bloodthirsty vines even less than one hundred thousand strains.
According to the calculation that a bloodthirsty vine feeds a monk, isn’t there a hundred thousand people here? This number is simply too large, more than the servants of Tai ‘amendi put together.
Houses have been built all over the mountain peaks, and there are also many caves in the mountain halls where people can live and hide things.
However, a black flat-topped hall at the top of the mountain is located on the surface, and the dark color blends with the surrounding rock mass. Even if a monk flies from the beginning and doesn’t look carefully, he won’t find a hall here.
A man wearing a fish scale and a helmet sits in the main hall just casually, and he reveals a kind of pressure all over his body, which makes the people in the main hall breathless, especially the iron breath, which makes people feel that this person is not a rogue leader but a general in charge of 100 thousand military forces.
"Running water city had an accident, what do you say?" The big leader let go of the intelligence eyes and looked at all the people.
Liu Dao was the first to come out. "What else can I do? I’ll bring a team of people to bring back the troublemaker’s head."
"But that Mu Bai Fei Na" is a little gloomy with a black hat male voice. He is the leader of three bandits who came to kill Li Yan in the desert before, and his name is Nine Black.
Liu Dao frowned. "Mu Baifei is a tough guy. The other day, he broke into Mangdang Mountain alone and killed one leader, leaving us with three big leaders. Do you want us to practice together and kill Mu Baifei? It’s a hard bone. Sooner or later, it’s better to chew it. By the way, we can control the running water city. With ideal city’s cover, our power can expand again."
The big leader waved his hand, and the armored sound collided with each other in a crisp and beautiful way. "Mu Baifei has been punched by me, and his insides have been shattered. Although his divine power has been forcibly suppressed, his flesh has run out of oil and the lamp has dried up. In a few days, he will die and become a climate, but it seems that there is a monk in the flowing water city who sent me to an archer to be captured. It seems that the strength is not bad. Liu Daowang is short. You two each bring a small team to bring me back Mu Baifei’s head."
"Is the leader," liu tao hand way
Wang Ai also grinned. "I remember Mu Baifei has another army under his hand. How about Liu Dao? Are you interested in eating?"
"Hum, the army is not easy to deal with, although it is not headed by Mu Baifei, but its strength is still not weak. Even if we unite, we have to avoid the usual practice of one person and half," said Liu Dao
"Hey, I’m half gone. I’ll call my hand." Wang Dwarf quickly walked out with two long knives as legs, no slower than Liu Dao.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Rogue pounce
The next day, Li Yanzheng meditated in the quiet room, and suddenly the panther rushed in and growled repeatedly, as if he were in danger.
"What’s the matter?" Li Yan frowned.
"Let’s talk about it in the future. According to my arrangement, the rogue is coming with many military forces. There are two hundred people leading the way. A monk named Liu Daoyi is called Wang Dwarf. Their strength is not weak. Although they have been refining the gods in the middle period, they have all learned magical powers, which are much better than those they met before." Mu Baifei came in. He was full of energy and blood. It seems that the dumpling blood effect has been exerted.
Li Yan got up and said, "Are all the 200 troops monks practicing Qi?"
Mu Baifei nodded. "Not bad, all of them are practicing monks. They all have rules. They are not qualified to ride horses and plunder. They can honestly stay in their lair and practice as coolies. Don’t underestimate these two hundred practicing monks. They are all the best troops in the hands of Liu Daohe and Wang Dwarf. If they join hands, even I have to avoid the edge. Although my injury has improved a little, my strength has dropped. I can barely deal with one of them. If the two of them are together, I will definitely be killed by them. Their big leader also estimates my strength.
"I’ll deal with one of the monks who refined God’s condition, but a few hundred bandits … if it’s more than a dozen bandits, I’m sure that there are too many people who will slay the two hundred." Li Yan frowned, and the two hundred monks who practiced gas condition were enough to flatten the flowing water city, even if they were not sure that they could protect themselves.
Many ants kill elephants, which is even worse. These bandits are not ants, but a group of wolves.
Mu Baifei laughed. "You can rest assured that I have been a duke for ten years, and it’s not that I have no money. During these ten years, I also trained a team to deal with bandits, although the number is small, it is also full of elites."
"How many hands do you have?" Li Yan asked
"Even I have a total of 40 people, one of whom is a Godsworn, and the remaining 40 people are all refined in the later stage of the gas environment. All of them are wearing armor and holding xuanqi, which I have invested heavily in." Mu Baifei said.
Li Yan couldn’t help but say, "The number of forty is much less than those of the rogue, but this Mu Baifei can build a team composed of the late period of practice on his own, and it’s also very extraordinary. It’s still too hanging. Maybe it will be wiped out. It’s a bit risky."
"There are forty monks practicing gas? Not much? "
Mu Baifei shook his head. "Before my team was established, there were 100 people, but in these years, they all died one by one during the confrontation between bandits, and finally there were 40 left."
"It seems that it’s time to fight. We have to slay the friar who took the lead in refining God’s condition as quickly as possible, and then go back to deal with those rogue practitioners." Li Yan thought of this only way with a turn of his head.
Mu Baifei nodded. "I think so, too. We can behead the two leaders in the shortest time, and then it’s not difficult to win with you and me."
Li Yan thought for a moment and said, "When will they arrive here?"
"The rogue riders are all scales, and their endurance and speed are excellent. It is estimated that they will reach the flowing water city in an hour and a half. We have two countermeasures to choose. One is to fight against the city with thick doors and high walls. Don’t underestimate this small city. This is the construction surface of the city builders of the Tang Dynasty, which is engraved with metaphysical construction materials. Even a blow by the Godsworn can smash a few stone roots and not collapse the city wall." Mu Bai flies to the city master and knows these things very well.
"Yes …" He hesitated again and said, "Our small number of people guarding the city is not good for us. You should know that the city wall has four sides and dozens of feet on each side. Once the number of people is dispersed, it will definitely make the first one break one by one, but the advantages also show that we are commanding and the wall protection can effectively kill the bandits and protect ourselves."
Li Yan shook his head and said, "This person guarding the city obviously does more harm than good."
Mu Baifei laughed. "Then the second way is much simpler. We will take forty monks and fight with them directly. If we can slay each other’s leaders in a short time, we will have a great chance to win."
"Well, let’s do it."
Li Yan couldn’t help but add, "If the real method defeats him directly, he will ride a black cat far away from here, and the strength of the black cat will never catch up with him."
This is not fear of death, but the strength of Zhe to protect himself from the enemy and ourselves. If the disparity is too great, there is no need to die. It is not bravery but stupidity.
"Time is running out. Let’s start now. My forty hands are tied outside the city." Mu Baifei said.
Li Yan replied, "You wait for me to get my knife." He returned to the bedroom and took out the dragon crescent moon blade from the object ring. He wore yesterday’s refined dragon scales, and the dragon plate dance armor was awesome, plus Li Yan’s head wore a jade crown and a jade belt. He looked like a Confucian general.
Of course, this is a way for Li Yan to hide his identity.
Seeing Li Yan’s deputy armed forces coming out, Mu Baifei looked at a compliment and said, "I didn’t expect Li Xiong’s knife and armor to have the wind of a military commander. It’s a pity that you don’t join the army. If not, I recommend you to join the army of the Tang Dynasty."
"Hehe, if you join the army, you have to be ordered by my martial brother not to be bound, so you can live up to Brother Mu’s kindness. If possible, I hope to be a leisurely duke. Wouldn’t it be quick to play and drink with the United States and practice swords all day?" Li Yan doesn’t want most from strength. He just wants to become stronger and make life better.
This is the typical hermit’s heart
Many hermits were famous and powerful before they retired. They were not keen on money, but hoped to live with their favorite women at sunrise and sunset.
Although there are many monks with hermit hearts, it is really rare to really retire. The bumpy road of practice makes you unable to stop one step, like a circle that traps you. If you don’t have enough strength, you can’t jump out of this circle and go upstream.
Mu Baifei couldn’t help sighing when he saw Li Yan’s sincere and firm tone. "It’s a pity that Li Xiong is pursuing the ancient hermit road."
"Ha ha, well, let’s not talk about it. The most important thing is to kill those bandits before we go."