This vigilance deserves to be a’ professional’ Tina.

I learned, I learned.
But actually Tina’s thoughts are completely different from Lu Yuan’s.
Tina nodded secretly while walking in this bar full of Cyberpunk flavor.
Good, good, good lighting.
The layout of this table, chair and bench is good. At first glance, you can grab it when you can fight, and when the weapon is not fixed on the ground.
Is this a secret passage? It’s amazing to design this position!
The more Tina looks at it, the more she feels that the gap between the fighting field in her hometown and the environment here is not a fragment.
In a word, poverty limits Tina’s imagination in the fighting field in her hometown.
Moreover, the manager of the fighting field in her hometown was still a college student at that time.
I haven’t seen much of the world, and I don’t have much advice on my fighting field.
Can copy the original style.
However, after seeing the style of bars outside the wild city, Tina opened her eyes and at the same time
It also gave her an idea.
That is, the world outside the wild city may be more wonderful than the world in his hometown!
"This way, gentlemen."
After crossing the long and narrow passage outside the bar, they will be received by two people.
Soon came to a small table.
The guests around all the way gave them curious glances.
Observing Lu Yuan’s eyes is the most.
Liu Yuan’s knowledge, color and domineering can be felt.
These look at him fall into two categories.
The first kind is the eyes of ordinary customers that reject different kinds.
It’s not hard to guess that a suit and tie, wearing a monocle in his right eye, is gentle and Lu Yuan.
Compared with the ragged and rough-looking outlanders around.
It does seem a bit out of place.
It’s as if a high-tech instrument with exquisite appearance suddenly appeared in a group of rusty copper and scrap iron.
Tina looks exactly like her surroundings at this point.
Other people look at Tina with the exception of those male standard hormones.
There is also a feeling of closeness to see the same kind, which is not as serious as that of rejection to see the land source.
And another look at Lu Yuan comes from the security guards around the bar.
Said their eyes were different from those of the passengers around them
Because their eyes are very alert.
Observation on the domineering of the land source
These guys started talking with walkie-talkies when they saw him.
However, Lu Yuan did not understand the meaning of these words because they all said slang in the outer city.
After observing these, Liu Yuan asked Tina, "Tina, are you going to act for a while?" You know, our goal is to find Bashu. "
"According to the data, he is a very cunning guy."
"It’s not easy to catch that guy without disturbing him."
And was excited to look around Tina after hearing this.
A face of self-confidence said, "Don’t worry, I am a professional. I am clear here …"
"I have thought of a way to get close to that little snake!"
Hmm? So confident?
Seeing Tina like this, Liu Yuan began to wonder.
Wonder what she’s talking about
And where does she claim to be professional?
Tina put her head to Lu Yuan’s ear because of the noise in the bar. The novel "Remember your identity. Now you are a hand-tied fighting agent. No matter what happens, don’t get it straight for a while?"
Tina immediately gave a brilliant smile when she got Liu Yuan’s response.
第21章 超出常理调查方式