The waves are white, so he didn’t have a chance to explain to the Star Gang. He couldn’t explain clearly that the Star Gang knew his identity. Chen Ping, he and Lan Tianxinglian passed Chen Ping, and no one except Chen Ping could prove that he was a Star Gang.

I thought that Chen Ping’s waves quickly dialed Chen Ping’s telephone number. Chen Ping’s mobile phone abroad is international roaming.
Chen Ping’s mobile phone was dialed, but someone answered it temporarily.
The waves scolded him bitterly. He has a gun, seven rounds of ammunition, and there are fewer people. If Chen Ping is not connected, ask Chen Ping to inform the Tianxing gang to retreat quickly, otherwise it will be really wrong to fight for a while if these people kill him!
Elaine Lin is quite mysterious when she sees the waves laughing, but she is not that kind of bedroom expression, and she is not afraid to get up and follow the waves.
The waves took Elaine Lin gently to the courtyard gate and walked to the pavilion. Because there was a building blocking the line of sight, they could see the road situation in the pavilion. Now they turned to the courtyard gate and could see the road intersection.
The waves beckoned Elaine to be careful. After seeing two people hiding from the fence outside, she looked at the road not far away.
At first glance … there’s nothing. There’s a three-uncle intersection.
Elaine Lin glared at the waves and said, "Did you just let me come here to see my uncle?"
The waves smiled, "Don’t worry. What do you see?" Reach out and point to the distance
I saw four or five cars coming from the distant highway, and they sped to the small road here.
Elaine Lin’s sharp-eyed eyes also saw the car in front of her. It was the car that crashed with her just now. Now she must have called for help to seek revenge here.
Elaine Lin turned a little pale and took a look at the waves and said, "What should I do? They must have seen our car parked here now. Why don’t we run? There are many of them, but you can’t beat them."
At the side of the waves, Elaine Lin smiled unhurriedly. "Are you nervous about me?"
Elaine Lin said angrily, "Who is nervous about you and me is nervous about myself!" "
The waves said faintly, "You are nervous about yourself, so run."
Elaine Lin said, "Don’t you run?"
The waves shook their heads. "Why should I run if I don’t run?"
Elaine Lin was really anxious and said, "If you hit them, they will kill you. There are many of them and they may even carry guns. You will die!" "
The waves laughed. "Fool, you seem to forget that this is uncle’s territory and what uncle does!" "
After thinking about it, Elaine Lin suddenly realized that she was relaxed, but her face turned red and glared at the waves and said, "You are the fool!" "
Her angry expression and blushing when she was shy all made the waves feel uneasy. After Elaine Lin scolded the waves, she turned her head and looked out, ignoring the waves and Elaine Lin’s body. I don’t know if it was the fragrance of flowers in the courtyard or the fragrance of Elaine Lin’s body.
The waves smiled at Elaine Lin, and when she got closer, she could smell her scent better.
Lin Yilian turned to stare at the waves and whispered, "Don’t come near me!" " The sound is not so serious.
The waves laughed. "I just couldn’t see clearly outside. I can only see clearly here."
After he took this step forward, he got very close to Elaine Lin. As soon as Elaine Lin looked up, she saw the waves smiling, her eyes and her English facial features smelled the waves and she felt a flutter in her heart. She stopped scolding him and turned her head to continue looking outside.
Although the waves got the acquiescence of Elaine, they didn’t take any further action. He knew that he couldn’t hurry, or Elaine might really turn against him. What he did was to smell Elaine’s body and smell her body with a smile, and to look at Elaine’s body mentally and obscenity without doing anything.
Elaine Lin said, "Did you say that those men were three uncles? Uncle, the intersection is just to cover them and not let them come? "
The waves said, "Yes, I just asked my uncle that those three people were just his hands. I asked my uncle to stop them so that they would disturb you again, Miss Lian."
Elaine Lin said, "Are you so kind?" Although the tone is still sarcastic, it has eased a lot.
The waves laughed. "Seriously, I’m afraid you’ll look down on your uncle when you see that there are so many rotten kids in his uncle’s hands, but after looking back, you’ll still think that it’s better to take the initiative to confess to you or fight for leniency."
Elaine Lin smiled and said, "I’m not a policeman. What leniency do you want from me?"
The waves said, "Although you are not a policeman, you are more serious than a policeman. I am afraid!" "
His "I’m afraid" saying is so cute, and such a coquetry sentence has an unexpected effect from his handsome and free-spirited man Hankou, which really makes Elaine Lin laugh again.
Elaine Lin smiled and glared at the waves as if she appreciated the man’s humor.
The two men looked out while talking.
The four or five cars have been transferred from the main road to the small road, and they will soon reach the intersection of the three uncles.
See three uncle road intercept a few cars on the way.
Several cars stopped, and four or five people came from the car in front. The first one was the man with long hair and scar, and Liu was wearing sunglasses.
The waves looked at these men and suddenly felt vaguely wrong, because these men didn’t have that respectful expression when they saw his uncle. On the contrary, there was a strong murderous look in their indifference. This murderous look doesn’t look like a department facing the boss.
His uncle seems to feel wrong, too. He seems to feel that those people are strange and slow, but at the last moment, he has to bite the bullet and go to the top.
The waves and Elaine Lin looked at his uncle and talked to Scar Liu. They were three or four hundred meters away from his uncle’s place, so they couldn’t hear what they said, but it could be seen that Scar Liu was pressing his uncle, obviously trying to get rid of some dangers, but he was unable to step back.
Scar Liu stopped talking. A man wearing sunglasses behind him suddenly pulled out a pistol.