After Ziyunzong and other Xianmen families returned to the east, they once again besieged the true Xuanzong.

Time flies in a hurry, and years have passed in an instant.
There are few cracks floating around the broken sea.
The true Xuanzong floating clouds bodhi old zu closed here, impacting the gods, floating dust, bodhi old zu floating static, and bodhi old zu Ze protecting the law again.
There seems to be a hole in the sky, and a huge light beam is taken from the hole. Here Leah forms a robbery cloud.
Compared with the three great demon kings robbing Yunfu and the bodhi old zu robbing Yunfu, it’s a lot smaller, only a few hundred miles away.
It’s not because the bodhi old zu is not as good as them, but because the size of this place is hundreds of miles. If it exceeds this range, there are cracks everywhere, and those hijacked clouds are moved by the hidden gold cracks.
Abrupt JieYun grumpy.
Then an old man with a sage like type flew hundreds of miles to rob the clouds.
Chapter six hundred and sixteen Floating clouds return to the east!
Although the demon king didn’t show up, it didn’t really mean that there was a great demon king who became a deity, but it was a fact that the demon family made a big eastward move and regained its territory.
If the demon race didn’t turn into a deity, would it have the courage? This kind of news knew that there were too many people to block it, and it didn’t take long for it to spread all over the eastern part of the Thousand Islands chain.
The Terran monks were secretly shocked that the demon race appeared to be deified, and at the same time they were glad that the Terran also had its own deity, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.
Ziyunzong’s concession to the demon clan acquiesced in the eastward occupation of the original voluntarily abandoned sea area by the demon clan.
This has had an impact on many ten thousand chain monks, even being brutally killed by monster beasts, but it has little impact on the Qingdan sea area of Cangliling.
At the beginning, when the Terran marched eastward and the demon race retreated, the Dragon Turtle and the Lich King relied on the cover of Cang Li Ling’s family and did not withdraw westward with those Lich Kings.
Now the demon race has returned to Cang, Li Ling’s family, and the dragon turtle demon king’s shelter strength is low. The demon king doesn’t dare to make trouble, and those demon kings don’t want to offend the dragon turtle demon king because of such a trivial matter. They are also affiliated forces around the dragon turtle demon king.
Ten thousand islands chain shemale border is peaceful, but the essence of the eastern Terran is really messy.
From the standpoint of Ziyun Sect, he has been torn by the true Xuanzong Sect. If he is not wiped out for a day, it will be a menace to the true Xuanzong Sect.
Ziyunzong, led by Zu Yunsheng, spared no effort to encircle Brother Xuanzong.
From Chirimen, Xuan Yue Gate, Tingtao Pavilion and other strong people in Yuanying period sitting in Daxianmen, they cooperated with Ziyunzong to capture Zhenxuanfeng and rob Zhenxuanzong of many good things, which is to say that Zhenxuanzong was completely right.
They dare not gamble on how noble the true Xuanzong people are and will let bygones be bygones. They can follow the footsteps of Ziyunzong and spare no effort to wipe out the true Xuanzongdi, who wants to get rid of the menace.
In the face of a menacing encirclement of the Great Immortal Gate, the elders of the True Xuanzong Sect also know that it is absolutely impossible to protect the enemy’s strength by hiding.
Whether Du Jie, the ancestor of the floating clouds, succeeded in making a deity or the Terran Demons broke out in a face-to-face war, this was their chance.
Ziyun Sect and other Xianmen besieged the true Xuanzong Godsworn, and they would spare no effort. Naturally, they would not let other Xianmen families go. They asked all Xianmen families to send monks to search the territory to encircle the true Xuanzong Godsworn.
Faced with the demands of several big Xianmen families, especially those of Ziyun Sect, all Xianmen families dare not neglect and worry that they will be killed by Ziyun Sect, and all of them will act according to Ziyun Sect’s orders honestly.
It’s really done, but the effect is not mentioned. It’s just a formality.
If there is a real brother Xuanzong who didn’t hide it well, where will it be the turn of these medium-sized forces to encircle several Daxianmen families? They have already solved it.
Of course, there must be a Xianmen family controlled by the true Xuanzong Sect. Instead of encirclement and suppression of the true Xuanzong monks, they secretly protected them.
This is a normal thing. After all, the true Xuanzong power is dead there. There is still a lucky bodhi old zu, nine yuan infants, strong people and many real people.
If you don’t count Yun Tai’s ancestors, Ziyun Sect can’t compare with the true Xuanzong Sect.
The eastern part of Beihai is a mess, and no one pays attention to the broken sea.
Broken sea floating dust bodhi old zu floating static bodhi old zu hid far away early in the morning, leaving clouds to rob clouds and carry lightning.
Lightning strikes the bodhi old zu without any worry. When lightning strikes the bodhi old zu, it is blocked by a curtain of light. It took an hour for lightning to fight against each other, and it disappeared.
It’s not that the bodhi old zu floating dust hasn’t done anything here for several years. He’s a master of law. He has specially arranged a fourth-order large array to help the bodhi old zu floating clouds share the pressure of the apocalypse.
"Brother, it seems that this large array can’t persist."
Floating static bodhi old zu looked at the distance large array suddenly said
The bodhi old zu also looked at the large array and heard the words of the bodhi old zu floating and static. He nodded and said, "The lightning that can stop the seven days is beyond my expectation. The first lightning must be unstoppable."
That’s all I can do, and then I’ll see the master elder brother himself. "
A few days later, when the thunder fell on the first day, it hit the large screen directly. As the two guessed, it was not long before the large screen was contacted, and it was impossible to protect the floating clouds and the bodhi old zu screen from falling apart.
Although it failed to stop the thunder, it also greatly weakened the power of the thunder. The thunder can’t beat the bodhi old zu, who cast a spell to stop it
In the following months, the thunder was chopped down one after another and was blocked by the treasures collected by the bodhi old zu for many years.
When the fifteenth day thundered, there was a flag sail when the bodhi old zu waved his hand.
Seeing that the front of the flag is painted with the rough sea and the right side is painted with the changeable sky, it is frightening to be intimidated by the terror emanating from the handshake.
This flag sail is called sex flag, but it is a magic weapon of the true Xuanzong Town Sect, a very magic weapon or a pseudo-spiritual treasure.
Although the pseudo-Lingbao is a step worse than the real Lingbao, its power is far less than that of the real Lingbao. It has some real Lingbao power.
Of course, although it is a fake Lingbao, it is not a magic weapon, which can be compared with even a magic weapon.
There are only a few Lingbao in Beihai and they have all disappeared. No one knows where those Lingbao are in the dust of history.
Even the pseudo-Lingbao is really Xuanzong. Many people took thousands of years of efforts to get it out, and it is almost impossible to redo it. After all, if you can forge a magic weapon, you can forge a magic weapon. It is a very magic weapon. There are so many masters with a history of more than 10,000 years.
In the face of the lightning cloud, the bodhi old zu waved the flag of sex in his hand, and suddenly the situation changed. Even the robbery cloud seemed to be affected by some factors. There seemed to be a sea, and the thunder suddenly disappeared.
The power of the pseudo-Lingbao was really remarkable, and it was easy to block a lightning bolt.
In the following months, there were three days of thunder left, all of which were blocked by the floating clouds and the bodhi old zu’s sex flag, but the last day of thunder was the most powerful one, and even if the floating clouds and the bodhi old zu had sex flags, it was seriously injured.
Well, at last, after the thunder, the heaven and the earth descended, and the dew soon made him alive after being seriously injured.
After he crossed the Armageddon, the bodhi old zu floating dust and static bodhi old zu immediately greeted him with a full face of smiles. "Congratulations, Big Brother, you have made a great achievement."
The bodhi old zu’s face also smiled. He nodded. "How’s Zongmen?"
Smelling the floating dust, the bodhi old zu was silent. Seeing this scene, the bodhi old zu realized that something was wrong. "What’s the matter?"
Floating static bodhi old zu sighed "Big Brother is in a bad situation"
As she spoke, she told the story of what happened over the years. The more the bodhi old zu listened, the more gloomy her face became.
"Now most of the disciples can hide in the dark, and forces such as Ziyunzong are still encirclement and suppression."
After listening to the clouds, the anger in the bodhi old zu’s heart has also accumulated to a top. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Ziyunzong is a good Ziyunzong, and there are Red Gate, Xuan Yue Gate and Tingtaoge. I really think I’m really bullied by Xuanzong."
Immediately said, "It will be interesting to see how they deal with the true Xuanzong when we go back here."
When I heard this, I was shocked. "Brother, did you break through the closed and stable realm?"