Ning Shuying’s mouth cocked up. He laughed. "It’s a narrow victory. queen’s four fingers go to the hospital first." Then after he lay down, the seat was sleepy. I didn’t notice that the left side of this cargo was actually cut into Zhang Hongxin Q! My brain fills him up against the peak of the Red Queen. He throws a flying knife at the Red Queen to cut off the other four fingers. At the same time, the Red Queen flies the red heart Q to his neck and jumps over … The flying card is in the middle of the hip.

I was unfamiliar with Chengbei Hospital, so I accelerated the speed. Huang Honglianjie woke up three times and didn’t have the energy to pay attention to him. When I was dizzy and drove into the west of the city, I put in a good word to let the pencil necked stall owner call the surgeon ready. It took nearly an hour to come to Tiannan Fourth Hospital.
The pencil necked stall owner holds fencing to watch Hong Lianjie in a coma.
Ning Shuying’s left shoulder is a stray bullet, and the muscles and bones have not been destroyed in a large area. However, it takes at least half a year to make the red queen six Zhang Fei cards leave several scars of several centimeters when they are pulled out. The incision is narrow and even suture is not allowed. During the operation, he needs blood transfusion to remember his colleagues’ heroic actions. I just didn’t let the doctor go to the blood bank to refrigerate the blood. I have the same blood type as him. He donated 5 blood.
It’s the end of October and autumn.
In the corridor, I looked at the owner of the pencil necked stall with about a month left in life and sighed a little sadly, "I’m sorry, Lao Gou."
"Brother Ling, what are you talking about?" He showed the so-called expression hip-hop and laughed. "If I hadn’t met you, I’m afraid I’d eat ashes and die!" I’m grateful to you for living so many more days. You have been busy in advance. I’ll burn a paper money for me after the holidays. Don’t be a man. I’m suffering, starving and rich. I’m satisfied. "
"Leo, you are joking a bit!" Hong Lianjie’s eyelids moved next to my gloomy face. Why did fencing meet him so badly? I woke up four times in just two hours, and I suppressed my heart and vented my blue arc through fencing, causing him to fall into a coma again.
"If I go to the toilet, I can’t hold back my urine."
The owner of the pencil necked stall smiled heartlessly. "Go quickly. Don’t hold back if something goes wrong. Your wife will make you wear a green hat."
About five minutes later, when I came back, I saw him crouching beside the emperor and trying to scare the youngest son. Once, when I crept up and tried to push my head suddenly, I heard him sobbing in a low voice. "This generation has not even made a woman a few times, but it is still due to Lao Li’s daughter-in-law next door."
"Where is the old wife?" I took out a paper towel and handed it to him. "I’ll tell you about your marriage when you are well."
"Is this true?"
The owner of the pencil necked stall stumbled and stared at me with his neck stretched out in surprise.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Zichuan River
"Absolutely true! Not a teenager younger than you, you can cut me with a knife! " I pointed to my neck.
"Tender is tender, very tender." The pencil necked vendor’s eyes were slanted, and he brought the topic back to business. "Did you know that Xiaoliu was discharged from the hospital? The last time I joined him, it seemed that I had gone through the formalities of dropping out of school. He said that it was not easy to get a diploma when I was in college, so I chose to go out alone and admire his courage. "
"Liu Hanzhong left?" I was stunned. "After going through life and death, his mind should have matured a lot. Since he made this choice, let him go. I hope that the next meeting will give me a new look."
We talked for ten minutes before Pei Xizhen called me to report each other’s safety. I smiled mysteriously. "The boss has a windfall."
"I’ve been dizzy for several times and brought it with me at any time."
The phone was silent for dozens of seconds, and I was about to hang up when the signal was bad. At this moment, Pei Xizhen sounded, "Xiaoyu gave the pit to Huang still in the street, but don’t pay attention to him. Hong Lianjie’s high IQ will only take the initiative to send the door unless his brain is crazy, but that kind of chance … is different from the fact that the weasel gave the chicken a New Year greeting."
"I will easily give it to him?" I’m a little unwilling
"Kill or release quickly." Pei Xizhen lowered his voice and said, "Hey, hey, Yinxiao." But … you have to understand that it’s not advisable to let the sick cat go back to the mountain. Isn’t it confused that it’s Ce Honglianjie? It is necessary to find a place where no one will be seriously injured and break a hamstring. Unfortunately, there is no way to make people’s heads disabled. "
The old fox is clever and resourceful. Is it so damaging to recruit people? In the trap, our own bait was substituted into the elaborate design bureau. I didn’t take his bait. I guess the other party never dreamed that I had fencing and other artifacts, which made him even unconscious. Who else could he trap?
I patted the owner of the pencil necked stall on the shoulder and whispered, "Old Gou will take you to find excitement."
"Looking for excitement, hey hey," he laughed and laughed again and again.
I didn’t explain that Hong Lianjie was set up to go to the stairs, and the owner of the pencil necked stall followed him. When I stayed behind the stairs, I took the pit and accidentally took off his strength. His body thumped and fell down the steps, and he bounced a few times at the end.
Pencil necked vendor this is an accident busy ran to help HongLianJie he will each other pants at a clear not a serious way "hey! You’re right. Super anti-theft. This guy is a bird. He’s afraid of being stolen. Let me touch it. "He reached for the super anti-theft measurement and felt it, so he felt disgusted and wiped his hand on the wall for a few times." This is a little bird. "
A little nurse took a step and looked back at this side.
"Can you stop teasing me?" I laughed until my stomach ached and I laughed enough before saying, "Is there a remote place nearby?"
The owner of the pencil necked stall quickly locked the answer after a little thinking. His eyes were full of malicious looks, "A good place to kill and bury a corpse on the banks of the Zichuan River."
"Fuck you, you don’t kill people."
I clenched my fist and made two strokes at Hong Lianjie’s abdomen, picking my eyebrows and winking at him.
"That … is still the Zichuan River." The pencil necked stall owner waved his hand and patiently explained, "The sentence of singing songs on the east bank of Zichuan River in the underworld and mourning on the west bank has been in the west for a long time."
This seems to be a poem describing Zichuan River, and I wonder, "Solution?"
"The east bank of the Zichuan River is almost a paradise for students and white-collar workers to barbecue and camp on holiday." The owner of the pencil necked vendor took a deep breath. He said faintly, "There are many people in the west bank who are not satisfied with their lives. The west bank is also a gangster. The winner often throws the bodies of the losing gang and the seriously injured into the river or buries many organ sellers alive. After hearing that there is a gang fighting, they lurk near the west bank. After that, the winner negotiates to spend ultra-low money to buy organs and sell them on the black market at a high price."
"dry! Is the frequency of outbreaks high? "
I can’t believe that Zichuan River is still a right and wrong place. I remember that Lin Muxia also organized us to come there after the vegetable madman case was closed. bbq went to the east coast at that time. At this time, it was disgusting to think about it if you pulled out the bones when you went to the wrong west coast to dig a pit.
"Calm down, there must be three or five times a year. After all, the underworld needs to expand its territory and develop," said the pencil necked stall owner.
I stared at him suspiciously. "Lao Gou, how do you know so clearly?"
"Brother Ling, I didn’t take part in this gangster thing!" The owner of the pencil necked vendor panicked. He bowed his head and said, "In the early years, I followed others to resell organs, and Zichuan River guarded the corpse. Later, I felt that this job was unconscionable and became the lowest price in the west of the fairies."