In the face of complaints from all sides, Ma Shibing was cursed. He still couldn’t hear that Liu Chuanle, the only old soldier, was looking at the busy neighborhood and sneered at it.

"General Lin of Shoucheng got a tip that someone saw five Jiang Yang thieves wanted by the county government appear in this neighborhood. The general ordered me to come and arrest the suspect. Now the whole neighborhood is taken over by our army. No entry or exit is allowed."
With Liu Chuan’s remark on the street and the appearance of soldiers with spears at the end, the whole neighborhood was sealed off.
"These people deliberately said that there were thieves in Jiang Yang. If there were thieves in Jiang Yang, they would have caught Jiang Yang thieves like this and fled them long ago. This is aimed at the regular family!"
Chang Sheng looked coldly at this group of soldiers with black iron bars on his back. With the arrival of these soldiers, the neighborhood became more chaotic and the vendors and pedestrians became nervous.
Liu Chuan’s sinister eyes glanced across the street, and suddenly his eyes suddenly brightened and he saw a good target.
"You are divided into half to check the passers-by to see if there are any Jiang Yang thieves mixed in and others came into the store with me."
Every foot soldier in the street can’t hide his excitement and lewdness when he hears Liu Chuan’s words. They are all old soldiers of fortune. Their favorite thing at ordinary times is to search. That means a lot of oil and water can flirt and eat tofu when they see beautiful women. Is there a better job than this? Anyway, the general said when he came, let them listen to Liu Chuan. Now that Liu Chuan has spoken, let’s do it!
A group of foot soldiers shouted and flocked to the vendors and pedestrians.
When Liu Chuan gave orders, he walked into a fairly large shop and kicked down a beautiful porcelain vase in the shop.
"The tip says that the five Jiang Yang thieves have been in this shop and have a good look for them." Liu Chuan said as he raised his hand and smashed it in the shop.
"This cabinet should not be able to hide a person and look at it."
"This is not small, but also look at it."
"There is also a plaque. How can I look at it? There seems to be a dark shadow behind me. Two people will take it down for me to see if there is a Jiang Yang thief hiding behind it!"
Liu Chuan’s shop is madly destroyed, but he won’t enjoy it just by smashing things. He has a goal when he enters this shop.
A few shop guys in the store were too scared to hide. They didn’t dare to stop these military masters if it wasn’t them.
The shopkeeper ran to the front of Liu Chuan and begged, "Jun Ye, we are all serious people. It is impossible to hide the Jiang Yang thief. Don’t check our small business again."
"Yes, Jun Ye, please don’t look it up again." The wife of shop-owner pleaded with him.
Liu Chuan grabbed the wife of shop-owner and said coldly, "You are openly preventing Jun Ye from catching bandits. Take them back and have a good interrogation. I suspect they have something to do with those five Jiang Yang thieves."
Liu Chuan touched the boss’s face as he spoke. His goal is this boss’s wife. Anyway, Master Lin said that if there are so many beautiful women, he will naturally catch them. Didn’t Master Lin say that he would kill a few people? Then kick him to death!
Liu Chuan kicked the boss out with a leg lift.
At the gate of Changsheng Store, I looked at the messy shop and was kicked by Liu Chuan. The boss took a step forward without trace and held out his arm slightly to catch the boss who was kicked by Liu Chuan.
This shop is their regular neighborhood, and they want to arrest people when they smash it here. If they kick people to death again, it will have a bad influence on the regular family.
"This old man is really cruel. If he doesn’t send out an aura to protect this boss, the owner of this shop will be kicked to death!" Chang Sheng’s heart was furious, and Lin Yuan, the capital of the capital, ruled the hands of these ranks. Lin Yuanzhi must have sent them to him, but he hasn’t settled with him yet. He ordered the housekeeper to murder himself, and he actually sent them to make trouble under the pretext of catching the bandits’ titles!
"Being an official is amazing. Just find a reason and you can openly cheat. Mom, since you can cheat, I can cheat!"
Chang Sheng strode into the shop with more than 1,000 kilograms of black iron bars, pointed out a finger at a soldier in the shop and asked angrily, "Who hit me?"
"Who hit you?" Liu Chuan looked at this boy with a black stick in his eyes and couldn’t conceal his stupid taste. He couldn’t help laughing. This is obviously a fool. He just saw him kick out. The boss just bumped into this fool and asked who hit him.
"It’s a fool, but since the door is delivered, kill it. Master Lin said that the more chaotic it is, the better!"
Thinking about Liu Chuan, the wife of shop-owner groped with one hand and held out his other hand and a finger, Chang Sheng said, "This guy should carry such a thick weapon. I think he is one of the thieves in Jiang Yang. Get him for me."
Liu Chuanyi ordered that no one rushed this time.
"Liu Ye, that’s the most famous silly wind capital of the master family. Few people don’t know him. It’s not appropriate to say that he is a Jiang Yang thief."
Liu Chuan side a foot soldier small sheng wake way
"Is this the stupid guy from Chang’s family who is going to compete with Master Lin?" Liu Chuan looked at Changsheng one leng and didn’t expect such a coincidence to meet here.
Liu Chuanzheng is considering whether to torture Chang Sheng first. Chang Sheng has already grabbed a thick and long iron bar.
"Do you want to catch me? You are a bad person and I will kill you. "
Chang Sheng shouted a black iron rod to Liu Chuan.
Liu Chuan cold hum a he’s sublimation condition peak master each other this look down upon is only 19 years old, how could it be his opponent, but don’t be his wife of shop-owner.
Liu Chuan pushed the proprietress to grasp the iron bar with both hands, and every finger condensed this light aura. He didn’t make complicated Wushu this time, but he wanted pure strength to grasp the iron bar harder than Changsheng’s pure aura.
Liu Chuan’s hand and finger collided with a thick iron bar, which gave out a contention. The metal collision body was slightly one leng. Just now, the strength from the iron bar was almost more than 2,000 kilograms. This is the peak of sublimation to have strength. Has this stupidity reached the peak of sublimation? That’s impossible!
Lin Haoming, at the age of twenty, has just broken through to sublimation, so he is called amazing. Otherwise, Deacon Wu won’t value him and come with him. If the present stupidity reaches the peak of sublimation, I’m afraid that Deacon Wu is the custodian of the door and the elders are all coming to rob him as an apprentice.
Chapter 51 Kill with a stick
A stick went to be blocked by the other side, and Chang Sheng was also slightly dumbfounded. Although he didn’t have crazy strength, his sublimation peak strength alone was 2,500 Jin. The other side can block it with one hand, which shows that the other side is definitely the strong one in the sublimation peak.
"A sublimation peak to find something, then can you stay!"
Changsheng doesn’t give each other a chance to think. He runs a layer of madness and waves an iron bar to smash it out.
Inside the shop, the narrow crazy stick technique is somewhat cast. Similarly, because of the narrow Liu Chuanshan’s turn, it is not as casual as elsewhere, keeping a close eye on the iron bars that Changsheng smashed. Liu Chuan still greeted him with his hands.
This time, he will try to see if the other party is really sublime.
Liu Chuan grabbed the iron bar with both hands again, but this time his palm just came into contact with the iron bar, and a mighty horse came straight at him and instantly defeated him.
"Crack crack!"
Two crunchy Liu Chuan’s hands were directly smashed by great power, and the surging force rushed away. His ruddy face was instantly pale, and the whole person was directly knocked down by the huge anti-seismic force on the ground. After his body landed, it bounced up again, and then he fell heavily to the ground, and his qi and blood tumbled and exhaled, and a stream of blood stood out.
"This ….. the other power turned out to be three times more than me! What is the state of his age! "
Liu Chuan looked at Chang Sheng’s mind full of amazement!
No, Liu Chuan thought that Chang Sheng once again raised his iron bar and couldn’t get up after being smashed to the ground. Liu Chuan hit it with a stick.
"touch!" Chang Sheng hit Liu Chuan’s head with a stick, just like smashing a watermelon, and immediately let out a loud red blood juice and splashed out everywhere.
"If you do bad things, you will be beaten!" Chang Sheng whispered in his heart and turned to look at the shop. Several of his soldiers raised black iron bars and shouted, "You want to arrest me, too. I am most afraid that others will arrest me and I will kill you!"
"Ah … not our business" A few soldiers are still in the master Liu Chuan being shocked by Chang Sheng’s blow to the head. I suddenly heard Chang Sheng drink it and just came to my mind. I saw a face of ShaQi waving a black iron bar. Chang Sheng was so scared that he lost all his weapons and started to run out. Even Liu Chuan, the master of sublimation, was killed. They didn’t run. Isn’t that waiting for death?
"Don’t run, I’ll kill you. You’re bad guys." Chang Sheng chased out of the store with black iron bars and saw the street behind several people. His soldiers Chang Sheng paused for a moment as if thinking about a very complicated problem. He pointed to these ranks and shouted, "You are all dressed the same. You are also bad guys. You are a group. I’ll kill you."
As he spoke, Chang Sheng held a black iron bar and rushed at the foot soldiers who had fled from the store. At the same time, the foot soldiers also shouted, "Run! He killed Mr. Liu, but we can’t beat him!"
"Killed Mr Liu? That’s the pinnacle of sublimation. Can you kill Mr. Liu? Impossible? "
A few foot soldiers have just come up with questions in their hearts. Chang Sheng has swept over with black iron bars.
Two meters long and weighing 2,300 Jin, the black iron bar swept out and directly smashed three men to death on the spot!
"Ah …"
Next to the street, his foot soldiers suddenly stare big eyes and foolishly killed three soldiers in chains with one stick! That chain mail was beaten into discus! What power is this? He’s so good!