But now, with Chen Zhengdao’s inexplicable death, Li Gang, who is bent on revenge, has also shown his own sword.

"Royal sword to cut the ghost! Hey! "
Laws resounded through the sky and the highest day Excalibur incarnated Changhong …
In a flash, Li Gang’s fierce face drove the highest day Excalibur to split out nearly a hundred sword lights and completely enveloped the whole house.
Sniff …
All over the sky, the golden sword turns into a huge hexagram array, and the plough Beidou potential will surround the monsters, and if you struggle, you can escape from the category of the golden sword array
-Twelve methods of the highest plough, the imperial sword, the ghost tactic, the light beam and the shadow!
"This … what’s going on?"
A face of Meng forced to look at Li Gang, who was also enveloped in the sword array, and Pei Wende could not help but whisper.
"This guy is obviously gone?"
At this moment, the highest day Excalibur is divided into lightsaber array, and Li Gang is obviously going to kill all the monsters in the courtyard.
Let’s not say whether these monsters have committed capital crimes.
Only those ordinary people who are also enveloped by the sword array will be accidentally injured by the sword array and monsters.
Also shocked by Li Gang’s performance, the little green snake quietly emerged and at that time had some doubts about how he had escaped from the plough sword.
However, before Pei Wende hesitated to decide whether to intervene in this unilateral "massacre", a new unexpected situation appeared again.
Zi zi zi …
Accompanied by a sound like a stream, the old man who committed suicide before opened his eyes strangely.
Zi zi zi …
The dagger pierced his chest and the blood kept flowing out. I don’t know when the old man’s body center formed a huge and strange pattern
That pattern looks like a spell, and it looks like an array that contains ghosts and gods.
【 is a curse hex! 】
As if in response to Chen Zhengdao’s words, when Li Gang noticed that the old man’s body had changed, the clouds suddenly gathered.
Pei Wende saw the ominous gasification essence before and then poured into the dagger like a river flowing backwards.
A dreamy kung fu black dog the size of a calf "drilled" out of the dagger and said in a low and hoarse tone.
"Twelve methods of the highest plough?"
When the black dog looked up, the whole world was silent.
"I didn’t expect anyone to practice this’ war’."
Whether the stars are fighting or not …
Whether Li Gang or the monsters all turned their eyes to the unreal black dog.
Staring at the black dog, Li Gang instantly put the name "disaster" on the other side.
A monster that looks like a dog and can spray flames.
Because there are fires everywhere in the disaster area, it is regarded as a symbol of "fire omen" and "extremely ominous"
It is said that anyone who comes into contact with anyone will have bad luck and everything will go wrong with few exceptions.
However, Li Gang’s understanding is not limited to this.
Because his chances of getting where he is today are largely due to the other side.
"Are you the bane that plagued Chang ‘an ten years ago?"
Li Gangjin still remembers the "disaster" that swept the whole Chang ‘an ten years ago.
Because it was the only disaster that caused the whole Taoism after the "mad monk disorderly Taoism" seventeen years ago.
Although the "disaster and chaos" did not sweep through most branches of Taoism in Zhongnanshan like "crazy monks disorderly Taoism", it also completely broke the inheritance of micro-branches such as Miaozhen Taoism, Taixuan Taoism and Fangxian Taoism
Only Zhengyi Road, then Daoism, Tianshi Daoism and Fuyongzong, with a long history and capable people, were killed.
The most important thing is that Qin Tianjian was also invaded in that turmoil.
The central court collected Buddhist and Taoist classics and trained Si Chen to make Qin Tianjian, a demon-hunting division, grow up, which was the basis for the establishment of "crazy monks and disorderly Taoists" 16 years ago.
Because the mad monk’s coffin swept the whole Zhongnanshan Mountain, the former Tiantai obtained a considerable amount of Taoist scriptures and secret laws from it, and took this opportunity to establish the present Qintian Prison.
However, the emergence of "disasters and chaos" once interrupted the rising momentum of Qin Tianjian.
This directly led to the failure of Tang Wenzong-Li Ang to launch the "manna change" and was put under house arrest for five years by eunuch forces, and finally ended in depression.
It was not until today’s holy succession that Zhao Guizhen, the emperor of Fuzuo, made Qin Tianjian rise again and completely swept away the evil spirits in less than five years.
Li Gang was the one who cultivated monastic seedlings before Qin Tianjian’s "disaster and chaos"
When Buddhist Zhao Guizhen ascended to a high position, he accepted the twelve laws of emphasizing metaphysics and plough, which made him achieve his present achievements.
"Trouble Chang ‘an?"
As if he had heard some joke, Yuan Shen suddenly burst into laughter.
"Ha-ha, I’m just helping people realize their wishes. The name" trouble Chang ‘an "is really unbearable."
Speaking of this disaster, there was a sudden pause before continuing
"But I didn’t expect Zhao Guizhen to dare to let you practice the twelve methods of the highest day. Isn’t he really afraid of the Taoist factions?"
It’s enough to learn "Nan Hua Jing Can Pieces" like Chen Zhengdao, which can be regarded as an introduction to Xuandao.
However, the twelve methods of the highest day are the direct method of emphasizing the metaphysical way, and they are also the main methods of killing and killing in the metaphysical way
-Nandou notes life and Beidou notes death.
Take the plough to kill ghosts and demons, and integrate the Beidou spirit into one’s body, so that the yogi’s body is like killing a star, which means "twelve methods of plough"
Once you let Canzhong Xuandaodi know that your sect’s lineage has been stolen by Qin Tianjian, do you want to find Zhao Guizhen even if you are desperate?
Chapter 20 Re-emphasizing the Twelve Methods of Xuandao and plough
"My’ Twelve Methods of the Highest plough’ was personally taught by Master."
Narrowing his eyes slightly, Li Gangning retorted, staring at the nearby disaster.
Li Gang is a practitioner trained by Qin Tianjian, but he is also one of the few practitioners recognized by the Daoist Sect.
When Buddhist Zhao Guizhen came out of the mountain, he quickly appeased the Taoist sects, and promised that the Taoist sects could choose good practice seedlings from Qin Tianjian and bring them back to Zhongnanshan to continue the incense.
These selected practitioners don’t need to perform the duties of Qin Tian prison, but whether they go to Qin Tian prison to perform their duties after China’s entry into WTO depends on their personal wishes.
It is this background that Li Gang was selected by Chongxuan Road and joined Zhongzhen’s younger brother.
"Hey? There is still a secret place in Chongxuan Road? "
It’s hard to believe that the ferocious face of Li Gang’s disaster has revealed humanized surprise.
"Are you that guy? !”
If there was a guy who could make it difficult to master the dodging skills in the Chang ‘an War ten years ago, then the guy who was neither a monk nor a Taoist nor a male nor a female was definitely a middle school student.
In addition to the causal entanglement between the two bodies, the other party can remain calm when talking about it. The "too forgetful" situation is simply a mysterious and illusory daoist magic nemesis
I heard the curse and asked Li Gang, who presided over the light-splitting lightsaber array, to pause a little, and actually made a younger brother’s gift to each other.
"Master, his old man’s house is still alive and he has been worried about you."
Everyone was shocked when this statement appeared, even Chen Zhengdao.