He was hugged by his clothes, and his hand and head were pushed to the bathtub.

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Then there was a slow-release white bullet mark running through Russell’s side, leaving traces in the air running through the back of the virtual shadow.
The man fired five shots in a row.
Russell noticed that the bullet marks were evenly distributed and missed-this means that the opposite side didn’t link the weapon to the prosthesis to make the shooting auxiliary software, and was not good at shooting … less skilled.
It’s only three or four meters away … A static target can spread from the left scapula to the right kidney?
Russell won’t float like this even with his eyes closed.
If this man shoots from a distance of 30 meters, I’m afraid he can accomplish the great cause of "shooting one shuttle at a still target"
And it also proves a little.
The bullet mark analysis software determines that these five rounds are slow continuous fire, which means that this is an automatic weapon.
Automatic pistol?
And this distance can float like this, saying that this person can’t hold down the gun when he pulls the trigger … This means that this person’s muscle strength is insufficient, and it is certain that there is no prosthetic arm. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that he deliberately used his unaccustomed hand to shoot to cover up the traces.
-but this is Russell’s pre-analysis conflict.
The white shadow in his eyes, which represents the "dust gap", twitched and fell into the bathtub. At this time, he was still struggling before he died, so some bullet holes caused the tear.
This means that the kinetic energy of this gun is not high and it has not caused shock.
But as his blood gushed out, he soon fainted because of blood loss and choking.
And then the man shot him in the back of the head
Because the antlers got stuck in the bathtub, it was a close shot, and even the hair was burnt.
This shot is fatal-bullet mark analysis software specially marked this shot.
….. But this is only six shots?
Just when Russell had doubts in his heart, he saw that the still picture suddenly changed again.
Another faster and bigger bullet was fired from a distance of about two meters.
This bullet is quite powerful and very accurate-it directly hit the heart of the dust gap.
And just a second later, another bullet was fired. The target was that the dust gap had partially dissolved the chip due to death.
As a result, the original self-dissolving chip was blocked from dissolving and smashed into pieces because of this shot, which also proved that it was indeed a dust gap.
The power of this bullet directly interrupts the dust gap neck bone, which makes his neck present a V-shaped bend.
After the death, the accuracy and power of the two shots were improved significantly
This is a profession!
The bullet mark analysis software directly reads out the sources of the last two rounds.
"Diamond Killer-17 …"
He murmured, "Is Mind Heavy Industries developing new weapons? It was issued in 1197 … five years ago. "
Is this a new gun?
It doesn’t seem to count …
Although Russell had long known that Shensi Heavy Industry secretly developed weapons.
But he didn’t expect them to dare to put the data into the bullet analysis software.
The previous six bursts are even more outrageous-the bullet mark software can’t even analyze which gun the bullet came from.
Russell immediately thought of a possibility.
-homemade firearms
It seems that the man in front is not a killer sent by the board of directors, but the man behind is more like … The master of painting in front is full of unprofessional breath.
That gun is too horse-I’m afraid a slight movement in the dust gap can make the other side miss the target.
Even Morgan can admire a good marksmanship.
And then Russell noticed another thing.
What dust gap didn’t resist?