I didn’t make myself dissatisfied by choosing the achievement method, but at the same time I chose an important one so that I didn’t want to interfere with the practice.

Really humble, like a thousand-year-old fox
Corleone chose the achievement method and returned to his yard. Finally, he put it in his heart and let it surprise him.
The computer will spare no effort to promote Bianhuang hunting.
When hunting, the big killing did not hesitate to kill a third brother of Jianpai.
The sword school entrance test is unprecedented.
Jiange read patiently for two months.
All this is actually in front of my eyes, and this thin book is in front of me, and I am planning in every way to enlighten my body to repair the road.
Finally, I went through a lot of hardships to get the important method for myself.
It seems natural, but the process is to make Sun Hao work hard.
Even at the last minute, Sun Hao secretly worried that Ling Tianjian Zu would directly stop himself.
Good self-judgment is not wrong. Lingtian bodhi old zu chose silence and acquiescence.
I finally found a very important practice method.
Sword Sect concise sword bone method: There are many different levels of sword bone after cultivation. Sun Hao’s eyes and arrogant choice are naturally the highest level, the highest level and the highest cultivation method.
It’s the kind of Ling Tian Jianzu who is also very curious about whether his brother can practice successfully and can’t bear to interrupt Sun Hao’s practice.
Sword bone pairs are enough to match the enemy sword body.
Sun Hao-xin, who has not been stopped, sits cross-legged in his small room and tries to figure out his double sword bones, while gradually calming down his mood.
The first step of the Long March is now to jump from the beginning.
You need to understand thoroughly and gradually recover your physical strength when you get Sun Hao from practice.
Double sword bone cultivation gradually spread out before Sun Hao.
To recast the sword bone is to recast the firm but gentle bone. After extreme practice, the effect is remarkable, but it is not easy to practice.
Double Sword Bone: Under normal circumstances, it takes three steps to cast the sword bone. The first step is to break the bone by firm but gentle shock, which scares many monks. Who dares to mess around without great perseverance?
The extreme practice of the double sword bone also shows the broken bone link. The first step in the introduction to ancient books is that the bones must be completely broken with peerless shock wave. The finer the fracture, the better.
It’s not easy to break it, and the finer it is, the better. It’s true that few monks are willing to ask for it.
But Sun Hao’s face smiled when he saw the first step of double sword bone.
This first step, Sun Hao, has been completed, and it’s still the kind of super-standard soaring. Sun Hao incarnates agarwood, and his bones are almost crushed into dust. If it weren’t for dzogchen, the golden warrior, it’s strange that Sun Hao can get up if it weren’t for the soaring godsworn’s new particularity.
It’s not for nothing to leak the sword. The truth is that it’s riddled with holes.
Ok, Sun Hao has finished the first broken bone.
Sun Hao automatically enters the second part of forging bones and crushing bones, and finally paving the way for bone regeneration. Forging bones is the real key of double swords.
Whether the word "double character" can be realized depends on the process of forging bones by practitioners.
Bone fragmentation, double sword bone, strange method, forging the practitioner’s physical ability into the bone, and forging the ability into it must meet certain requirements before it can be called double.
If you can’t do it, it’s a tiger dog
How to forge into double bones
The simplest ascension in the practice is at least a kind of "sword intention" or a kind of "sword potential"
Sword meaning, sword potential!
Corleone’s eyes shrank slightly when he saw this requirement.
Lingtian Sword Sect Sword Sect
My younger brother traveled all over the world with one sword and practiced fencing to reach the peak.
Sun Hao, who has thoroughly studied all kinds of cultivation levels of sword, has come into contact with the information from Jiange, and the sword cultivation Lingtian Sword School has become self-contained.
For example, Sun Hao just entered the outer door and came into contact with the sword.
Complete sets of Lingtian Sword sent by your predecessors to practice the most basic sword moves.
It’s a must for every Ling Tianjian Sword Sect to practice sword moves well. If you don’t learn sword moves, don’t call yourself a sword Sect.
After practicing the swordsmanship, you will come into contact with the second layer of swordsmanship.
For example, swordsmanship, flying swordsmanship, sword array, etc. will be automatically classified into fencing sequence.
After fencing, it is the third level of fencing practice.
That’s right. One sword can produce one method, and you can have earth-shattering power, which is beyond the power of a monk.
This is the order of three sword practices of Ling Tianjian School.
However, the Lingtian Sword School outside these three levels also lists two rare sword cultivation methods that can appear at the same time as one of the three levels, but it is quite difficult to appear.
That is the sword meaning and sword potential.
The artistic conception of sword symbolizes the realm of swordsman.
Swordsman shows momentum, spirit and aura when holding a sword.
Sword meaning and sword potential are quite rare, but once there is a representative, it is an outstanding representative of combat power, which is another completely different meaning
There are ten sword kings in Lingtian Sword School.
The reason why the tiger king, the tree king, the light king and the flame king dare to make a scene in front of their sword ancestors is that they are real swordsmen who have mastered the meaning of sword or the potential of sword.
The double sword bone really discourages the friar from trying easily, but it is the second step. The friar must master the sword meaning or forge the sword potential into the bone.
How many monks in Ling Tianjian Sect can do it?
It seems that it is not worth the cost to refine the sword bone at a certain cultivation height.