Zhang Yang immediately turned his energy to the Sanwei Dan furnace next to him and reached out and prepared to put it in the ring.

The blast furnace didn’t respond.
Zhang Yang Yi Yi feels that it should be more than enough to hold this blast furnace in the ring! Such a situation has neve happened before.
With a wave of his hand, he stretched out his hand and wiped the alchemy furnace again, but there was still no response.
Zhang Yang frowned.
"Isn’t this Sanwei Dan furnace a fairy that can’t be put into the ring of accepting things?"
"Or is there any array restriction here?"
Zhang Yang looked around Sanwei Dan furnace and saw that the foothold of Dan furnace seemed to be characterized by law.
Not nodded.
Body strength broke out and mercilessly bombarded Dan furnace in the past
A agitation melodious impact blast furnace is motionless.
But Zhang Yang is induced to Dan furnace leg a psychic force fluctuations.
Zhang Yang unwilling to roar a claw towards the ground at the legs and feet again said that I can’t stand the fairy Dan furnace and you can’t stand the stone ground.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Charge Dan furnace
The light flashed and Zhang Yang’s arm was instantly bounced.
As soon as Zhang Yang was one leng, he saw a spiritual fluctuation and a flash of light in the array at the legs and feet of Sanweidan furnace.
Zhang Yang a bad feeling in my heart legs to a push back.
Almost at the same time, there was a loud bang, a flash with a bright flash, and the thunder ball hit Zhang Yang just now.
A big pit appeared in the rocks.
Zhang Yang heart secretly palpitations if you just move a little slower step, even if not seriously injured, I’m afraid I’ve had enough.
The sudden change made Zhang Yang more fearful, but he didn’t dare to make moves casually.
I turned around Sanwei Dan furnace twice and finally shook my head naively. It seems that this fairy is not my own for the time being.
Repeatedly staggering heart andao pity.
Just when Zhang Yang was going to give up, he saw Xiao Hei’s "Ji Ji" a strange cry and kept gesturing at the same time
Zhang Yang move in the heart is this little guy have a way to break the circle to take this blast furnace for yourself?
"Go ahead!"
Zhang Yang waved his hand.