No wonder Brother Tang was disappointed. Most of the Zhu Ji Dan elixirs that Sun Hao harvested have been refined by Sun Hao. Naturally, there are not many elixirs left, so it is strange that there can be more elixirs.

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Brother Tang sighed and reported the integral "Aoki Sun Hao Zhuji Dan panacea with 100 main drugs and 20 plants with 200 points; Four hundred points for ten auxiliary drugs; Tsukiji Dan muti points six hundred points … "
The two younger brothers were in an uproar. This score is too low!
Sun Hao, the younger brother in front of him, did not have a score below 1,000, which directly created the lowest score record.
Magic repair there Jin Xie Ri and Bai Zhenghuang looked at each other with a flash of incomprehension. Sun Hao’s ability to kill them would not believe that Sun Hao got a hundred Zhu Ji Dan elixirs!
His magic brother actually laughed, and his magic brother laughed at "How amazing the monks will be at the end of Qingyun Gate Row! What a surprise!"
When bian Xu Zongzhu heard this muti integral, his heart exulted and he sighed secretly at the same time. His heart was full of guilt for Sun Hao. It took Sun Hao a lot of muti to refine Zhu Ji Dan, which directly led to this situation. If possible, try to make up for it after going back to Aoki Zong.
Chen Zhenren’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled at Qingyun Gate, and he found that Xuanyuangong seemed to be in a daze. He shook his head in a daze, and now it can be so. Whether it is good or bad has become a foregone conclusion. It is estimated that Qingyun Gate will lose this time, and it will not be too ugly to lose.
Some monks who are not right with Sun Hao around Shen Yu, such as Mr. Zhang, burst into laughter at this time. "This is Xia Guo Hunting King?" Title friar? Didn’t lose me Qingyun frontispiece "
Face to face, hiss and laugh at Sun Hao, who is still smiling in the sky.
Brother Tang continued to announce Sun Hao’s integral, but he didn’t open his mouth. Brother Tang himself was shocked. How did this happen? At this time, Brother Tang suddenly found that there were not many elixirs in Sun Hao’s bag, but the key was too few Zhu Ji Dan elixirs, and there were many high-order elixirs, especially Jin Dan elixirs.
After a pause, Brother Tang said that "Aoki Sun Hao Jie Jin Dan elixir has 30,000 points of 36 main drugs in 96 strains; Sixty-six strains of auxiliary drugs have a total score of thirty-three thousand points … "
Sixty-three thousand!
The field is silent!
Laughing at Sun Hao’s magic brother as if he had been strangled by his throat, his eyes widened and he looked at the integral wall with disbelief.
Sun Hao’s name flashed on the integral wall, and then he jumped forward to the top of the list and ranked first.
Gold evil day and Bai Zhenghuang looked at each other and flashed Nai’s look. I knew Sun Hao was not simple. Gold evil day was a means to do everything, but after all, it was a chess match. At this time, Sun Hao was strongly surpassed.
At this time, Sun Hao has been quiet since he went, and the Lee brothers burst out laughing.
To say who has confidence in Sun Hao here is naturally the Lee brothers and Xuanyuangong. They circled with Sun Hao. Sun Hao received those elixirs, but there are several different kinds of elixirs in his heart. Sun Hao has gained a lot. If the score is not high, that is the real hell.
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Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Go against integral
These five guys have been holding their breath, waiting for Sun Hao to make a blockbuster. At this moment, Sun Hao was really strong, and the five brothers came alive as if they were alive.
Li Xin "Wow, hahaha, I know that Sun Boss is hidden";
Li Sen "dressed as a pig to eat tiger"
Li Miao has been silent for ten years.
Li Yan’s "blockbuster"
Li Yao "awesome …"
Then the five brothers shouted three times in a row, "Sun Boss is mighty, Sun Boss is mighty, Sun Boss is mighty …"
The gag of the five brothers made the atmosphere loose, and the younger brothers on both sides came to their senses from Sun Hao’s huge integral, and the younger brother Aoki, who stood with a light smile, couldn’t help sighing that there was a great person in the affiliated clan of Qingyun Gate!
Is there a brother of an affiliated clan who is stronger than the five elements of the devil clan?
Forever and ever
At this moment, the five elements of the magic clan broke the gold, and the evil of gold became a stepping stone to Sun Hao’s strong rise
Magic repair wood old ghost over there looked at gold evil day sink and asked "evil day? What’s wrong with this Sun Hao? "
Gold evil day said with a dignified face, "Mu Shibo competed with this Sun Hao’s fighting power."
Three magic fix true people smell speech is one leng.
Bai Zhenghuang also said at this moment, "If it weren’t for the patriarchal Fubao brothers and broken gold, there would be a danger of falling …"
Gold evil day once again added "Sun Hao and XuanYuanHong at Qingyun Gate have reached the final harvest and may return me and Zhenghuang"
Three magic fix true people smell speech silence to look at each other, finally lang old magic shook his head and stopped talking, but look at Corleone eyes have been full of bad.
At this time, the hearts of Zhen Chen people in Qingyun Gate are full of surprises. The process of losing Qingyun Gate in this secret land is also full of twists and turns. However, I never thought that the subordinate clan younger brother had a strong rise under the weak situation of Qingyun Gate, relying on the big boy’s power and the Xia Guo’s title brother Sun Haosun Aquilaria had a strong victory over the five elements of magic clan. Sun Hao not only achieved personal points, but also surpassed the five elements of magic clan in one fell swoop and won the final victory.
This victory surprised Chen Zhenren. This time, the Qingyun Gate forces won considerable benefits, and he and Yun Zhenren, the two leading monks, naturally gained a lot.
This time, there is no doubt that Sun Hao and Tong Li are the biggest dark horses. Two Aoki Zongdi points are incredibly high. Sun Hao ranks first and Tong Li ranks third, which is quite impressive.
After counting the integral, Sun Hao is still smiling, not surprised, handing Brother Tang a gift to prepare the imperial sword, but when Sun Hao swept away the integral wall, there were bursts of green light again.
Brother Tang stopped Sun Hao with a flash of divine light in his eyes and said with a smile, "Brother Sun, wait a minute. The integral wall shows that you still have the elixir from the secret realm. This is a type of elixir that must be paid. You can’t bring yourself out of the secret realm."
The color of the integral wall changes, and everyone can’t help but look at each other. I’m surprised that this guy still has bootleg goods? How many elixirs did this guy get with such a high score?
Sun Hao is also a little startled! To tell the truth, it’s time to take out the elixir, and all the other departments have taken it out. How could it be that brother Tang Zhujidan and Jiejindan elixir Sun Hao have taken it out according to the requirements? Teacher younger brother can be sure that my bag will be filled with such elixirs again.
Brother Tang couldn’t help frowning when he heard this. "According to the rules, if the integral wall changes, I have to personally verify the bag of my younger brother. Is it convenient for my younger brother?"
This? Is it convenient for Sun Hao to frown? Very inconvenient! Don’t say that he Sun Hao got some gains from the secret realm of dragons and finches. For example, Sun Hao doesn’t want to expose these three things, and there are many Zhu Jidan in Sun Hao’s bag. It’s just strange that he cheated criminal evidence conveniently.
Corleone hesitated, which would make XuanYuanGong sound come and "give it to him".
Sun Hao and Tang Zhi are not familiar with each other. I don’t know if Tang Zhi is credible, but Sun Hao is very convinced that XuanYuanHong said so. Sun Hao then nodded and took out his bag and threw it in the past. "Then please bother your brother to find out for himself and see if Sun Hao has any secret medicine."
This bag is mainly put in the Longfinch Secret after Sun Hao entered it. Some of the harvest in Longfinch Secret is mainly reserved by Sun Hao, but it is not necessary to pay the elixir for refining Jiejin Dan or Zhujidan. Of course, Sun Hao refined Zhujidan after entering it.
In the corpse, the heart is frozen and the blood is frozen. Sun is bold and unconstrained, and the bag for putting the other important materials is not afraid of being discovered by Tang Zhi.
Tang Zhi took the bag and swept it away.
This is? There are rows of jade bottles in the bag of God’s knowledge. Jade bottles are full of magic pills. Pay attention to the soup and know that it is Zhu Jidan. I can’t help but smile bitterly. Boy, there are so many Zhu Jidan! No wonder this little Zhu Jidan elixir has turned into a panacea with so few combinations. No wonder this little hesitation is simply evidence of his crime!
Tang Zhizheng was about to speak, and XuanYuanHong sounded in his ear. "Don’t talk nonsense when looking for medicine."
Tang Zhi’s heart is full of intrigue, and he thinks that yes, XuanYuanHong is connected with this little game-writing protocol ring. He must know these preconditions. It seems that I can keep silent, but his mother turned out that there is such a big loophole in the rules of Longfinch’s secret territory. Once the secondary alchemist enters the secret territory, it is no less than a tiger entering the flock!
God knowledge quickly swept Sun Hao’s bag and Tang Zhi once again said, "Aoki Sun Hao’s three elixirs in ten thousand years have an integral of three hundred thousand …"
A panacea for thousands of years!
300 thousand points!
The scene is dead again!
Sun Hao, this integral is going against the sky!
Sun Hao’s integral on the integral wall shows that it has reached more than 660,000 terror!
660,000 points is simply unimaginable. If you want to know that in the past, Dragonfinch began to calculate the points to the highest point, but Sun Hao raised this integral record to a horrible and insurmountable level. This record is likely to be the kind that people look up to.
Tang Zhi’s face smiled brightly at this time. "You don’t know the panacea for ten thousand years, but you must also report it to Zongmen. Those who don’t know it don’t sin, those who don’t know it don’t sin, hahaha …"
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Chapter two hundred Reward one for one’s merits
Sun Hao diandian head is so ""Dian ""small "said.
Medicine is thoroughly remoulded in ten thousand years, even if it is a first-order elixir, its value is incalculable once it is ten thousand years old. You know, elixir and spirit beast are all creatures like monks, and there is a Shou Yuan limit of ten thousand years, which is too long. Few elixirs can be born for so long, and even if they can reach ten thousand years, they are often kept by the spirit beast next to them or recruited by monks before they grow for ten thousand years.
There are some special regions and special kinds of elixirs that can reach the age of ten thousand years.
The elixir of ten thousand years is also a medicine for a large door like Qingyun Gate, and it is hard to get points, which is even more outrageous. It is actually a plant that has reached 100,000 points.
Xiangwannian elixir is of great help to break the elixir and give birth to a baby. This is probably the root cause of the high score of Wanwannian elixir. For Qingyun Gate, Brother Yuanying means ding-level combat power, which means that the combination of Zongmenzhushi and Yuanying must be priceless.
This time, Lang Lao Mo felt uneasy.
The old devil’s eyes sparkled and he looked at the bag in Tang Zhi’s hand.
The elixir of ten thousand years tempted him a lot.
Besides, if this thing is taken by Qingyun Gate, it’s a big deal.
I never imagined that there would be so many situations in the Dragon Que Mystery Guild this time. First, ding level appeared, and then there was a panacea for ten thousand years. There is no doubt that there must be some unknown changes in the Dragon Que Mystery this time. The last two cases must attach great importance to the Dragon Que Mystery, and maybe it will trigger a new round of struggle around the Mystery.
See ten thousand elixir cloud Luo Cha also spirit a flap lock the lang old magic mouth coldly said "lang old magic if you want to start work anytime".
Lang Laomo’s eyes are shining with fierce eyes. Haha, "What do you say about these three elixirs?"
Yun Luo Cha said coldly, "It’s a big deal. Can’t the two of us do it now? This elixir is obtained by Qingyun’s younger brother. Naturally, it belongs to me."