The Hunger added, "I know you’re after Lu Zheng. It’s said that your ancestors killed several slaves in The Hunger, burned several slaves in The Hunger, pacified the rivers and lakes, and also killed two palace people in the north and south. So you, Lu Jia, and I have a hundred-year feud. It’s a pity that your ancestors have long since vanished and I can’t kill him myself. Then you can pay him back his debts!"

Lu Xiangdao: "I really want to kill you myself."
Blood magic way "but you can’t kill me. It’s fate."
Lu Xiangdao said, "Maybe I can’t kill you, but I can tell you that your field will be even worse. You will be alone. Do you want to know something when you die?"
The last thing The Hunger wants to hear is that his game is miserable.
Blood magic way: "I don’t know what I need you to tell me after 200 years!"
Lu Xiangdao: "Don’t seniority in front of me. You are just two hundred years old and have been frozen all the time. You are still a’ junior’ in front of me because of your experience and understanding of the world! It’s God’s will that you can survive in the Woods. I don’t want you to. How tall are you! "
Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Soul Broken Green Mountain (6)
The Hunger didn’t get angry at Lu Xiang’s words. As Lu Xiang said, if it wasn’t for the rice father-in-law who brought people and disrupted Lu Xiang’s plan, it was really run tonight, even if he suddenly got trapped, the static demon would die.
Blood magic way "you’re dying, Zu, don’t care."
Lu Xiang and The Hunger also said these words in order to delay the profit as much as possible. When this precious time, Lu Xiang kept running and hoped to restore some depleted qi as much as possible.
It would be better if it was dragged to the imperial court.
So he might be able to get out of trouble.
Lu Xiang continued, "I can also tell you that whenever you are resurrected, you will eventually be defeated!" "
People who practice The Hunger are arrogant, paranoid and conceited. The Hunger has always believed that his wisdom and martial arts are comparable to his achievements in The Hunger. He is the first wonder in the world. Although he was defeated by Xue Canglan 200 years ago, Xue Canglan died, and he still won his victory.
In this life, The Hunger was resurrected and believed that his ability would surely accomplish the great achievements of 200 years ago, but it turned out to be the opposite, and he was almost at the end of the road.
The Hunger tried to find the answer to failure more than once, but he didn’t find it.
Lu Xiangrui was once experienced and knowledgeable. The Hunger would like to hear about Lu’s understanding.
The Hunger said with great interest, "Oh, I’d like to hear from Master Xiang. Do you think I will fail when I am resurrected?"
Lu Xiangdao said, "The truth is simple, but the simpler it is, the more you ignore it."
Blood magic way "don’t talk nonsense! Say I want to hear it! "
Lu Xiang stared at The Hunger with a tunnel "because this is not your time! In terms of strength and reputation, you have no foundation and no one will agree with you. It’s just like you shouldn’t enter the game, but you have to enter the game to stir up who loses if you don’t win! All your resurrection will be a fiasco! "
This is not your time!
This sentence echoed in The Hunger’s ear.
The Hunger heart also shocked a.
Yes, the present era makes him feel strange and anxious.
Everything has changed dramatically.
Dynasties have changed.
Canghaidu became a mulberry field.
Although there are thousands of beings in the sky, no one he knows well, no one can really understand him, and no one can listen to him.
Is this really the reason for his failure?
But he still won’t admit it.
The Hunger said, "If you hadn’t helped Lin Yizu, you wouldn’t have lost! Zuxian doesn’t want to dominate the rivers and lakes and seize the sky. I want you all to pay the price of death! "
Say The Hunger figure from the stone, such as a leaf blown by a strong wind, suddenly rises and floats towards the land.
The Hunger body GangFeng surging his robe "hunting" flying a messy head of long hair flying face magic face at the moment full of hatred, hate and unwilling.
The blood magic man did not flash a red hand shadow with a broken grasp to Lu Xiang’s chest
As if to take out Lu Xiang’s heart and liver
It is difficult for The Hunger to attack the land and continue to recover from pranayama
After several wars, he was black and blue and consumed a lot of energy. As The Hunger said, even if The Hunger was more injured than him, it was him.
But Lu Xiang will not sit still.
Even if he is desperate, he will fight for the honor of Lu Jia.
Lu Xiang’s right hand suddenly shook like the wind blowing the moon shadow in the water. Lu Xiang’s hand shadow hit The Hunger’s paw shadow and paw shadow hit like a lens and The Hunger’s body flashed.
The Hunger grabbed Lu Xiang’s head with his left hand and struck Lu Xiang’s chest with his right hand. The Hunger wanted to make a quick decision. He forced Lu Xiang to confront him.
Lu Xiang carved out a trick. He took The Hunger’s palm to resolve The Hunger’s blow to his chest. The palm also reached Lu Xiang’s palm to palm, and then he took the palm out of his hand to blood.
"Bang" one
Two people palm strength scattered like a strong wind lift around flying sand and stones.
This palm two people also almost force.
If the terrestrial force can still be hard-fought with The Hunger on weekdays, it’s really hard to resist The Hunger’s palm force. The terrestrial force spit out one mouthful blood from the shock mouth, and his body trembled and came out.
Because of the huge earthquake force, the broken bone of Lu Xiangshen’s wound is more painful than the two wounds that have stopped bleeding and blood gushes out.
Although The Hunger is also scarred, The Hunger feels pain.
The Hunger’s figure is also like the phantom of the opera chasing after Lu Xiang.
Lu Xiang’s body continued to float backwards, and The Hunger’s body was swept towards him.
The red light in The Hunger’s eyes is full of cruelty and bloodthirsty desire at the moment.
Just as Lu Xiang’s back is about to hit the stone wall behind him, Lu Xiang’s move "the moon flies to burn" and the "Phoenix" in the middle of the month flies to The Hunger. Because of the consumption of Lu Xiang’s force, the speed and strength of the "Phoenix" swept from the middle of the month are also weak
The Hunger has learned that the "flying on the moon" is also prepared.
The Hunger kicked out and kicked the "Phoenix" in the head. The "Phoenix" first had its head broken and then its whole body was scattered.
Then the "moon" also
This instant The Hunger put his hands together and inserted them into the round of "moon", and then he jerked his hands to the left and right, and the round of "moon" was torn from it like a cake by The Hunger.
The Hunger’s figure also passed through the "Moon" fracture like a phantom and continued to face the continental phase.
At the moment, Lu Xiangtui’s back also hit the stone wall, and The Hunger’s body shape was instantaneous.