"Uncle, you want the child to make decision! Father, he was killed! "

"What? Your father is dead? " The man sitting in the seat with aquiline nose was surprised and hurriedly asked, "Your father should be the strongest in a small windy city, and he still holds the army. How could anyone kill him!"
"Uncle, you don’t know …" Lin Xian knelt down with a snot and a tear and killed his second brother from Changsheng until he fled the windy capital the night before.
"In this way, Lin Xian found out that after his father died, he immediately rushed to the county government to find your uncle!"
"Your father is confused!" General Sun, uncle of Lin Xian, sighed, "How can he collude with Jiang Yang thieves! This is a death sentence! Lin Xian forgive your uncle’s ability in this matter! Uncle can’t help you! "
"Don’t, uncle, now that you can help me, please help me this time for the sake of my aunt and my dead mother. Lin Xian is willing to ask Chang Sheng’s stupid father to avenge Chang Jia’s father in all his possessions!"
"Ah …" General Sun sighed and finally smiled. What is difficult for Lin Xian is very simple for him to be a general! And prosperous! Even if Lin Xian doesn’t come to him, he will deal with Chang Sheng because of that big shot! Just now, I refused because I thought about those benefits. Now Lin Xian has finally come up with benefits, so he has never refused!
"It’s just that since Lin Xian is so filial, my Sun Shihao is not an unkind person. Even if I give up my official position, my uncle will help you avenge it!"
"Thank you, uncle!" Lin Xian is respectful and secretly scolds him. Well said, if you don’t say that you will give all your possessions to you, will you promise? But there’s no way out. You can do it yourself. The crime of colluding with Jiang Yang thieves is not small. If you don’t clean up the family and don’t shelter your uncle’s door, you won’t live long. Besides, how much property the Lins have? No one knows except yourself. Even Sun Shihao won’t find out!
Sun Shihao promised to help Lin Xian clean up his family. Lin Xian finally felt at ease to thank Sun Shihao-he left the room to visit his aunt.
Four days later, Chang Sheng and his party outside Mengshan City finally walked from Fengdu City to Mengshan City after several days of long journey!
"What a magnificent wall! It is more than twice as high as the wall of Fengdu City! " The carriage for the first time to the county government Mengshan city dimly discernible looking at the tall wall can’t help feeling a.
Aside, Chang Sheng frowned. Mengshan City is worthy of being the breath of the county government, which is much stronger than the wind capital. However, the whole Mengshan City is at the edge of decline and governance, which is not proportional to the status of a county government!
Today, the soldiers in charge of duty at the city gate stand tall and straight, and they are also very powerful when they speak, because on their side, there is the most powerful person in the whole county, the chief of the county civil service, Lord Lan Yixing!
LanYiXing gate shade heart constantly complaining about the damn hand! He listened to the advice of touts and sent his hand to inquire about the progress of the escort team in Fengdu early. When his hand reported that the other party was coming to Mengshan City, he immediately dressed himself and came to the city gate to meet the hero of Jiang Yang thief.
Favourite said that it can be said that he, the county magistrate, attaches importance to talents and takes the opportunity to win over each other. After all, he can defeat Jiang Yang thieves, and he must be a master! But he has been waiting for a long time, and the wind capital team has not yet appeared.
Suddenly LanYiHang ear a low shout ring.
"My Lord, here they come!"
At the same time, one of the innate masters in the mountain city of Paimeng respectfully reported to the handsome man in front wearing a white coat who looked 2067 years old that the escort team of Li Chuan had arrived at the city gate.
"oh? Finally! " A flash of cruel color flashed across the handsome face!
General Lin Xian hurried to find his uncle Sun Shihao.
"The uncle’s family often comes to lead the team is Changsheng!"
"Chang Sheng led? Haha, that’s great! God help me, and I won’t bother to go to Fengdu City! " Sun Shihao heard the words and laughed, but he couldn’t hide his ecstasy in his voice! It’s just around the corner to kill Changsheng and make a fortune!
"But my uncle heard that the sheriff’s adult personally greeted Chang Sheng at the city gate!" Lin Xian was afraid that his uncle didn’t know the details of the matter and immediately said the news he had learned.
"Lan Yixing is nothing but a beautiful and outrageous daughter!" Sun Shihao disdained to wave his hand. "Have you ever heard of Ying Wuhou!"
"Ying Wuhou!"
Lin Xian whole person was a shock is full of worship to see the direction of the capital "I’m afraid there is no heaven and man who don’t know this name! The Daqi dynasty of Yingwuhou will always have an Yingwuhou, and this Yingwuhou is not hereditary, but is dedicated to commending the title of young Junjie who has made great military achievements! "
"Said the British marquis practice at the age of five, exercise at the age of seven, sublimate at the age of ten and step into the innate condition at the age of fourteen! Then he joined the army when he was fifteen years old, and then he was pulled out. Then a year later, he wiped out the northern bandits. In World War I, he captured the fierce name Hehe by himself. He was born with nine layers of northern bandits, and then he designed different soldiers to capture the second leader of the bandits! Be brave and resourceful! "
"When Ying Wuhou was 17 years old, he was already a real general. In that year, he led an army to find the mysterious cult Tiansheng Sect altar and personally led the army to destroy it! It is said that at that time, the leader of Tiansheng Sect was already a master who transcended the innate nature and stepped into the realm of transformation! "
"When Ying Wuhou was ten years old, he even passed by and won the absolute advantage in the tournament. It was the first champion under the age of 20 in the history of our dynasty, and every champion was twenty years old!"
"When Ying Wuhou was 19 years old … always Ying Wuhou, he was already the object of worship of all the young people in my Daqi dynasty. How could anyone not know him! Besides, Ying Wuhou’s adoptive father is still the marshal of today’s military forces! "
Lin Xian did not hesitate to bring the deeds of Ying Wuhou together because he was a little strange. "Uncle Ying Wuhou has nothing to do with Chang Sheng!"
"I don’t know what they have. I know that Ying Wuhou wants to live a long life!"
The residents who enter and leave the city at the gate of Mengshan automatically retreat to both sides.
In the road, LanYi adjusted himself, and walked slowly to the place where the figure behind the oncoming motorcade was thin and the touts fell three steps away.
Seeing such a situation, the team quickly stopped their horses.
Guo Feng stretched out his hand beside the carriage and gently knocked on the window of the carriage. "The Chief’s adult with the master car is coming in person."
Said Guo Feng walked quickly to the front. Although he had never seen the chief, he still knew the chief officer.