This guy’s hand iron bar has just been lifted and kicked by Chen Hu. The iron bar has hit his temple. This guy didn’t even hum. He fell to the ground like a piece of wood.

"If you don’t attack, it’s my turn."
Zhouyi said to the poor egg that shrank slightly in front of him
Then Zhouyi flashed out. First, he kicked off the poor egg’s iron bar, and then he punched the poor egg in the abdomen with a Wing Chun.
The poor egg was accidentally rolled aside and knocked unconscious by Zhouyi.
The 3k gang saw that Zhouyi and Chen Hu were so strong that many people were afraid. They had seen that they could fight, but they had never seen that they could beat ten bruisers so easily. It was simply unheard of and unheard of.
None of the younger brothers of the 3k gang dared to rush out alone to find abuse in front of Zhouyi and Chen Hu. At this time, even stupidity came out. These two men are superior and the force value is amazing.
"That is to say, martial arts master? Can they be one against ten or one against a hundred? "
I was worried that Qian Siqi was a little calm at this time. She took Zhouyi and Chen Hu and easily solved the strange idea of ten 3k people.
If Qian Siqi can recognize one person at ordinary times, he can beat two or three people at most.
But she just went to Zhouyi and Chen Hu, but it was like a stunt in the movie, because Zhouyi and Chen Hu won easily like playing, so her concept changed, and now she has some hope in her heart. She thinks that these two people may really save her out.
Zhouyi and Chen Hu are tough. Everyone has their own thoughts, but they are all shocked. Chapter 69 is to die.
"One-eyed Wolf, what are you still doing? These two people are hard-working and speeding to help people. I will personally stare at you to get rid of these two people. How right are you? Do you have a gun?"
Fat Joseph was the first to react. After Zhou Yi knocked the poor egg out, his horse cried angrily.
"Mr. Joseph, I didn’t bring my gun or I would have shot those two babies!"
The one-eyed wolf replied
"Then bring more brothers and beat them up. We should solve them as soon as possible. If things drag on for too long, I’m afraid those people who just left will call the police. We just arrived in San Francisco and don’t have a conflict with the police for the time being."
Joseph continued to shout, and now he was in a hurry
The one-eyed wolf responded with a Ma Chong’s own hand and shouted, "Narrow the encirclement and come out. Fifty people are not afraid of death and kill these two guys with me. We 3k gang can’t capsize here, otherwise we will have no face to go out and mix up."
The one-eyed wolf came out first, but everyone behind him was concerned about narrowing the encirclement and surrounding the speeding gang, but few people followed out. The 3k gang was already a little afraid and stronger than Zhouyi and Chen Hu, and was unwilling to go to war and die.
"His mother mixed underworld also afraid of death? Come out if you are not afraid of death! "
The one-eyed wolf cringed at his hand and was very angry. The horse cursed because it was the first time for him to encounter such a thing. If the former 3k gang had not been afraid of anyone,
But this time is an exception. The former 3k gang was arrogant in front of others because their opponents were not strong enough, but now they have met Zhouyi and Chen Hu, which is different.
Many 3k people bowed their heads, and nearly 200 people were frightened by two people. No one believed it when they told it, but it was the truth.
Because even if they can kill Zhouyi and Chen Hu with a large number of people, their own side will suffer heavy losses, at least dozens of casualties, and they are likely to be one of the unfortunate casualties
Therefore, they are all timid, preferring to narrow the encirclement and help people fight with flying cars rather than face the two powerhouses of Zhouyi and Chen Hu.
"You, you, you … come out!"
One-eyed Wolf Nai is so direct that whoever he points to will fight with him!
One-eyed Wolf One-eyed braved the fierce light and was ordered by him. Although he didn’t want to, he had to come out. Because the one-eyed wolf was a vicious guy, anyone who didn’t listen to him was bound to be punished by the rules and even directly executed.
Soon the one-eyed wolf gathered 50 people and a tiger surrounded Zhouyi and Chen Hu.
"Wow, it’s so cool that there is such a man in this world who is fierce and famous for his 3k gang. They are all afraid of those two people, and the one-eyed wolf is almost mad."
Alice smiled at this scene, and she was a bit of a nymphomaniac.
"By big miss not like the two men a? So I don’t have a chance? It will be miserable to rob a wife with such two fierce people. "
William almost danced to Alice and thought to himself.
William likes Alice very much, so he works very hard and knows how to please the gang leader. Franceston once thought about betrothing his daughter to William, but Alice has never been interested in William, and William often gets angry.
"Miss, do we want to take the opportunity to kill out? Now Cyclops has identified 50 people to deal with those two powerful figures. The 3k gang surrounded us and there are not many more people than us. We will protect you and go back to headquarters to move reinforcements."
William said to Alice
"It’s not urgent. Besides, if the 3k gang doesn’t start work on us, we won’t start work. It’s best to wait for these two tough men to settle the 3k gang and these fifty people. It’s hard for Joseph to ride a tiger then. Wouldn’t it be much easier for us to kill them again?"
Alice wanted to think and said
"Big Miss Ying"
William hurriedly said
While William and Alice were talking quietly, Cyclops had surrounded Zhouyi and Chen Hu with people.
"3k help Cyclops what’s the name of the two of you? Since you are in charge of our 3k gang, you have to leave a name. "
Cyclops pointed to Zhouyi first and said that although he had one eye, his observation ability was good. He had already come out, and Zhouyi and Chen Hu were the first.
"The name is just a code name. Why do you ask so many questions? I said that there’s nothing wrong with the two of us. You bully girls and want to mind your own business. If you let Qian Siqi go, we’ll leave! "