It took some time to enter the ice valley and found an ice cave, which was the only exit of the valley, and it was like a mountain in Wan Ren before it was blocked.

Because Lu Li tried to find that this mountain has great repulsion, he can choose to give up because his skill is about tens of feet high
The only way out is to explore the ice cave.
Entering the way, a deep and lengthy tunnel in an ice cave finally leaves the ground, which makes him feel relieved and can’t help but rub it, feeling a little stiff and cold.
Stay away from goodbye to blood suddenly one leng doubt way "this is human blood? Is it because my palm is frozen and cracked? "
If the onlookers see this situation, they will be frightened, but although they are confused, they can’t remember it
Chapter one hundred and one Familiar with memories
In this way, after a while, he chose to move on. The scene before him was very similar to the previous experience, but he forgot something because he was far away, so he went on with a grain of salt.
Now that the road can retreat, just don’t look back.
There is still a hill ahead, but it is a little higher than the one before, and the cloud cover behind this hill is filled with thick ice fog and snow, and it is impossible to climb this mountain in the distance.
This situation is strikingly similar before. Crossing the hill and facing the rugged ice valley, then passing through the underground tunnel of the ice cave, there is another snow mountain in front!
The second time I saw this scene, Lu Li was suddenly shocked. He suddenly remembered a piece of inspiration from Master Chu Yun!
The passage "Seeing a mountain is a mountain looking at water, but not water and mountains meet." This passage is very unusual, and it is a feeling for practitioners to see the truth and the truth from their hearts.
His left hand clenched slightly, and he felt that his strength was very scarce. He was barely as powerful as a martial arts man with one punch.
This is because Lu Li pays attention to penance and he has never been weak in practicing boxing.
If it is like some gas refining practitioners, although the gas refining channel is deep, once the true qi is exhausted, some gas refining practitioners are very tied up, and the appearance is normal.
But Lu Li suddenly smiled mysteriously and said to himself, "Do these mysterious mutations want me to sink?"
If you are fearless, and if you are reckless and extreme, you will climb over a snowy mountain and keep moving forward.
In the eyes of the secular people, he has long been regarded as an immortal who can’t escape from heaven and earth, but he knows that even his disciples have too many ways to do things.
One mountain after another has turned over and left himself, and even though he is strong, there is no difference in reshaping the original body, but he still feels tired and hungry.
If you don’t destroy the monks, you can easily break through the valley. What’s worse, it’s a heavenly repair?
But now he can’t help but smile bitterly when he feels hungry in his belly.
He breathed a sigh of relief. It’s ice and snow here, not to mention food. Even a little bit of life is in the shadows. After seeing that the sky was buried by the snow and the thick ice cloud was hidden,
The extinction of vitality is very consistent with Fang Han’s original’ ice eats the heavens’ unique blow, which made the land leave a memory.
This memory doesn’t matter, but the whole person looks more awake for a few minutes, because although he doesn’t know it, many memories are missing, which makes him more vigilant
"This place may be able to devour the monk’s memory. Maybe this is a scam-"
Lu Li muttered something to himself. This time, he temporarily stepped back towards the exit of the ice valley tunnel.
Unexpectedly, a violent snowstorm suddenly appeared, and the earth shook, and the wind and snow roared and buried the export ice and snow.
Retreat can move forward again.
But Lu Li has already noticed and made a judgment at this time. If he moves on, his memory is likely to be completely broken and dissipated.
"Hey, Aly, if you believe it, it will not work if you don’t believe it!"
A charming girl’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear.
He felt very familiar with the sound of Lu Li leng, as if it had branded his soul, which made him suddenly look around with a tingle.