Nai and painful shaking little head LengLing a hug Ye Han arms tears ran down the cheek to Ye Han cheek mouth approximate SOB said

Ye Han wry smile without a struggle so lying LengLing arms brimming with cold in the heart arteries and veins bite heartache for a long time without words.
After a long time, Leng Ling loosened Ye Han and then shook his head. His lip immediately decided to say, "Don’t worry, no matter what I do, I will find a way to relieve your pain. Brother Han, sit still!"
Ye Hanwen immediately looked at a face of sincerity and pain. Leng Lingnai shook his head and said, "I don’t want this, so you will affect that inflammatory gas by forcibly running your body!"
The 93rd world touches the cold.
Ye Han grabbed Lengling’s hands to stop her from moving. Only then did he say, "Sister Ling, I know you want to help me, but if you suffer the same torture because of helping me, I’d rather not have your help!"
Say that finish Ye Han was ready to centrifugal vein condition no longer accept cold ling help, but don’t want to just when he turned around, a pair of Sandy jade hands split up and pointed out his shoulders.
At the moment when the strength of two fingers touched Ye Han’s shoulders, a light flashed at the same time, and then two lights went into Ye Han’s body conveniently.
"Cold brother, whether you really loved me or not, I really loved you. As you say, I will protect you!"
Lengling smiled indifferently and immediately held Ye Han to sit up behind him. Immediately, he let go. Press Ye Han’s shoulders and fingers and finally put his hands close to Ye Han’s back.
Road vitality along the cold ling palm into the Ye Han body soon two people’s body is a tremor at the same time, followed by both sides are embedded in a thick layer of ice.
Both sides in the ice layer did not move, and their palms clung to the back of Ye Han and continuously transported their vitality into Ye Han’s body.
As the vitality enters Ye Han’s posture, I feel that the cold in my body is slowly returning to normal, but it is not so natural in Lengling’s perception.
For Ye Han, the body cold is slowly calming down, but for Ling Ling, it is because of forced exercise that the body is calm, inflammation and cold are mutually excluded again.
On the surface, this crowding out seems to have not changed much, but Lengling knows that once two completely different breath bodies crowd out each other, it will be followed by inflammation and cold eating each other.
If the body is swallowed up by two smells at the same time, the pain she will face will be Ye Han’s double at this time. If it is not properly solved, it will be a collapse in the face of Lengling.
Ye Han naturally didn’t want LengLing to make moves again because he knew what was at stake. Before making moves, LengLing was in pain. Now it’s the same again, and the result is still the same.
But he didn’t know that although he tried his best to stop all this, he still couldn’t stop success, and she knew that the pain that Lengling had to bear would increase exponentially as her own pain decreased.
After a long time, the thick ice around Ye Han’s body melted, while the ice around Lengling’s body remained the same.
With the gradual dissolution of the ice in the whole body, Ye Han felt that his body cold gradually returned to normal, but at the moment, Lengling was still suffering from pain in the ice.
Seeing that Lengling’s face in the ice is getting worse and worse, Ye Han really wants to share a thing or two for her, but he can’t find a way to share it.
Time passed quickly, and when the day passed, it was gradually dim outside. In a room somewhere in the inn, Yan Xin had already cried her eyes a little red and swollen.
"Cold brother, you can’t die!"
On this day, the tears of inflammation and joy were occasionally mixed with a painful word, which never stopped until the sky was dim.
The night has come so quickly, but it is also very long. Ye Han’s heart has obviously stayed for more than a day, but with the passage of time and Russia, it is now close to night.
"Sister Ling, why are you so stupid!" Seeing the cold face in the ice is full of pain, Ye Han can’t help but feel sad and tears can’t stop flowing.
However, as the night approached, a strange scene happened, and the ice layer at Lengling suddenly broke. This scene fell into Ye Han’s eyes, which was the most gratifying thing.
With the diversion of cold ice at night, the ice has disappeared, but she has not woken up immediately. At this time, her eyes are still closed and her face is full of pain.
Seeing this Ye Hanyuan, the joy suddenly vanished and turned into a face of worry, looking at Lengling, but also afraid to disturb her for fear of disturbing her to rest.
For a long time passed, Leng Dexiao still didn’t wake up, but seeing that her face was obviously less painful than before, Ye Han finally relaxed a little in his heart.
It was just before dawn that something moved. She slowly waved her arms as if she had stopped her vitality and then opened her eyes.
After waking up, Ye Han didn’t look away from Lengling’s face. Now Lengling opened his eyes. He naturally knew it for the first time and knew that Lengling had passed this painful torture now.
"Ling elder sister are you awake? Just now, it really scared me to death. I also "Ye Han jumped into Lengling’s arms and then a face of surprise."
"What do you mean, are you and me dead?" Listen to Ye Hanyan Lengling instant then smiled and interrupted him later way
Ye Han was startled when he heard this, but he listened to Lengling’s charming smile again. "Brother Han, I told you that you can’t leave me in this life, and I won’t die so easily!"
After listening to Lengling’s words, Ye Hanxin immediately looked at a face of banter and Lengling decided to nod his head. "Okay, okay, I promise you I won’t leave you!"
Said Ye Han then lay still in Lengling’s arms, closed her eyes slightly and catnap for a while, but Lengling naturally didn’t say anything, so she quietly held Ye Han.
"Brother Han, will you promise me that if your gentle sister really marries someone else, you must not be too sad!"
After a long time, Lengling picked up Ye Han from his arms and then gently touched his face with a serious face and said to him
Ye Han leng leng neither nodded nor shook his head, but in his heart he kept thinking about whether he should make a choice. One was to grow up with his pro-Mei Zhuma, and the other was to do everything he could to protect himself, Zhou Lengling.
It is difficult for him to choose one of these two good people who are also very kind to himself, no matter which one he chooses, it will hurt the other.
Naturally, he also thought that if he really chose, he would be forced to choose two, although it was a fancy move, but it was also the only choice
Only by doing so can we do it without hurting Ye Rou or Lengling, but now it seems that he has lost confidence in this idea.
Judging from the incident that Ye Rou met earlier yesterday, Ye Han’s heartache has not lost his rational foundation. He soon thought that Ye Rou must have some compelling reasons to treat himself like this.
Ye Han is trying to understand what secrets are hidden in the book, so why should a pair of people who really love each other suffer such a heavy blow?
There are also those elders who knew everything before Xingyuan City, and none of them are willing to tell themselves the truth. Even today, they don’t know what this matter is all about!
See Ye Han silent LengLing heart naturally can’t help but move but didn’t say anything, then gently hug Ye Han in your arms again for a long time immersed in this short gathering.