"It doesn’t hurt anymore," the child said stubbornly, but his face twitched slightly, and it was still painful.

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Zhang Tao’s hand gently touched his wound. The child wanted to avoid "Don’t be afraid", but Zhang Taoyin didn’t hide from Zhang Tao’s hand.
"It’s so comfortable and cold, little monster. Do you have magic in your hands?" Zhang Tao’s ice qi helps children relax muscles and promote blood circulation. It would have taken a week to recover from the injury and they would have recovered in a day.
Zhang Tao smiled and shook his head "what magic? It’s just my heart for you. "
"It really doesn’t hurt anymore, sister. Look at grandpa. Look," the child skipped happily.
The old man was cooking while Teana looked at Zhang Tao with a complicated face. "Don’t thank Gong?"
"Thank you, Xiao Guai". The child shook Zhang Tao’s hand happily. "Don’t thank me. It’s not my credit." Zhang Tao felt a little strange when he saw Teana’s face and eyes. "What did she find? Impossible? "
Soon the food was ready, and a sumptuous and delicious meal had a special flavor. Zhang Tao patted his belly contentedly and then went outside for a walk.
The moonlight is dim and the stars are vaguely dim. The weather is not very good tonight. "Thank you for your kindness today." Zhang Tao didn’t expect Teana to say such things to himself.
"What kindness? I don’t know what you said. "Actually, Zhang Tao doesn’t want to expose himself.
Teana doesn’t dwell on this problem, but tells her own story. Since she was a child, she was born crying and full of her baby’s lack of influence.
Generally speaking, baby crying has a disturbing feeling, but the music of nature makes people feel peaceful. This is a characteristic endowed by heaven, but it will be abandoned by local people because of disaster. If it is not picked up by the old man in Xiacun, it will have disappeared.
I don’t know when Zhang Tao and Teana have been sitting side by side. Teana didn’t ask Zhang Tao everything. Zhang Tao is a listener. It turns out that this girl who brings optimism and laughter to the villagers hides so much nai and sadness in her heart.
"There is a curved moon in the distant night. Where is the curved moon surface? There is a beautiful girl next to the small bridge. Her song brings you a dream day." I don’t know if it’s because the nature likes to sing. Zhang Tao sang a song a little after nine days.
Although Zhang Tao’s songs are not very beautiful, such beautiful tunes make up for Zhang Tao’s shortcomings. So nice? " Teana was surprised.
Dongyue mainland songs are very monotonous. Although some people can turn monotonous music into beautiful sounds, it is difficult to make up for the lack of music.
Zhang Tao’s curved moon makes up for the shortage of Dongyue mainland, and makes the music like singing shine at the moment. "The name of this song is Meniscus Dream!" Zhang Tao smiled indifferently.
"It tells that it is a beautiful girl whose singing voice brings joy to the villagers and makes them forget the tired face of the day. Only by laughing and laughing, I will give you this song." Zhang Tao said this in order to make Teana forget her worries.
"Thank you, Gong. Although I don’t know your name, Teana won’t forget you." Say that finish, Teana will gently put a cicada’s head on Zhang Tao’s broad shoulder face to reveal a long-lost relaxed smile, and then the song just sung by Zhang Tao will dance melodiously from her mouth.
If Zhang Tao’s imperfect voice singing the perfect tone is an expression and an infection, then the perfect voice singing the perfect song is a resonance and a dream.
Although it is the first time to sing, but because of the joy in my heart, my heart is relaxed and sublimated, and the song "Moon Dream" is brought to the extreme.
After a thrilling day, everyone heard a song that they had never heard before in bed. Singing this song in the mouth of nature is better than bringing more novelty and enjoyment to everyone.
Soon the villagers all smiled sweetly and fell asleep, and the heavenly people also smiled sweetly and then gradually fell asleep.
Only Zhang Tao was still immersed in the beautiful music just now and felt the weight of her shoulders. Zhang Tao sighed slightly, "What a good girl."
In this way, Zhang Tao and Teana sat here quietly until dawn.
Teana woke up only to find that she had slept by Zhang Tao for a night and her face turned slightly red. "I’m sorry Teana was too tired yesterday."
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Chapter 319 Come again
Chapter 319 Come again
Seeing Teana blushing slightly, Zhang Tao smiled because she was blindfolded and Teana couldn’t see "It doesn’t matter, let’s go home".
Calm days don’t seem to be too long in the past. The original Zhang Tao scared Yue Danxue away. On the one hand, he was oppressed by strength, but he was emotional and sensible.
Although the mysterious gas valley is high, it can’t ignore the lives of Xiacun people. Zhang Tao will tactfully say that it is difficult for Xiacun people to live without nature.