"It feels good to strengthen your strength!" Up, Zhang stretched out all over "scratching", and the joints sounded crisp and very clear.

At the moment, Zhang Yang is looking for Wu Yu. He has crossed his legs in the direction of 20 meters away and sat with his forehead sweating and his eyes closed.
Suddenly, Wu Yu’s heart burst into flames.
"No! I just broke through Xiaoyan, and it’s really a good thing to break through! " Zhang Yangxin way and then he in situ note Wu Yu breakthrough …
In about half an hour, Wu Yu broke through to another star, and whether he reached that star or not, Zhang didn’t know his strong senses, but he still didn’t come out. Little girl has a lot of secrets!
At this time, Zhang has recalled three hundred tentacles covered with scales and devouring spirit, and put on a new suit. The original clothes have long been broken by his body rushing out of the tentacles.
Wu Yu slowly opened his eyes and stared at Zhang’s beautiful curved eyebrows. "The big bastard broke through a star and swallowed a hundred meters, which can even engulf my body. Now spit it out and spit it out! And how dare you hit me at that time? No! I want revenge Chapter 34 The abyss of murder
Chapter 34 The abyss of murder
"This … let me rub it for you!" Zhang embarrassed way he also remembered just now will Wu Yu stun things this can’t explain! Then, while walking towards Zhang Yang, I changed the subject and said, "It’s always a big scene for me to break through. Are you lost because you little fool don’t stay far away?"
"You are lost!" Wu Yu got up and pouted. "You always break through after being injured. It’s a monster. I’m afraid you’ll be chopped up before you break through the scope … hum!"
"I haven’t come back, but you sucked away half of the yuan. If we had an enemy at that time, we would all be finished! If it weren’t for this star-rated breakthrough, I would definitely beat you up first. It’s so hateful that I can swallow you up! "
"Don’t be angry! Hug! " Zhang came to the front of Wu Yu, stretched out his arms and said with a smile [] This is not clear, so it is better to come to the warmth offensive.
"Don’t hug me what to hug you who are you? Smelly! " Wu Yubai took one look at Zhang, but his eyes were glad but he betrayed her.
"Little girl Doby, you" see Wu Yu want to come over but pretend to be a so-called sample. Yang Xin feels interesting and then pretend to be disappointed. "That’s all right! I’ll go first! "
After that, he will turn around, but the step is too small and he squints at the little girl. The cheating skill is terrible.
"live!" Wu Yu rushed into Zhang’s arms as soon as he was in a hurry, fearing that Zhang would leave.
When the soft and charming body entered the arms, Zhang Yang lost his amused mind, and a sense of satisfaction and happiness spread from the bottom of his heart to the whole heart.
I forget all the pain, and I’m not so wronged when I beat myself up. When I have a little girl, my heart seems to have a warm-hearted person to rely on.
"Don’t go, I, I don’t want you to go." Wu Yu buried all his little brains in Zhang Yanghuai’s excitement.
She is also out of Zhang Yang’s outfit, but when she thinks that Zhang Yang has been knocked down again and again, her heart is in pain and she throws herself into that embrace, which she really wants to be the safest embrace now.
Lose the past, be reserved and shy, and would rather let the fool make fun of her again, and she will throw herself into the arms that make her happy.
Zhang Yang stroked the hair behind the little girl and smiled. "If you don’t leave, you will never leave. It’s all a lie. How long have I slept?"
"Not long ago, you were knocked unconscious by Yinghong until midnight," Wu Yu said.
Then she Zhang Yanghuai squeezed her little head and said again, "This is our test. Ying Hong didn’t want to kill us, but wanted to exercise our tacit understanding. Don’t blame him, and he gave me a six-magic pill."
"Six magic! So high! Isn’t that the innate strong people cherish things? " Zhang surprised way
Wu Yu said, "Don’t worry about it. Anyway, it’s nothing to organize treasures far more than you expected. You just eat this magic pill and wake up. It’s cold outside. Let’s go home!"
She didn’t think of the nine deep and remote king, and she didn’t think of taking out her blood. Instead, it added pressure to Zhang.
"Then go back!" Zhang with a thick doubt way
He knows that it is absolutely wrong for him to get such a good magic pill, and he also feels a lot of Wu Yu Jingxue, which contains extremely yin and extremely vigorous life. Of course, he is most familiar with it often.
He often devours JingXie. Of course, he knows this most about JingXie, which is a great doubt. But when he remembered that he was rescued by Wu Yu, it was also puzzling. Zhang stopped asking Wu Yu if he wanted to say that he didn’t ask, and he would tell him that he didn’t want to say that he asked for nothing.
Wu Yuzhan’s arms are very close to Zhang Yang’s neck and heart. "When I came out, I carried you back. Now I want you to carry me back. I’m so tired."
Now Wu Yu finds himself more and more fond of being hugged by Zhang Yang, feeling that every time he has a thick chest, he doesn’t worry about the long journey and Ann is really beautiful and practical.
"good!" Zhang skillfully stretched out his hand and hugged my girl, laughing and walked into the jungle.
"Well … don’t blame your hands!"
"How beautiful! And I have grown up recently! "
"The big pervert didn’t grow up."
"If you touch it here, it will be more beautiful."
"I don’t!"