However, it shouldn’t be that simple. Three thousand years ago, the seal broke and liu er rushed out, which caused a lot of casualties to the genuine goods from the mountain.

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Little phase liu said, "It was only at the beginning of the mountain that the first generation of brothers in Lishan practiced a few armor. Could it be that they were weak from the mountain at that time, which made the killing of the monkey too strong?"
"It’s possible, but it still doesn’t make sense. Several bodhi old zu returned to the mountains without flying fairy. Their means and knowledge will never be sent. They will spend great energy to help the townspeople rebuild the seal, which shows that they think liu er is a disaster! Can let that a few think it’s’ evil’ things even hard to find "willy shook his head and continued" KuangNan wild that ancient battlefield war is fierce, to seven saints to help; Liu er’s ferocity, which lurked in the east before, even the twin cities were occupied by them; Su Jing has met two liu er immortals, the former with a ghost and the latter with a great loss of strength, but it is also the fairy who is really strong before and after, which shows that liu er is not idle. "
It’s an honor for anyone who hears of the three corpses saying serious things once in a while.
From the past, it can be seen that liu er’s strength will never be bad, maybe not as good as that of Middle-earth, but it will never be too bad. So Su Jing asked for a spin and came back. Wang Jing was so bad?
At this time, there was a guarding city "Xia Erlang" who reported that it was Yan Bo who called the city to see the teacher.
Soon after the end of the challenge, Yan Bo came to the division, which was his only hope. He didn’t dare not try to curry favor with him, but when he came, his son-in-law took his emperor Ji back to the palace to do "serious things". Little phase liu asked Fang to wait outside the city and forget him.
Yan Bo waited for a long time and couldn’t help asking Xia Erlang to inform Fang that the tiger had lived in the official position for a long time and knew that the little devil was difficult. He didn’t wait for money, but Xia Erlang said, "Remember to bring some fresh flesh and blood when you come next time."
Yan Bo repeatedly should …
Sue’s scenic spot leader ordered Yan Bo to come in, but I didn’t listen to her figure. She changed into a male costume with a green scarf, a green robe and a green belt, but she didn’t hide her face. Anyone can see her daughter’s house at a glance.
I changed my costume and didn’t listen to the crowd. Little phase liu occupied Tang Guo’s position. Xia Lishan is a basket case. I’m weak, delicate and beautiful. I’m not going to go back to practice for the time being. I have to follow the public.
Did Tang Guo take a look and turn around to serve Xia Gong on the other side of Su Jing? Phase liu Jr. is not out of his mind and won’t curry favor with this job, but this trip is interesting and his identity is interesting. It’s a great show, and Hydra can’t bear to leave this station.
Yan Yan Bo was brought into the Xia family mansion to meet the sugar man, and there was another beautiful page and a bald baby. It was amazing that the people around him kept popping up, but asking more questions was absolutely not respectful to Su Jing. "I made a name for myself in the first world war in the snowy plains" and "Linling City is transparent and looks at the four corners of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and it is hard to find a blessed place".
After listening to a few words, I saw the other party say something tasteless. Xia Lishan smiled and interrupted, "Wang Jing died at my hands. Does he deserve to die?"
Yan Bo got a fright, but there was no stranger who was cruel and gritted his teeth and nodded. "Offending all the teachers deserves to die! Wang Jing deserved to die! "
The beautiful page, who is new here to serve the public, patted his bag and pulled out a pen and paper to copy the sentence of Yan Yanbo into a square plate and held it in front of the count. He spoke and asked him to sign it.
I didn’t really come out today, but I’ve been exploring this for a long time. When Su Jing was studying Chinese, she also learned a line of words to write neatly and beautifully.
If you dare to sign this pledge, Yan Bo’s face is white, and he wants to withdraw his resistance, but he is really at a loss to find an excuse. Fortunately, the paper in the tray suddenly burns and turns to ashes. The handsome page smiles and smiles. "If you don’t pledge, you will say that my family is in poor health. Please be compassionate and talk more about business when you waste less."
After that, he returned to the sugar man’s side and wiped his forehead with cold sweat. His heart was white and he was away from the mountain, and all the powerful people.
"This time, an audience with the teacher is the most important of the three things. There are eyes that have offended the teacher. Please ask your adult for a lot …"
It is also nonsense to plead guilty and apologize. Su Jing directly said "the second thing."
"The second thing is that the official is entrusted by the people …" Fang Zhihu immediately turned to the topic. "Do you remember that I once said that Xueyuan beat the armor bureau and A bet on Xueyuan Seven?"
The nobleman surnamed Zhayu participated in this game, and after seven days of buying the snowfield, he was incompetent and was condemned by the court to property and demoted to Shu Ren. Su Jing remembered this and laughed. "Congratulations to Mr. Zhayi for winning this game."
Yan Bo shook his head. "Winning is winning, but wealth is still out of the question … Surname Zhaxian status wants to beg for a bet, but it’s not a bit overreaching."
After the name of Zhaguang was called Zhaguang’s victim, he didn’t even qualify for the fall of the capital. He moved to the summer and settled in poverty, but he was also calm. He also came to watch the snow field this time just to watch the excitement, but he didn’t expect to win.
When you are not beating, Zhaguang occasionally dreams that he won this game, but because he doesn’t believe it, his heart is very white, even if he really wins, he can’t go to gamble. That’s death, but it’s true that Xia Erlang won the championship and he won a great fortune. The greed in his heart immediately swelled up and he didn’t want to give up.
Don’t give up and dare not be miserable. In Zhaguang, winning is much more painful than losing. If you look again, you will find that the sugar man in White Crow City is incredible. Please ask the immortal ancestors to cut the prince of the dynasty, and don’t even look at the emperor … And the sugar man seems to think highly of Yan Bo.
The opportunity of wealth is always in front of us. Don’t say that even if you win 20% to 30%, it will be enough for the rich to be deprived of the official position. I’m sorry that my ancestors fought for a wealth and less to protect Sun Cheng, but everything will be ruined … Have to be a life? I’m not worth my life now.
On the Han people’s control of people or their spiritual intelligence people have "three corpses" in their bodies, and the desire of the three corpses to control people is not simply "want this and that". They are all very clever, and their owners can always find all kinds of glamorous excuses, so their desire becomes generosity.
Yan Bo continued, "Come to me after you beat me, and hope that the teacher can make decisions to get back the bet won in the first game. If it can be done, I hope that half of the proceeds will be filial to you. The old official thinks that this is not a bad thing, but it is daring …"
It’s already done. I need to talk about it again. I’ll draw a tiger at the head of Suzhou scenic spot immediately.
Su Jing is very interested. "Please ask me to pay for it? Aren’t you afraid I’ll swallow it all after I come? "
There is no need to say more about the scene of "Zhaguang said he was willing to fight this time", and Yan Bo directly gave the other party’s original words.
The three corpses all thought it was a good deal, and Mr. You Chi-mu’s eyes were red with blood when he heard the word "asking for money", but he didn’t forget to ask Yan Bo, "How much can I give you?"
Yan Bo truthfully replied, "He didn’t ask me how much I wanted. I should say,’ Let’s see if the teacher will help you first.’ I didn’t dare to trace back to the past from the teacher. When the family was powerful, I took care of the ancients. What I did in this matter was just to speak for me and move my mouth. If it was done, it would give me a heavy gift, but multiple officials would not care about it."
Su Jing was noncommittal and simply asked, "When the first game closed, everyone who placed bets should have a contract, right?"
"Yes, Mr. Zha Guang told me that he was carrying it with him." Seeing that the teacher’s words were loose, there was a smile in his tone.
Taking a fair hand to collect debts, Su Jing decided to take this job with the words "making people uncomfortable". In his mouth, he asked again, "Is it money to seal bets?" Is there a treasure of instruments? "
"There must be, but how many and what treasures are there? I don’t know if I want to know the details. I’ll ask you to plunge into the crow … Linling City to see it."
Su’s scenic spot leader agreed that Yan Bo would step back a few steps, half turn around and let go of the spirit message to call Zhaguang to meet him.
Yan Bo came to Su Jing for three things: pleading guilty and asking for forgiveness, and being entrusted to collect accounts. After that, Su Jing asked, "Is there anything else?"
Fang painted a tiger with a respectful face, and his words became gorgeous again. He dared not say too much. After a few words of praise, he dared to get out of the business-dear!
His sister Fang Fangmao kissed Tang Guo, a sugar man, a consort of his teacher.
Yan Bo’s move is of course to tie the ancient Fang Fang and his teacher together more firmly, but it can’t be said that he has been dependent on each other since childhood, and Fang Fang, the only relative, is reluctant to sell Fang Fang’s cat and hope that she can marry Tang Guo.
Because the White Crow Sugar Man was born, it fell, and the Fang family offended the Manchu dynasty, which became more and more stormy.
Fang painted a white tiger. If the teacher is true, he still has hope for life. If the teacher is false, the Fang family will be finished and die properly. When the Tang Dynasty turns against them, where will it be dedicated to protecting them?
But no matter whether the teacher is true or not, they are all really busy and powerful vicious figures. My sister can really talk to Tang Guo about the future situation. It is better to have a strong and superior guardian around him than to follow his brother-it may be even bigger to marry Tang Guo’s real sister. Teacher’s fake sister has more chances to live.
To be a brother, you always need a younger sister to make a plan. It is not wrong to be wrong, but the best choice for Fangjia’s current situation.
Su Jing doesn’t make decisions for phase liu, and he can’t do it. The hydra turned his eyes to phase liu and asked with a smile, "What about you?"
Little phase liu’s answer is very familiar. He asked Yan Bo, "Can your sister eat?"
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Time of Destiny
Yan Bo suddenly shook his head with sweat on his forehead. "Never make it …"
Opposite Su Jing waved to Xiao phase liu, "You don’t lack this bite, don’t always want to eat" and then turned around and smiled at Yan Bo. "Don’t worry that Tang Guo loves to eat people but won’t kill Miss Fang at random … I think it’s good."
When I heard the flowers, I was crossed. "You look good, so marry her!"
Red eyes are like fire. "How do the ancients calculate the dowry of marrying their sisters?"
Willy eyes half closed "two fairy home za don’t say short words in front of ying people"
Don’t mention concubinage in front of the daughter-in-law. It’s shocking to wake up the other two people. I wonder if that beautiful page beside Xia Lishan is really so heartless and smiling and beautiful.
The three muddy people will not let Su Jing ignore the three corpses if they seize the opportunity of booing. "Miss Fang can come to visit me in Linling City at any time when she is free. If she wants to have a picnic, she might as well call me Tang Guo. They are all hillbillies from Xueyuan, hoping to have a chance to look around and learn."
It’s not a blind date and marriage. It’s great that everyone can get along well with each other as acquaintances, but it’s great if you can’t grow up with that idea and have a friend friendship in the end. It’s great to draw a tiger’s nod and agree. At the same time, you can seriously say, "Teacher and Master Tang are so dazzling that you can see that some young ladies in my sister have a temper, but please learn from me that Fang Fang cats are like this. It’s all my fault that my brother, alas, has a thin family since childhood, so I have protected her and let her be too arrogant … But Fang Fangmao
Get along with the white crow sugar man all the way. What’s the hot sex? Bo knows about it. He must explain this to Bai Su Jingbai. He means to laugh. "Put one hundred and twenty hearts. Tang Guo will never eat Miss Fang."
It seems that the master did all the work, but it was Su Jingkou’s little girl who came to phase liu to ask for a "safe". phase liu was too lazy to talk nonsense and nodded "rest assured"
At this time, Xia Erlang, the gatekeeper, informed that a man named Zhayu had come to inquire for him outside the door.
Zhaguang didn’t go far. He stayed away from the fire city for a while and waited for news. He came immediately after receiving the hot news.