Is to deal with one mountain city in Yun Fan Zhao theory do too much, even if it is to kill Yun Fan, it is Yun Fan’s personal vendetta.

Yun Fan’s grievances are personal and will never be involved in his family.
There are three strong men in Zhao’s family who participated in the action of encircling and killing Yun Fan. Yun Fan’s heart is full of murder against those three strong men.
But if the mountain city Zhao moved Yun Fan’s family!
That’s tantamount to touching Yun Fan’s lamella. It’s no longer a personal feud but a family feud
Yun Fan’s murder is no longer only aimed at a few strong people with five qi and North Korea.
Father Yun Fan, if anything happens to the Zhao family in Shancheng … The blood will become a river!
At this time, Yun Fan’s strength on the top of the earth will not panic even if it is angry in the heart. With Taishan collapsing in front of him, it will not change color.
His communicator dialed another number, the number of his sister Yunxuan.
Di … Get through soon.
Yunxuan: "Brother, you are back. If you don’t come back, your father will be finished!"
Yun Fan "dad is the mountain city zhao caught you and mom? Didn’t I ask Zhonghai Qujia to protect you? What happened? "
Yunxuan: "My mother and I are in no danger. Now the Zhao family in the mountain city can’t find you, so they want to arrest us and force you to come out. The master of the Zhao family in the mountain city stopped us and said that the Zhao family in the mountain city won’t let it go. Dad didn’t agree that even if he died, he would die. Yuecheng Yunjia’s mother took me to the home in the sea, and then his father was taken away by the Zhao family in the mountain city … They released all the videos of beating his father and said that if you didn’t show up, he would kill his father!"
Yunxuan choked with grief.
Yun Fan smell speech fire emit three zhangs.
Yun Fan "Well, Xiaoxuan, don’t cry. My brother is back. It’s the end of the Zhao family in the mountain city. Tell your mother not to worry. I’ll save my father."
Yunxuan: "Mom got sick after watching the video of her father being beaten. I won’t tell her first. Come back to mom after you save her father. Mom, it’s a heart disease. It’s better if your father is ill and your mother is ill."
Yun Fan’s eyes were sour. "Xiaoxuan, you take good care of your mother. I’ll go to the mountain city of Zhao and wait for my good news now."
Yun Fan’s eyes are full of anger and flames, revealing the horror and murder.
Yun Fan immediately took out six times the speed of sound aircraft and hurried to the mountain city of Zhao.
Six times the speed of sound, the aircraft flies for one second, about two kilometers, about four miles.
Yun Fan is about 1,300 miles away from the first-class city Shancheng, and it takes more than 300 seconds and five minutes for the speed of a six-speed aircraft.
Zhao Wanxing, the master of the mountain city, immediately went to Guangcheng Fengjia, Shencheng Fanjia and Zhonghai Zhengjia after knowing the news of Yun Fan.
Last May.
Yun Fan was besieged and killed by Zhao, Feng, Fan and Zheng, four first-class families and ten strong men with five qi and Chao Yuan, and it has become a life-and-death enemy.
Either Yun Fan dies.
Or they will die in the Yuan dynasty.
Every time Yun Fan disappeared, its strength soared. This time, Yun Fan disappeared for a year and four months. The Zhao family in Shancheng dared not ask Da to deal with Yun Fan alone, but once again gathered four big and first-class families.
Since Yun Fan escaped from the four great families last year, the owners of Guangcheng Fengjia, Shencheng Fanjia and Zhonghai Zhengjia have been unable to sleep every day.
Yun Fan is not dead, and they feel uneasy that there is always a time bomb next to them that will explode at any time.
Zhao Wanxing handed the information to Feng, Fan and Zheng. After that, the three owners immediately rushed to Zhao’s home in the mountain city with a six-speed-of-sound aircraft that encircled Yun Fan’s five-gas chaoyuan strong man last year.
But it’s already three minutes after the three owners set off.
Yun Fan is about two minutes’ walk from the mountain town of Zhao.
Two minutes later, the six-speed aircraft arrived in the mountain city.
Yun Fan walked out of the aircraft and put it away. The sword light flashed next to him. He ran the sword and stepped on the sword and went to the mountain city of Zhao.
The mountain city is a first-class city with a population of nearly 100 million. Some people stepped on the sword and immediately attracted the attention of several people.
"wow! Which one is that? Step on a sword and fly? "
"Flying on the sword means the sword fairy?"
"Oh, my God, that man actually flew to the Zhao family. Don’t you know that the Zhao family is a first-class family and outsiders forbid the Zhao family to fly?"
Mountain city, all surprised discussion one by one.
Zhao Jiayun sails on the sword and looks like a sword, scanning the whole Zhao house!
"Let my father go, or else … the Zhao family will shed blood and pile up corpses like mountains today!"
Yun Fan thundered in anger and shook up heavy sound waves all over the mountain city.