Su Jiner quickly came to find out after learning the situation.

Su Jiner came to see that Wanghui had become as terrible as when he first saw it in the mountains, and he was frightened to death. Although Wanghui was in a frenzy, Su Jiner was also afraid, but Su Jiner could not watch him kill himself.
Su Jiner looked back and cried, "Please stop, brother …"
Look back and stop hitting the stone. His demonic red eyes stared at Su Jiner. Su Jiner shuddered and couldn’t help but look back and stare at Su Jiner for a moment and then said to him, "Are you a treasure beauty? Or my granddaughter’s wife … "
Su Jiner busy nods, "I’m a treasure beauty and your granddaughter-in-law. I’m still pregnant with your great-grandson, so you can’t hurt me. What’s going on? You tell me and I’ll take you to find the treasure. I know there is a place where there are several rare treasures … "
"I don’t want the treasure! I want to die now. "I hope to return and completely interrupt Su Jiner’s words. Then he enlarged and asked Hu Ling to hide the soul and come here to fight with him."
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not far from here. When he hears the sound, he comes here quickly.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul came here and fell to the ground. He glanced at his head and looked back and then at Su Jiner. Then Hu Ling’s hidden soul body, the heavy beast, seemed to be ready to make a move automatically.
Su Jiner is still easy now. She is afraid of causing misunderstanding of Hu Ling’s hidden soul and hurriedly said, "Uncle Hidden Soul, I am Jin Er, and I am easy."
Hu Ling hidden soul yoshimitsu eyes immediately to his way "Brocade, why are you here? Come and look back, and now you’re crazy. He’ll hurt you. "
I didn’t expect to come back and shout, "Being crazy will never hurt the treasure beauty, but it will always hurt you!"
Say and hope to return, lift a big stone and smash it at Hu Ling’s hidden soul. At the same time, hope to return to the body and flash with strange laughter after the big stone.
In the face of smashing a big stone, Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared and slapped the big stone and instantly burst to look back. The figure also appeared in the eyes of Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and the white hair was flying like the devil of hell. The palm of your hand took a direct shot of Hu Ling’s hidden soul, which was wrapped in animal skins.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul also vigorously greeted him.
Both of them are vigorously pushing their heads, and this palm force can be seen.
When the palms collide, they give a "bang" explosion.
At the same time, their bodies were shocked by each other and looked back. Their bodies simply flew out backwards, and then they turned in an instant and looked back at Hu Ling’s hidden soul. At this moment, they wanted to die. It would be great if they could pull Hu Ling’s hidden soul back.
On the one hand, Hu Ling is hiding the soul, and on the other hand, Grandpa Su Jiner certainly doesn’t want the two of them to fight each other, and Su Jiner knows that Wanghui is no match for Hu Ling’s hiding the soul.
Su Jiner was anxious when she suddenly saw Lin Yi’s figure galloping towards this side. She cried to Hu Ling to hide the soul, "Let’s go, or we won’t be able to leave."
Although Hu Ling hides the soul, he is not stupid. Even if he reaches the peak of The Hunger’s kung fu, it is impossible for him to be an enemy of Lin Yi and hope to return.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul said to Su Jiner, "Take care of yourself, Jiner. I’m sending people everywhere to find Ji Lingxiu and I can take you home."
Hu Ling’s hidden soul identified Su Jiner as what his daughter never believed in Su Qinghou. Now we need to find Ji Lingxiu again and let Ji Lingxiu uncover the mystery of Su Jiner’s life in front of Su Qinghou, so that Su Qinghou can return Su Jiner to him no matter how hard it is to defend.
Say Hu Ling hide soul shape in one direction.
Looking back, I saw Hu Ling’s hidden soul run away, angry and angry, and hit his head against the stone wall and splashed with stone chips.
Soon Lin Yi also arrived. He saw Wang Wang coming back and hit the wall like crazy. Before he hurried.
Lin Yi knew that it was extremely difficult to dissuade him from looking back. Fortunately, he even looked back at several acupuncture points and sat down and couldn’t move.
He shouted at Lin Yi angrily, "Xiao Lin, you are quick to solve my acupuncture points! Or I’ll hit your head in your ass! "
Lin Yi crouched down and took out a handkerchief to wipe his face. The blood rubbed against Lin Yi’s face. He looked forward to returning and hugged his grandfather and grandson.
Lin Yi looked back with great sadness.
Looking back, I suddenly cried, tears, runny nose and face blood mixed together. He cried and said, "Xiao Lin, I’m not as good as an animal … I remember that …"
Although Lin Yi doesn’t know what is the reason to stimulate the magical return of Wanghui, Lin Yibai must be a very cruel thing.
Lin Yi didn’t ask what he thought of when he looked back, for fear of stimulating him more. Lin Yi choked and said, "Brother remembered you and forgot that you didn’t do anything. You just looked back and Qin Tang."
Lin Yi cried in his heart, Grandpa Shuang’er, I’m sorry for you. He has made you work so hard for so many years …
Lin Yi kept appeasing and looking back, such as comforting a child who was extremely frightened. Su Jiner also cooperated with her husband to coax her back. The couple tried their best to look back, and the mood gradually calmed down. Many colors on his face that made people feel palpitation dissipated were not as dazzling as before.
And Sue light hou and Fang Qingyun don’t know when to nearby.
A big tree stood a few feet away.
Looking back, Fang Qingyun sighed. He said to Su Qinghou, "He, I, he didn’t expect the magic to happen again. It seems that the influence of The Hunger is really a solution. In those days, Fei Yun, a monk, couldn’t think of the exorcism. This The Hunger really left a huge trap for future generations. Even Hu Ling and Qin Wuwang were hurt by his’ half The Hunger’."
Su Qinghou said, "It’s still a sin to live. They all deserve it."
Fang Qingyun suddenly asked, "Do you still want to kill his father now?"
Chapter one hundred Doubt Liang Jiuyin (2)
Fang Qingyun knew all about Su Jia and Qin Tang’s grievances. At that time in Kunlun Mountain, Su Qinghou told Fang Qingyun everything.
Facing Qing-yun Fang, Sue didn’t give a positive answer to this question.
He is light said 1
"Things have already been decided, and sometimes it’s better to let fate take its course, otherwise the more round you are, the less round you are."
Then they looked back again.
Lin Yi and Su Jiner put their hopes back and calmed down, and then Lin Yi gave them a solution to return to acupuncture points.
Looking back, he pulled Su Jiner’s hand with tears in his eyes and he said, "Treasure Beauty, is there really a big treasure in this mountain?"
Looking back, Su Jiner felt sad, but Su Jiner forced a smile and tugged at her beard and said, "What did I cheat you, ancestor? If you listen to me and Xiao Lin, I will take you to find the treasure, but can you score me half?"
Looking back, his eyes rolled and he gave birth to a plan. After he was ready to find the treasure, he stunned the beauty of the treasure and then took the treasure for himself. He was proud of this wonderful plan.
He said to Su Jiner, "Hey, hey, I’ll give you half."
So in order to appease Wang, Su Jiner had to take him around for treasure hunting.
Xiao Liu Qin ordered Bai Mei to take people to follow them secretly.
There must be another accident.
Looking back, Su Jiner coaxed Lin Yi away with a heavy heart and walked to Su Qinghou and Fang Qingyun. Lin Yi, the other party, Qingyun said, "Mr. Fang, looking back, is there any way to treat it?"