"Sword, please!" Los Changfeng continued

Huangfuyi took several steps back.
Pasturing Yun Jian City has taken several steps.
The sword, which is famous for its golden light, sings again.
Pastoral Yun Jian city decisively out of the sword …
The imperial sword has three realms: people with firm but gentle mind, swords with heart, and swords for grazing in Yun Jian city. The sword seems to stay in the first realm of the imperial sword.
Because Wang Daojian is in his hand
There are three aspects of sword meaning: subtle as wind, solid as practice, rushing like river.
Pasturing the king in the hands of Yun Jian City suddenly set off a big wave in the subtleties.
In the nine-day summit, a rolling east river suddenly emerged!
A sword light surprised and cut off the river.
Thousands of troops reverberate like a million divisions from the rushing sound of the great river!
Wang Dao’s sword can be a million teachers!
Chapter sixty-one After one thousand saints game ()
As the saying goes, is it true that all the land in the world is not the king’s land rate and the land is not the king’s minister?
The sword meaning has reached the last realm of the three realms. The sword meaning is like rushing in the river, and millions of mighty men have traveled all over the land, which is daunting and the road to retreat is daunting.
Luo Changfeng, the center of the mighty sword disaster in the depths, stands with a knife.
His slender figure was instantly lost in the sword meaning of the stormy waves lapping against the shore.
He is awe-inspiring!
He is still standing still!
The sword around him raged and suddenly lit up one star after another, Guang Chen.
More and more stars are lit up and then strung together by a star line, stringing together complicated and obscure star lines.
He was bound by a knife in his body
Knife boundary
Self-boundary of knife domain
Luo Changfeng, who dominates the sword domain, is raging with the sharp wind mixed with the sword by the collision and friction of the boundary wall of the sword domain.
The wind is as thin as a thread! The wind is like light!
Wind lashing to the top of the cliff vigorous green leaves suddenly appeared many countless fine holes, eyes.
The wind lashed to the cliff, leaving several mottled sword marks.
The wind lashing into the misty sky stirred up the unknown Nuoda sword array, and sometimes it flashed like rain hitting the lake, and the small rain spots of the sword array appeared densely and rippled.
The wind on the cliff top urges everything! That method covered up the big movement, making the top of Jiufeng Mountain look up from afar … Occasionally, climbers on the mountain stopped to show their admiration!
But this climber is not a sword-challenged person.
The mountain he climbed was also not the nine peaks.
Among the seventy-two peaks of Kunlun Mountain in his feet, it is the most steep and majestic.
This mountain is called Kunlun Mountain!
The top of the mountain is Kunlun Mountain!
He’s going to climb the top of Kunlun Mountain, which has been inhabited by only one person for thousands of years. There are two attics that have stood for thousands of years and passed through Xinghai Yunxiao Pavilion for a long time.
He wants the top of the mountain to have a look at the bright Milky Way and the stars at his fingertips.
His name is Yichuan.
Thousands of years ago, he was an old man who looked up to the stars in Kunlun Jiange.
Thousands of years ago, he was the handsome young man riding a crane in Kunlun Mountain.
He is the sword enthalpy!
He’s going to see an old friend, an old friend who personally put him in a seal for thousands of years, causing him to go crazy.
The old friend is his brother and the only brother in his life.
The old man, the famous sword entropy, is now the old man who stars at the head of Kunlun Jiange!
The long and steep mountain road has been worn for thousands of years, and the tattered cassock is covered with gray and fluffy hair, and the back is bent by all grievances … The skinny old Taoist temple star guest’s sloppy back looks a little sad.
Okay, that’s just a moment.
Stargazers walk fast.
His whole body changes quickly, too
He took a thousand steps at a time.
The emaciated and rickety figure in tattered robes suddenly turned into a white gown, tall and straight.
He climbed another thousand steps.
The disheveled gray hair turned into 3,000 silvery white, falling over her shoulders like a waterfall.
He climbed three thousand steps.