Chapter DiYiSiSi agarwood knot baby

It belongs to Zhao Zhumo when it comes.
Mainland monks have congratulated each other.
Even Qingyun Gate can’t send a gift in a vulgar way.
Of course, many monks of Zhao Zhu’s magic knot baby have secretly injected Qingyun Gate into Sun Hao.
Sun Hao and Zhao Zhumo meet and compare babies.
Now Zhao Zhu’s demon has already married the baby first.
And it’s amazing when you have a baby. Three disasters and twelve difficulties
It’s difficult. Most of the rankings are stunned. If it weren’t for the help of the big brother, it wouldn’t be so easy.
So the elder brother has given birth to a baby.
What about Sun Hao?
When the mainland monks were paying attention to Qingyun Gate and Qi Xin Sun Hao,
Sun Hao also felt that on a whim, Yuan Zhen was stirring, then he trembled and was eager to try.
The opportunity has come to break the Dan and have a baby.
Three days after Zhao Zhu’s magic knot baby, Qingyun Gate announced that "agarwood will knot baby every day"
Suddenly, the focus was once again on Qingyun Zhanzhou.
All monks pay attention together
Wait for the baby to be born.
Killing demons and agarwood are the two strongest rankings in this burial day market.
One is that Master Tiangong has accumulated strong strength and is strong. Although Sun Hao ranks lower in the list, it is only a special reason. It is said that the hero of blood drop has affected his record, otherwise it is hard to say who is the first.
A second-rate clan was originally ranked only 94, but the burial day market stood out and showed its extraordinary ability step by step. Finally, it won the first place in the burial day market by defeating Zhao Zhumo.
Now the two meet and compare babies.
It will be another magical story sung by the mainland.
Of course, agarwood had a baby before.
Of course, the time base of the strong and weak real Yuanying of Aquilaria sinensis and Zhao Zhu’s magic Yuanying can be seen.
The more difficult it is for the mainland to form a regular baby robbery, the higher the level of baby is.
Most monks want to see the baby’s big robbery than Yuan Ying.
The next day, the Qingyun boat was as usual.
No friars, no Yue Xian.
Sun Haoping faintly rises from Qingyun Zhanzhou Teng.
Sun Hao, who jumped into the sky, smiled indifferently and bowed slightly around his fists, saying, "agarwood has seen all Taoist friends and invited them to witness agarwood breaking the Dan and giving birth to a baby."
Sun Hao buried a lot of Zongmen alchemy in Tianxu, and made friends with you in the ranking of Elixir. Many war boats had monks shouting, "I wish the agarwood knot baby climb to a higher level …"
Sun Hao smiled and sat cross-legged
Compared with the generous atmosphere, Sun Hao’s performance is much more satisfactory.
As Sun Hao sat in order with all the monks.
In the sky, it seems that this moment is also instantly quiet to suppress the momentum and suddenly fill the sky.
Sun Hao’s baby-binding hand posture is not weak
The depressing atmosphere in the sky seems to be stronger than that of Zhao Zhu’s magic. It seems that all monks have a vague feeling in their hearts that Aquilaria sinensis Yuan Ying should not be bad either.
The momentum is getting more and more dignified.
The huge dark clouds are thicker than Zhao Zhumo, and the dark clouds are brewing on the platform.
It’s like the end of the world.
Many monks even feel scared.
It is a rare feeling and a great pressure to see the accumulated monks advance.
Sun Hao knows four points at this time.
A special observation of Lei Yun.