Tianyang couldn’t help frowning. Although Yun Ze had already said that this would happen in Dabi at that time, it was still a little uncomfortable to touch him now.

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Every year, the number of people who awaken and sublimate in the fortress is limited, and it is hard to explore the opposite world, but the family is bigger than the sublimation in the family.
What Tianyang can’t understand most is that the fortress knows this, but he still agrees that each family can "borrow people" from the fortress military department.
This is not acquiescence to sublimation, but it’s ridiculous to kill each other.
Yun Ze seemed to know what Tianyang was thinking. "Don’t hesitate to die when you die. You will definitely not understand when you attend the big game for the first time. I’ll explain it to you later."
Tianyang saw his one eye and nodded, and the star aggregates pressed into the red moon combat knives, and the blade lit up with a blush.
The war between the two sides stopped when the rank of the fortress slowly retreated and retreated to a hundred meters away.
At this time, there was a sharp break in the air, but the defected hunter shot an arrow at the heart of Zhao’s element!
This arrow kicked off the battle.
Almost at the same time, the arrow shot out, and Zhao Hong’s butcher’s knife tilted and picked up the arrow.
Behind him, a god of war took the opportunity to rush out. The red light in the corner of his eye was elegant and fighting spirit, and he went straight to Yun Ze with a double sword.
Kun Lan shouted, "White Hair Protection Captain, that’s Ryan. I’ll do it!"
No, Kun Lan, wake up, Tianyang has flicker and cut into that soldier’s track. Red Moon combat knives pull out a bit of winding crimson knives and flash at the other man!
Chapter 226 Big equipment
There is a constant energy collision and dull roar in the channel of the base. Although the rank of the fortress has retreated hundreds of meters away, it can still feel the tingling sensation on the skin surface.
So he simply put his hand on his chest and put a layer of immortal armor on himself.
The tall man’s aura suddenly sank three points before he could rest assured to watch this rare sight.
This passage has become a battlefield. The elements of the battlefield are long guns crossing the direction of the passage, and the elements of Zhao’s family are heart-warming.
Yun Ze knew that rank 3 yuan Su Xin would kill his team alone if he was given the time and opportunity.
Fortunately, the ability of flame needs to be prepared when it wants to cause large-scale damage, and those powerful abilities need to be prepared when they need to be prepared.
The same element, Xin Yunze, naturally knew this. He threw a spear at the other side of the element and let go of the attack. At the same time, Yun Ze had spare time to take out the star-aggregates supplement liquid and fill it like water.
Those supplements are crystal bottles, which make the heart and temples of the Zhao family twitch constantly. They need crystal bottles to hold supplements, which is definitely the third type!
The third type hardly sublimates to the lower ranks because it is too expensive.
Type III supplementary liquid can replenish more than 30% of the total amount of star aggregates at one time, but the most important thing is that it can be used three times a day.
In other words, carrying three bottles of this supplement is equivalent to one more person!
Like Yun Ze, with rank 2 strength, Zhao’s element heart may not look at it.
But now people are holding type III supplementary liquid as water to drink, and they are going to fight for delay. If Yun Ze can be dragged to Zhao Hong to slaughter and another soldier is dried up, isn’t it easy to clean up his heart?
But knowing this, he can’t do anything. The passage is limited. He has no place to hide if he wants to. The element is not mobile.
Netha’s ability to abandon fire also makes the element throw a gun to offset Yun Ze’s attack.
But in this way, it is in the middle of Yun Ze’s arms
When Yun Ze dragged the sublimation of the same rank across the street, the female hunter behind her looked at the field and she shot an arrow at any flaw.
Rank 3: She has mastered the ability [must be in the middle], so there are pictures of stars and arrows turning and chasing from time to time, although she has not killed an opponent so far.
But she assisted the Zhao family, except Zhao Hong Tu, who was always driven by her arrows from time to time.
Zhao Hong Tu is not the kui is a Zhao family’s show. Every time he makes moves, he must rush to Kun Lan’s flaw.
The two men kept hitting each other and exploding clouds of dazzling Mars.
Quinlan is also a malicious person, but he was always fighting with Zhao Hong Tu, and occasionally he was stared at by Zhao Hong Tu for a flaw. He simply drove Zhao Hong Tu to give up the opportunity to hurt the enemy no matter how to use a lose-lose game.
As a result, Kun Lan, who is slightly weaker, is evenly matched with Zhao Hong Tu.
Throughout the field, the most depressing thing is the soldier stared at by Tianyang.
At first, when Tianyang intercepted it, he didn’t feel at ease. He was able to judge that this little white hair was only rank 2 at most.
At that time, Tianyang chopped at him with a stunning knife, but he was startled, but he was also unambiguous. He immediately forced Tianyang with a double sword, a sword to block and a sword to fight back.
But the retreat of Tianyang was no longer a frontal attack, but went around behind him, forcing the soldier to give up attacking Yun Ze and turn to deal with Tianyang combating Dao.
In this way, the two men struggled, and soon the soldier found that something was wrong. As far as the rank of God of War was concerned, Tianyang was too fast.
Moreover, his mobility is not generally high, and he often flashes out of his sight at the slightest warning. Even though he has rich combat experience by sensing the opponent’s aura, he always scares out a cold sweat by blocking the high-temperature combat knife every time he presses the key.
The more you beat this soldier, the more you suspect that this little white hair is really the rank of God of War.
Does the ares rank have such high mobility and speed? But if it weren’t for the rank of god of war, how could this little white hair carry a combat knife and fight melee with himself?
It was this soldier who became more and more frightened and depressed in the Vietnam War.
I thought that at least I was a sublimation of rank 3 and was forced to jump by a rank 2. Where should I put my old face after going out?
Think of this soldier biting his teeth and going to take out his closet trick to get rid of this annoying little white hair!
Finally, this opportunity has come.
Once again, when blocking Tianyang combating Dao, the rank of God of War drank a long sword and used subtle moves to make a sword flower.
The dazzling sword shadow, Sun Yat-sen’s wrist holding the knife, suddenly released his hand involuntarily with a pain.
It turned out that the man’s sword flower was a distraction to attract his attention, and he stabbed the teenager’s wrist with his other sword.
Eating pain, Yang let go of combating Dao and fell to the ground.
Zhao soldiers immediately flew up a sword and kicked the red moon combat knives, but they recovered from the fact that I didn’t know when I picked up an exaggerated pistol, and the black muzzle was pointing at my head.
"Let’s stop here."
Although Yun Ze said that if he could die, he would die, but he hated this man the day before yesterday, and today he complained that he would kill each other in this way. Tianyang was a little reluctant
The battlefield of sublimation should be contrary to the meaning in the eyes of young people who kill each other in the world.
"I surrender" Zhao soldiers sighed and simply let go of their hands and fell to the ground with two long swords.