A young player cried, "In that case, the court will not get a big bargain."

Go ahead. The captain is a middle-aged man with rich experience and rank 6′ Element Heart’. The battlefield takes care of the players, so he has great prestige in the team.
He turned around and tapped the young players on the shoulder with a smile. "Don’t worry, no one can rob you of your credit. In my opinion, when the black people retreat from the fortress and recover your small money, they will get married."
He said to the big fellow, "It’s best not to look at us if we don’t fight, but every time I fight, I’m afraid that one of you won’t come back alive."
The young player kept nodding. "I think it’s best not to fight, too."
Behind the ferocious man "shh" a "xiao Lin, are you a man so afraid of death can’t"
"Besides, you really don’t like fighting? Including men and women playing in bed? "
The young soldier named Xiao Lin suddenly blushed. "Lao Zhou, you dare to make fun of me. If something happens, you run on the captain."
There was a burst of laughter from its players.
Although they were joking as they walked, they all kept alert and didn’t dare to really relax.
The captain was about to say something when he suddenly looked at the player named Xiao Lin with a shock in his face.
Kobayashi didn’t know what the captain saw, but he was able to perceive that something was wrong, and he had experienced several life-and-death battles. He was able to move to the outside easily, but at this time he found that the captain or his players were extremely slow to move.
Then he found that although he had given birth to evasive thoughts, he still didn’t move or move for most of the day.
Fear comes out of my heart as soon as it comes.
He wanted to ask the captain what happened, but his mouth didn’t open and he didn’t spit out a word.
He suddenly felt some pain in his shoulder and a little hot.
At this time
He just called it out
But from the mouth is a scream.
Finally, Captain Kobayashi saw himself in his eyes and saw a shadow falling from the sky and growled at his shoulder.
Only then did he hear the captain yell.
"It’s a nightmare!"
Kobayashi’s world is spinning around.
He didn’t realize that he had fallen to the ground until the picture in his eyes was still.
He saw clouds of shadows falling in the night, with human heads and tentacles like octopus, and they could fly in the air.
They can blend in with the night and only show up when they hunt.
These things are what the captain calls’ night demons’. They are night predators!
The players attacked the night demons overhead, and Kobayashi wanted to join in, but just sitting up with his body, he felt dizzy.
Then I heard the captain yelling, "Xiao Lin, don’t move!"
"Somebody help him!"
Help me?
What is wrong with me?
Xiao Lin consciously looked where he had just been bitten by the nightmare, and he saw a bloody wound.
He has lost a large muscle in his shoulder, and the interlocking bone has been bitten off. All kinds of bitten blood vessels are spraying blood arrows outward, and he is splashed all over his face by his warm blood.
At this time, the ferocious-faced man rushed over and took out a large piece of hemostatic tape from his tactical pocket to help Xiao Lin seal the wound.
But when he saw Kobayashi’s shoulder injury, he turned his head and shouted, "Captain Kobayashi’s wound is too big for me to stop bleeding."
"I’ll do it!"
The captain rushed over, and the palm of his hand burst into flames. He slammed Kobayashi’s shoulder and shouted "Hold him down".
Xiao Lin first zheng and then feel shoulder burning pain can’t help but scream.
He could jump up easily, but he was held down by the big fellow.
After a while, the captain’s shoulder with Xiao Lin in his hand was blackened, but the blood stopped.
But then he went into shock again.
The captain quickly took out his first-aid medicine and threw a shot in the arm to the big fellow. "Will it?"
The big fellow shouted, "Yes!"
He immediately untied Kobayashi’s body armor and clothes and stuck a needle in his chest.
The captain pushed a first-aid needle from another place to Kobayashi. After these two injections, Kobayashi recovered his breathing and gradually calmed down.
The captain wiped his forehead and then roared, "Don’t just keep fighting and kill all these scum!" "
He will join the battlefield when he gets up.
Suddenly he felt something and suddenly turned around.
Just behind him, there is only one person in the wilderness.
The man’s eyes were indifferent as if he had no feelings at all.
Chapter 1542 Recycling
I don’t know what it is to look at that man. The captain of the Harvest Castle has the strength of rank 6, but he feels inexplicable as if he is facing a terrible enemy.
Not natural enemies!
this moment
He even dared not move a finger.
It’s like encountering a ghost on the bed, and the captain is motionless.
He watched the man coming, but it was strange that his team members didn’t seem to notice him.
This is not normal.
Even if they are now fighting against the’ nightmare’ overhead, they should not be unaware that someone is approaching.
Ten thousand steps back
Even if they didn’t notice this man, didn’t they find themselves different?
This question immediately let the captain slide into the abyss of despair.
The man came over.
When he approached some captains, he found that this man had the characteristics of a westerner.
He is wearing a simple robe, which seems to glow and is covered with strange symbols.