Xu Le hurriedly waved to Bai Jing.

"Captain, come here. Gu Beichen and I have something to discuss with you. It’s very important."
Bai Jing slightly confused looking at two people.
"Important thing?"
"It’s a very important thing."
Bai Jing saw that Xu Le said solemnly and went away. Xu Le immediately whispered.
"Captain, I want to sell an elemental fruit to Gu Beichen and want you to be a witness."
Bai Jing was a little surprised. She didn’t believe it either.
"Do you have fruit? Xu Le tells too many lies and be careful not to find a girlfriend. "
Xu Le sighed. It seems that everyone doesn’t believe in themselves.
"No way out, you two come with me."
"Well, the fruit is in the team."
"ah? In the team? "
Gu Beichen shocked when Bai Jing has turned to others and said.
"You should dissolve and rest first. I’ll arrange the income distribution later."
Say that finish two people behind Xu Le.
Others doubt eyes Xu Le with Bai Jing and Gu Beichen came to the team outside the men’s locker room.
"dressing room?"
"There’s no one inside now. Captain should be able to go in."
Gu Beichen and Bai Jing nodded and followed Xu Le to his wardrobe.
Xu Le took out some old clothes from it and then took out a round thing wrapped in toilet paper from the innermost part.
Bai Jing and Gu Beichen were slightly suspicious. Xu Le peeled the toilet paper.
A chill drifted with it.
Bai Jing …
Gu Beichen …
"You this guy incredibly … put ancient multi-element fruit in the locker room?"
"What a waste of time! What a waste of time How can I eat it with socks? "
Xu Le turned supercilious look to explain some.
"It is because this thing is very expensive that it is put here."
"What do you want to do if this kind of thing is stolen at home?
As far as the dormitory is concerned, the dormitory always has the key to our door. When my door is broken, the dormitory directly repairs it for me and puts it at home.
If I go to the bank, I need to keep it high. I can’t go without money
But putting the night watchman’s locker room is different. First of all, no one will miss the locker room.
There won’t be a stupid thief stealing the night watchman’s branch again, will there? "
If you think about it carefully, it seems that Xu Le really has some truth.
"Gu Beichen, what do you say?" Bai Jing asked.
Gu Beichen’s eyes have not moved since Xu Le took out the fruit.
Elemental ice is really very suitable for the fruit of the flame warlock.
"How much are you going to sell the fruit of Xu Le?"
"To tell you the truth, I don’t know the price. I just need to let the captain come over and let her estimate the price. Don’t worry, I also rest assured.
With your money on the element fruit side, I can retire more and make up less so as to achieve a reasonable distribution of the team. "
Xu Le is telling the truth. If he didn’t know that Gu Beichen had money, he wouldn’t have taken out the ice element fruit.
Two people together to look at Bai Jing Bai Jing a little meditation.
"I have to ask you specifically about the price of fruit, but although Xu Le has ice elements and the same level elements, I’m afraid there will be a gap in their prices, so you should be mentally prepared yourself."
"I know"
Xu Le nodded at the difference in fruit prices. He had already been psychologically prepared, but he didn’t know how much it would be.
The three returned to the team office, and Bai Jing and Gan discussed and compared the actual valuation of the fruits of the Lighthouse Exchange in recent months
Xu Lebing’s elemental fruit was bought by Gu Beichen for 50,000 yuan.
This is really a huge sum of money, more than Xu Le imagined.