Soon everyone will get to know each other. Sammul He silently remembers the names of these people, and they will be partners in life and death.

….. "Hmm … Boom …"
The boat gave a roar, and the sudden rise in speed has already left the port, leaving a vague shadow and gradually disappearing. The sunset section 35 kills and produces red.
Shadow city
The sun has set from the top of the mountain, and the figure of Reyes has returned to Torres House like a ghost. It can be seen that he did not exert himself when escorting Sammul He to Shadow City.
Torres is still enjoying the cool in the courtyard with a feather fan in his hand, which looks like an expert with his own sage like type. There are six large water tanks next to him, which are filled with liquid and appear pale golden. It looks quite dazzling, and if there is, if there is a fragrance, it floats all over the courtyard.
One of the six vats is full of people, and the other five vats are full of people, such as Char. There is a medicine jar left there. It must be Orca’s preparation, and I don’t know how his surgery is going. Have those hands destroyed by Sammul He recovered?
"Has he left?" Torres can see clearly with his eyes closed than with his eyes open.
"Well, I’m afraid the ship has already sailed into the sea." Rez looked at the distance and could see a little outline of the sea in sequence. "Sir, are you really so confident that he can go after Avril alone? You and I are both white, even if the starting number can chase each other’s ships? No one in that ship is a match for those two shadow hunters. "
Torres smiled faintly. "It’s because he should experience a blow that he will become more calm and do things less impulsively, and I’m sure he can’t even reach the mainland this time."
"Sir …" Reyes wanted to say something, but Torres interrupted him.
"Don’t worry, he won’t come back alive because he still has many people he wants to protect. All right, Rez, let’s change their medicine. This tank of liquid medicine can let them soak for half a day. I didn’t add much medicine. They can’t bear the huge drug now. They must be gradual." Torres feather fan gently pointed to the back five tanks
Nodding his head, Rez went to the tank and saw the color of the liquid, and his pupils shrank. "Sir, did you melt the natural materials and treasures obtained in these decades into this tank solution?"
Torres is still so dull. "They are more or less physically defective. If they don’t improve their bodies, even if I guide them to practice, they won’t be much."
Rez shook his head and said again, "Sir, I’ve always had a question. Why do you want to help them so much?"
As soon as Torres closed his eyes, his deep eyes seemed to shoot two swords! Straight into the sky
"I have a hunch that the teenager will bring great changes to the mainland of light and shadow!"
Rez was stunned. "A hunch?"
Torres smiled. "I know this may be wishful thinking, but hope is better than a numb life. Over the years, you and I have seen too many sad songs. If there is a little hope to end this farce, I must fight for it!"
"Do you think he will be the one who brought a great change to the mainland of light and shadow?" Reyes thinks Torres should think highly of Sammul He, even if he is Yamaraja.
"Because of his practice, Fana * * has never been seen before, but it has been more shocking to contact me these days. His practice is to directly borrow the power of heaven and earth!"
"If the power of heaven and earth is overwhelming, do you think this is hope?" Torres looked at the sky and his eyes blurred as if he had seen the distant future.
"Lord Alexander is awake." At this moment, Lise sounded.
Torres smiled "finally woke up"
….. "Sammul He, you can sleep in this room tonight." After the introduction, everyone chatted for a while about their experiences, that is, the reason why they chose to go to the mainland, Lu Li took him to his room.
The starting point number is not small, and eleven of them have more than enough to rub.
"Brother Lu Li is in trouble."
"Don’t bother, everyone is a companion. Let’s rest early tonight, and we can sleep well tonight." Lu Li ha ha a smile
He Tianyi was stunned. "What?"
"the amount? You don’t know? It’s not calm to go to the mainland. Thousands of years ago, the revenge of the mainland was kicked off, but also the hunters hunted the platform. They will wait for us to die in the sea. After all, many of us have not lost our shadow. Whether we can successfully reach the mainland is still unknown. Maybe all of us will be destroyed on the way. "Lu Li smiled lightly and then turned away." Don’t worry, we can chase each other’s boat within three days according to the starting speed. "
"Will you meet light hunters on the way?" He Tian whispered at the door, and his eyes released a firm light. "If you become stronger, you must become stronger quickly!"
Sitting cross-legged, he didn’t like practicing before he absorbed the aura around him, but now he regrets being so lazy! If I had been more diligent, I might not have been in the present situation.
With his hands crossed on his head, he drank "larks gather at the top!"
The aura around me became violent, like a jumping elf scrambling to gather towards other bodies, but this speed is still much slower than the gathering of all souls. It is not easy to enter the gathering state of all souls.
Reiki works as he breathes and circulates for ten times in the blink of an eye.
"It’s almost impossible to find a secret pulse without entering the gathering of all souls. I’ve already hit the Du meridian. If I get through the pulse again, my strength will definitely rise to a higher level again."
Sighed, he stopped thinking, calmed down and absorbed the aura around him. He could feel that after each aura cycle, it would be thick. The aura cycle process is the process of continuous absorption and compression.
A cloud of goose-egg-sized reiki in Tidantian exudes ru white light, which looks like a dream. ru white reiki is the original state of reiki and can be transformed into different colors when Wushu is released according to different Wushu skills.
Although this ru white aura is smoky, it tends to condense into a sphere.
A night’s sleep has been practiced until the next day to open your eyes.
"overnight repair is finally consolidated, and it will take a long time to enter the ghost level."
"Did the Sammul He brothers wake up?" I just opened my eyes and heard the sound of Lu Li.
"Well, Brother Lu Li"
"Come out and have something good to eat. Everyone is waiting for you."