"No …"

Zhao Shangxin shook his head in a trance.
Master Zhao Xiaogong has already awarded the Golden Bull Award in her heart.
What are you talking about? Do you have to ask? Because he likes it, of course.
"Don’t you dare to make a big mistake in Beijing!"
When you drink in anger, you suddenly press!
The dragon felt that his head had been hammered.
When the static face suddenly changed! Without hesitation, she offered a dragon boat tunnel capable of dozens of people in a crisis.
"You fast jade boat! Temple, let’s go. Terran is not you. "
Miss Zhao didn’t go out
Her silence at this time is the best answer.
At this moment, a dark purple light beam has fallen from the sky!
"Bauhinia star? Please also ask the two temples to fight together! Otherwise, we are going to bury our bones tonight. "
Princess dragon three’s face changed slightly, and she was already mentally prepared for this.
A green robe has appeared in the middle school.
Zhao thief heart in a surprised.
"Happiness …"
He is also troubled at this time.
People in the Tibetan green robe are probably happy.
He doesn’t want this girl who is infatuated with himself to get hurt.
"Sister Feast, you can also make moves."
He spoke to his eldest sister.
The big drink offering naturally won’t really be heavy-handed to one of our own.
If it is Chen Hou who is likely to be suppressed on the spot, he will not be happy.
"You and I won’t be influenced by Bauhinia Star, will we?"
Have a feast.
Zhao cuo tries to make himself look like a slave.
Zhao feast immediately no longer hesitate to step up.
Bauhinia starlight will hit the green robe at this time.
"This ….. how can the dragon method?"
She suddenly froze.
After seeing Xiao Chen, he took out a jade-white flute.
Before she played the flute, the melodious music rang, almost condensing clouds and insects from the horizon!
"It turned out that it was after the abolition of the emperor!"
Laughed at the big drink offering.
He attracted stars, and the roar was stopped for a moment.
Happiness has turned into a black fog at this time, rolled up the dragon boat in the middle of the river and shot away in the distance! She didn’t forget to grab Miss Zhao.
"You don’t want to leave when you come!"
Big drink offering nu way
Purple beams of light keep falling from the night.
When Jing princess took out the flying boat, she didn’t tear it quickly.
"Please ask the temple to resist the dragon torch raiser."