When I heard this sound, the spy also felt that his head was pulled by something.
And so are the other cubs.
There are a lot of black claws sticking out from the top wall and grasping the spike on all the cubs’ heads.
At this moment, they all stopped, except for the spy. These cubs closed their eyes as if they had fainted.
It seems that they are going to stop the cubs and spies from leaving here this way.
Just as Lin thought, the ex-spy came out with little hindrance because they wanted to see the spy action and they wanted to take the spy and the cub back after they came here.
Because there is such a relatively’ gentle’ way to prevent the young from being injured …
What they did should have affected the young’s thoughts and put them into a coma. However, the spy brain has no command function and the memory is not put in the brain. If Lin wants to see these influences, then she will … enter the dream.
After entering the dream, Lin once again saw the familiar world.
In the barren world, Lin’s mind floats to see where it is affected.
But Lin is more interested in how they first detected the spy than this one. How did they find the spy? It seems that this aspect is sometimes tested and filtered.
Qianlin thought they were suspected spies and didn’t confirm them. They didn’t detect them until the moment when the needle penetrated the spy.
And they seem to be a kind of light to detect …
But what can tell that spies are different from ordinary cubs?
Although a spy can’t be exactly the same as a cub, it’s hard to tell the difference because it makes him have a lot of abilities.
And organisms should be very dark and turbid. How can light detect the situation inside?
Although it is not excluded that they have some powerful technology and ability, Lin feels that they do not simply rely on reflected light for analysis and detection.
But … there is a more special way.
By this method, they can not only distinguish the difference between the young and the spy, but also find out the main reason why the virtual cells scattered by Lin battleship were destroyed during the virtual battle.
Lin guessed some questions when she found that they made the young spiny grow in their brains and found the ball of light in their thoughts …
Actually, Lin thought of this kind of situation when she first discovered the general manager of the institute, but she couldn’t confirm it at that time, but now she feels closer and closer to the answer.
Lynn thinks it’s time to find the answer here.
Lin can already see the glass-like mountain in front of her, but the ball of light that grew up with thorns at the top of the mountain is gone.
But I can see another scenery.
There is a huge black whirlpool in the sky at the top of the mountain. It feels like seeing some strange phenomenon in the sky, and it is also like a huge hole in the sky. This is more than that. The original light ball peak can also see strange light and shadow flying around …
This array of light and shadow feels a little like a hazy fog, faintly emitting white luster, floating in this memory world.
This thing is the reason why those babies are in a coma. Although it has no effect on spies, it has also entered the spy brain.
Thinking about Lin, the concrete form appeared in this thought, that is, the imaginary people’s young children, and then flew to the light and shadow …
The light and shadow also noticed the spy now …
"What is this?"
A sound rang at the same time.
This sound comes from the light and shadow in front of Lin’s eyes, which has nothing to do with language, but its meaning is automatically changed into virtual people’s language in Lin’s mind, which is actually a kind of brainwave-like information … but it is a little different from the usual brainwaves.
Lynn feels that it is not sent from a certain brain like brain waves, but a kind of’ independence’
"Who are you?" And Lynn also sent a message to it.
"I …" The light and shadow seemed to hesitate and then sent a message to Lin. "You tell me who you are first. You don’t belong to the virtual people. What are you? What are you among them? "