Three war generals in the submerged sea of blood were shocked and angry. What kind of person is this? How can it be that Lei Jie is not fierce enough?

"Mom had better chop you to death more violently!"
The war generals angrily cursed that it was too humbled. The open war generals were submerged, and a bite in the sea of thunder meant that the thunder slurry entered the internal organs and the thunder was tender outside.
It is simply torture! This Terran is too human.
On the contrary, Li Yu’s state is better than good, and he is invincible. He is constantly absorbing the nutrients in Lei Guang and is actively welcoming and enduring the bombardment
Every inch of his skin is harsh, every pore is full of flesh and blood, and the membrane of bones and muscles shakes the mountains like thunder, and there are majestic mountains that directly break the edge of terror.
"This is taking LeiJie quenching body for health! What taboo does he practice? "
Everyone is terrified. It’s the first time I’ve seen Lei Jie. It’s so scary.
I have to wonder how powerful the secret art he left behind was, and whether Lei Jie has all the strengths now!
"It’s too quiet to favor one over the other!"
Li Yu overlooks and looks around directly at the cruel smile of the resident demon race and directly presses it with LeiJie.
He seems to have turned into a god, surrounded by robbery light, constantly shooting out to see mountains and landslides, breaking every day to see everyone destroyed, and when the scarlet thunder flashes, there will be a piece of life destroyed.
"no! Run away! "
Blood splashes, life dies, and it turns into hell. The bleak scene at dusk is turned upside down, and life is cheaper than grass.
In an instant, the bird of the sun has suffered heavy losses and nearly 40 adult horses have fallen!
"It’s so true that I can’t cure you!"
Peacock warrior flew into a rage, and he shouted like a bird crowing, and suddenly a gorgeous huge tail feather appeared behind him, like a screen, shooting out the sky with brilliance.
A colorful umbrella followed by flying out is a forbidden symbol. The whole skyrocketing finally flooded the mountains and rivers and covered Li Yu in.
Boom, boom! At the same time, the sky is dark and plumes of black Lei Guang blend into strips of thick black pythons screaming and culling.
Li Yu’s look remains the same, and his flesh and blood are mixed with robbery. The brilliant ratio turns out to be a direct fist bombing day, and he will blow up this obstacle directly.
"scattered!" He drink a way
A punch across the thunderbolt, a wave of dense black flashes, was scattered in the heavens and the earth by his fist seal!
In a short time, he appeared in front of the umbrella and raised his hand. He split it to fight the secret operation of the whole arm. Hwa-Sung Do made a great magic Gu Hua feet!
Bang! The violent shock rushed up like someone growled and whispered, and if a terrible flute sounded, it turned into ripples, and the mountains and rivers shook and broke, and all the fields were in ruins.
Boom Tianluo umbrella was repelled, and Lei Guang followed it and clung to the past. The peacock warrior’s pupil shrank and rushed back, unwilling to be contaminated.
"I’ll shoot you when I come!"
God bird war also moved the forbidden device, a lux mountain emerged, and the hanging magma was thicker than it was, and it was like a star falling down with a piece of fireball and waves intertwined.
"foreign things are small ears!"
Li Yu’s cold-reprimanded fist-printing interpretation is extremely exhausting, and the dragon is surrounded by boiling fighting words. The secret blessing is more magnificent than that of the ancient emperor Wanlong.
Bang! He waved a command of heaven and earth, a magnificent mountain and river
The fist seal was as bright and gorgeous as the sun, and the grand one blew away the magma again, cracked the volcano, blew up all the flames, collapsed and disappeared from the high school.
"Come on!"
Followed by Li Yu is a drink directly pegged to the silent day evil Wolf war rob force operation hand lead doom!
The vast Lei Guang, driven by him, was condensed into a thousand feet, and his big hand slammed to make everyone change color.
That thunder hand is terrible, covering half of it, accompanied by several bloody flashes, and the storm is full of destruction.
"Manipulation of Armageddon? ! How is it possible! "
It’s unheard of for the evil wolf to be frightened by the war. What is the identity of the seven killing stars? How can they manipulate this force like the apocalypse!
He can’t escape being slapped by Li Yu in the sky, and being smashed by a thunderous hand!
"Manipulation LeiJie? Even Eldar Leiling has never done it! Is it heard that they have the means to control the thunder robbery by killing seven stars? "
The remnant creatures are in a daze, puzzled and shocked. That’s a war general who was just slapped out by the Seven Killers to mobilize Lei Jie.
That’s an apocalypse, symbolizing that Cang Wei was actually in the hands of mortals!
This is a severe shock to them.
Cough to pieces, broken peaks, evil wolves, war generals, getting up, it’s a shame that he was so badly hurt that he was slapped and slapped with blood all over his face.
In particular, it’s too painful to bear the force of thunder and robbery, like constant torture