"Hum, do you know the gap between Lingmai and Long Mai?" Wind inverse cold hum a way "thousands of extremely spirit pulse dragon is not worth a dragon pulse dragon this is the level gap!

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Although the extreme pulse dragon energy is almost as amazing as Jin Xian, don’t forget that when you reach the enlightenment period, what you are practicing is the level conversion of magical powers, which is almost the level of immortals!
The body power of those who have not become immortals and cultivated truth is called true qi; But the fairy magic is called fairy yuan!
The gap between the true qi and the immortal yuan is the level distance. Do you support the avatar consumption by reiki instead of the immortal spirit? "
Zhao Xiaocai understands that Reiki can display the avatar. Although the mana will not be exhausted, the energy level is destined to lower the power of the avatar!
It’s different to use fairy gas to display magical powers. The power is definitely ten million times that of the first one!
Wind inverse satisfaction laughed. "You’re not stupid. Remember that the higher the level of refining Long Mai dragon entering the orifices, the better. If you can make it extremely Long Mai, don’t make Long Mai dragon!
There is really no way to get a better Long Mai Dragon, then you can settle for second best! "
Zhao Xiaocai’s language is afraid that it is hard to find a dragon with pulse shaping and wind inverse even if he searches all over the celestial world. Master actually wants him to find a more advanced Long Mai dragon. Isn’t this burying him?
Although Zhao Xiaocai secretly condescended, he thought of a way that seemed to work. Don’t say that the Long Mai dragon is the extremely Long Mai dragon, and he can also mass-produce!
That’s right. Since the fountain of life can bring out the best in each other with the spiritual vein, what about Long Mai?
How do you know if you don’t try? So Zhao Xiaocai intends to go back and try because he still has a dragon vein!
One thousand if successful, he won’t be silly at the beginning of taxiing Long Mai refining into the orifices;
He’s going to wait until he gets the extreme Long Mai test, and the master will show him the way to build a road!
If you are not strong, you will be stronger if you are strong!
It’s exciting to think about it. One hundred extremely Long Mai dragons support themselves to display thirty-six plough and seventy-two goblin magical powers. I’m afraid that no one in this world will be his opponent anymore!
"Hey, hey, hey, what are you thinking about? You’re so absorbed that your mouth is watering. Do you want to go back and soak up the fairy queen?" Wind inverse quipped
He didn’t know Zhao Xiaocai’s grand plan. If he knew Zhao Xiaocai’s delusion of refining one hundred extremely Long Mai dragons, he was afraid that he would think Zhao Xiaocai was delusional!
It’s hard to find out the Long Mai taxiing dragon in the celestial world, because all the strong are afraid of another dragon with superior fighting power. Once again, it is going to unify the celestial world!
But he also hoped that Zhao Xiaocai could go to the ancient Jedi to see if he had surrendered the Long Mai dragon.
That dragon has lost its soul, but it is a walking corpse. It is not difficult for Zhao Xiaocai to refine him!
Of course, he also thought that it would be good for Zhao Xiaocai to refine one-stop pulse dragons into the orifices, but he dare not imagine refining the second and third pulse dragons into the orifices!
The first hole must be refined by Long Mai Dragon, and the adverse wind will not prevent Zhao Xiaocai from refining the extremely spiritual dragon!
Because the first opening point is very important, it means that you understand the first magical power yourself!
The first avatar can be said to be the most difficult to understand, but it will be the strongest of all the avatars after understanding!
It would be a pity not to seal the Long Mai Dragon into the first cave!
Zhao Xiaocai, who took the dragon of spiritual pulse, was not in a hurry to leave. He planned to feed the dragon in Dantian on the spot and let the two masters, Feng Inverse and Tong, see what would happen to the dragon.
There are two senior old monsters to help him find out, and he is not afraid that the dragons in the abdomen will cause trouble when they are full. This is also a preventive measure!
"Don’t worry when you put him in the Dantian, or you will see something in the current state!" Wind inverse theory
He is close to the state of running out of oil and lights. Zhao Xiaocai is not at ease. If he continues to find out forcibly, he is afraid that feeding the dragon has not been completed. He will hang up first!
"The wind goes against the master, or I’ll go back and get you the fountain of life first. Look at your state. It’s really bad. I mean, in case of one thousand," said Zhao Xiaocai hesitantly, fearing that the wind will go against you.
Chapter 265 Two dragons strive for each other
Chapter 265 Two dragons strive for each other
Going back, Zhao Xiaocai took out a gourd with a fountain of life in it!
The fountain of life is magical, and it will lose its magical effect after a day away from the fountain!
It is reasonable to say that Zhao Xiaocai can’t get the fountain of life when the tree recovers in the next month.
But he helped the Elves so much that Anya stole a gourd of life springs for him without disturbing the recovery of Luna Tree.
If Zhao Xiaocai hadn’t told Anya that he needed the fountain of life so badly that he couldn’t wait for a few days; Anya can’t give this face even if it’s a life-and-death event in exchange for what others want!
It can be seen from this side that Anya is really good to Zhao Xiaocai. It seems that it is time for him to become an elf king!
It would be nice if Zhao Xiaocai could ask for a few drops from the gourd filled with the fountain of life, but looking at the gourd, Feng Inverse guessed that it should exceed 100 drops!
The wind goes against the tunnel. This little elf is good. Even the fountain of life can casually beg for more than a hundred drops. It can be seen that he is really valued by this generation of elf queens!
With this hundred drops of life, the wind can continue to linger for hundreds of years!
Resurrection! He didn’t think and didn’t dare to think about it unless he could restore his soul state and find a suitable possessor!
But his soul is no longer in a state of residual soul, and it is difficult to recover!
Prepare to refine the fountain of life and stabilize it. When you hit the gourd in his state, you will be surprised to see the wind go against it!
A gourd full of life springs is as few as several catties! That’s a hundred drops. I’m afraid there are many drops!
"Little this fountain of life is you to steal! "The wind inverse asked.
Stealing so many springs of life is simply killing the elves!
Although Zhao Xiaocai is a bit disgraceful in the eyes of Feng Inverse, Zhao Xiaocai actually stole so many life springs to save him. Feng Inverse is very moved!
"Hey hey, master, don’t worry about how this fountain of life came. You’d better refine it first! I hope you can help me find out about a dragon later! " Zhao Xiaocai laughed
If it weren’t for the recovery of Yueshenshu, Zhao Xiaocai was going to take the wind and go to a spring of life;
Zhao Xiaocai is not worried about whether he can help the wind to mend his soul!
Even if the wind has not recovered from the fountain of life, he can turn to all the ways to help him recover!
Zhao Xiaocai, who has stolen so many life springs and said so many kind words, seems rusty.
A little refining, life, spring wind, against the soul, has solidified a lot, and it is a hundred times stronger than before!
Finally, it is not like a pair of dissipation at any time. Zhao Xiaocai also breathed a sigh of relief!
"I said Master Tong, aren’t you going to come out and meet Master Feng Inverse?" Zhao Xiaocai asked
"Don’t let him know that I’m good," he laughed. "In the future, his recovery will be a great help to you;
But I’m afraid that his ambition will rise again after his recovery and he will be hostile to you!
I secretly check and balance him. I believe that even if he really has a vicious mind, he can’t afford to turn over any big waves! "
Zhao Xiaocai didn’t talk. Although the wind went against him, he told him many stories about the unification of monasticism, and he also tried his best to help unify his appearance.
But Zhao Xiaocai also can’t believe that the wind is really unselfish!
You know, the strength of the unified auxiliary wind inverse has soared very quickly, but he has changed from a waste counterattack to a unified celestial peerless strong one. If the wind inverse didn’t think about killing Zhao Xiaocai around him, he wouldn’t believe it!
If Feng Inverse learns that Zhao Xiaocai also has a mysterious thing he once owned, he will not be swayed by his mind and will not expose himself!
"Hahahaha, this time I finally don’t worry about destroying so many life springs in refining and chemical industry. I can live for thousands of years again!" After the wind reversed refining, he laughed but felt a little sorry and said, "It’s a pity that the fountain of life is too precious to get so much. It’s a very lucky thing! If you want to steal, you are afraid of being hunted by the elves! “
In the eyes of the wind, Zhao Xiaocai’s strength is still too weak to fight against the whole elves!
If Zhao Xiaocai is strong enough to crush the Elves, so what if all the life springs of the Elves are robbed!
After sighing, the wind laughed, "Xiaoke fed the dragon. Let me see the evil dragon. What is the situation in your abdomen?" “
Take out the soulless dragon, Zhao Xiaocai, and directly beat him into the abdomen. It’s like smelling the intruder, and immediately open your eyes and carefully check out the same kind who invaded his territory!
The dragon spat and said, "Who are you? How did you get in here? “