Roll up your trouser legs with your hands and expose them. They are already shaped like bones, and the weight of your body has been somewhat bent and deformed.

It’s late at night, the room is still lit, and a rickety figure is pulled by the light for a long time.
Li Xiangkang saw that many mobile phones were not answered by the same person because of silence.
I just wanted to call back the strange word when I called again. I hesitated and pressed the connect button.
"Hello, is this Mr. Li Xiangkun?" A gentle girl came.
Li Xiangkui wondered that he was not familiar with this sound, but it felt a little like a guest.
"Well, I am. Who are you?"
"We are Yasheng Company, the distributor and operator of Eternity. We have something to talk to you about. What do you think?" Guest MM asked very politely.
Li Xiangkui’s head is even more confused. He knows what this company will find itself, and he didn’t register his own contact information at that time. How did they find their own words?
Chapter seventy-one Official invitation
"I don’t play Eternity anymore. What can you do for me?" Li Xiangkun asked impatiently that he wanted to hang up some words. The ID has been lost with him and he no longer wants to be associated with this game.
The opposite guest was obviously a little surprised at Li Xiangkun’s attitude. She was a good speaker, and I’m afraid she was wrong. But after years of training, she kept a friendly tone and said, "Mr. Li, we really need your help. Please listen to me patiently."
It’s not good for Li Xiangkun to push out his face directly, so he listened patiently until the other party had finished talking, and then Bai Yasheng looked for him.
On the surface, Yasheng Company runs a game "Eternity", but actually "Second Life" also has their participation. It can be said that they are the main technical party and occupy a large share in New Illusion Technology Company.
Because of the particularity of Second Life, the whole game is run by the latest technology and wisdom. It can be said that Unreal Company is only responsible for the information and management of players.
In the hot era of Eternity, the most powerful players in all professions were deified in China, while the dust falling represents the top level of sword profession. Because he can kill him with a high probability, the deified player was truly ranked first in China, which means that players are very concerned about the game and these entertainment aspects, and the whole game is very successful.
However, it is difficult to select some representative players in Second Life at present, so Unreal Company asked Yasheng Company to attract Chinese players to pay attention to this game through the original "Eternal" god-class players to come to a new game spokesperson.
Although the previous campaign was really great, the actual effect was not as good as expected. At present, there are only tens of millions of players in China, which is much lower than expected. Therefore, the official came up with the celebrity effect. If some people are invited to be red stars, it will not attract players at first, and it will be too high. It is not as cost-effective as these celebrities in the game circle, especially it is better to switch from Forever to celebrities in the new game.
They found out backstage that the original messenger was the same person as Xiang Lian, so they found the way of connecting him through the powerful network and had a dialogue now.
"Is there any old player besides me?" Li Xiangkui asked curiously that he didn’t really care about this question in his previous game. He just played his career to the extreme.
"Just a moment, I’ll check one". After a while, the guest sound appeared again. "Mr. Li, according to our database, there are 6 players in the new game."
"Oh?" Li Xiangkun picked his eyebrows. I didn’t expect that there were so many masters in this game. It seems that I am afraid that I will not be so nourished in the future, so I can’t be slower than others to show them what a real top master is.
"The remaining five players are the gun god Luoyang Zhigui French King Yimi Sunshine Xiaoqi Bawang My Concubine Shengmu * * * and Baquan Cynicism." When the guest saw that the other party was "Oh", he continued to say no response.
At this time, Li Xiangrong’s mouth widened, and he had dealt with three of the five people, and he had heard of the other two, and they said
One-meter sunshine is a lovely girl, but if you make her angry, you will know what it means to attack poor Li Xiangkui. She used to be a vice-player, so there is almost no threat.
Luoyang Zhigui is somewhat similar to Yan Feng, but his marksmanship is very top-notch, close to 100% shooting rate, and he is a complete freak, so the players also gave him a nickname called "abnormal gunman", and he didn’t have anything to hand over to him. All this information was from hearsay and he didn’t know much about the real situation.
Farewell My Concubine is a very rough man, who not only likes to make friends, but also acts bravely. The typical brothers play the knight’s profession to perfection. He is proficient in everything except his inability to milk, and he is also familiar with video and voice several times in the game.
* * * * * As the name implies, a person is a white and beautiful royal elder sister. The key point is to master women with one hand and attract a number of young guys to be crazy. However, she has no interest in men at all, but has a strong affection for the same sex. In fact, several small MM are played by this queen at the palm of her hand, and she has nothing to make friends with him. It should be said that she does not want to make friends with him, not for him alone, but for men.
The last cynic, a typical rich second generation, dance academy, thinks that life is just like a wave of life, playing with tender models and doing big health care is like a routine for him. He once told Li Xiangkun that he has three hobbies. The first one is beautiful women, the second one is playing games, and the third one is beautiful women playing games with him.
Li Xiangkui recalled all these people in his mind, smiled gently and confused the other end of the conversation.
"Mr. Li, do you have any questions?" The guest asked nervously, the company is asking for help now, but we can’t offend him. We should pay attention to everything we say and do.
Hearing this, he also controlled his laughter and became much more relaxed. He said, "Does that mean inviting me to advertise?"
"It can be understood that we will call an exhibition at the headquarters of SH Illusion Company, and invite you to participate in some activities and give some publicity to Second Life." The guests became happy when they heard that things had changed for the better.
"Well, what’s the arrangement then?" Li Xiangkun doesn’t have anything to do, but he has to buy a plane ticket.
"We have sent you the invitation letter to the exhibition hall on the first floor of Unreal Company at 12 noon the day after tomorrow. If you make a face-to-face call, someone will pick you up at the airport and all the company departments will reimburse you during your trip."
Li Xiangkun looked out of the window. It was already evening. It seems that we have to pack our bags tonight.
He asked the guest some trivial things and hung up.
"Ah, it’s good to say that it’s gone back on its word again." Li Xiangkui sighed and lay on the sofa looking at the ceiling and muttered to himself.
Chapter seventy-two A short farewell
It’s strange that Lin Mo came out of the game cabin and saw the sofa lying on the couch. Isn’t it normal that he should not indulge in the game? Why are you sitting so quiet?
"Hey, what’s the matter? She looked at her boyfriend jokingly in front of the sofa and said, "What a lovely life!"
Li Xiangkun glanced at her gently, then continued to look at the ceiling and said, "The debt collection is coming without urging."
"hmm? What kid did you recruit again? "Lin Mo’s curiosity was hooked out and she sat on the sofa and stared at her watery eyes.
"Yeah," said Li Xiang with a deep sigh, "Yasheng Company called me and asked me to go to SH the day after tomorrow, there will be an exhibition to speak to contemporary people."
Lin Mo first jumped up excitedly and shouted, "Wow! I didn’t expect our family to be a star and a spokesperson! How much is the endorsement? " Just say that finish suddenly face a change asked "Yasheng company? What company is this? It won’t be a lie. "
"Yasheng is Eternal Hair Company and the major shareholder of Second Life. People need me to suck popularity." Li Xiangkang rolled his eyes and said that he felt tired and didn’t want to move.
When Lin Mo heard this, he sat down directly in Li Xiangkui’s leg, his hands propped up the wall, and his face gradually leaned towards his face, where he could see tiny pores.
"What do you want to do? Don’t want to molest a woman and a man, right? "Li Xiangkui was startled by this posture, which is too ambiguous. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if someone suddenly saw himself?
"Do you think I am good to you?" I didn’t expect Lin Mo to come up with such a first sentence mysteriously.
"This is good, but I feel bad when you move." Li Xiangkui shrank his head.
Lin Mo "cut" and turned over from him. He sat down honestly and grabbed the pillow with grievances and asked, "You said that if you are famous, many little girls will gather around you. Won’t I be a yellow-faced woman then?"
Li Xiangkun couldn’t help laughing when he saw her miserable. "Silly girl, you really think too much. What’s so famous about this? Just to have fun. "
"But you have a lot of fans. You said that your number has been sold for so long. There are still many people in the forum who talk about you and say that you want to marry your monkey." Lin Mo argued angrily
Li Xiangkun took the pillow from her hand and gently hugged her judo. "How can you give birth to a monkey if I’m not Sun Wu?" Don’t worry, everyone is a joke. "
"Really? You mustn’t lie to me. "Lin Mo put her head on his shoulder and said sadly.
Li Xiangkui smiled and pinched her elastic face with both hands and said, "I’m Sun Wu!" " Then get up.
"You still want to have monkeys!" Lin foam angrily stood up, pointing to Li Xiangru nose JiaoChen way
He raised his hands like a beggar and said, "Baby, I didn’t. I just want to say that I want this iron bar."
Lin mo-yu
After the trouble, the two people packed up Li Xiangkun’s clothes and some life in the bedroom. When everything was put away, there was a bulging big box in the bedroom.
Li Xiangkun looked at the box vaguely and said, "Are you sure I want to bring so many things?" After that, he carried the box before he left. Well, it was about 2 kilograms. Good.
When he hit the box, he saw the clothes full and then looked at the wardrobe swinging. "Are you going to kick me out?" he said grumpily. I’ll go out and you’ll pack all my clothes in two or three days! "
"Aren’t you going to have monkeys? Get ready to be a monkey father for you. "Lin Mo took out those clothes one by one from the box again.
Silence is golden, but for such a girlfriend, it is a diamond.