The fierce battle ahead seems to them to be a process of testing each other.

The real deciding factor is the time when Lu Yuan started to deify animals.
And from the beginning of Liu Yuan’s deification to the end of cutting off a hair on the moon ice.
This is just a few minutes.
A platinum beast was defeated in a few minutes.
In reality, that is, Lu Yuan killed a platinum-level beast in a few minutes.
What is this? This is terror deterrence!
Don’t forget that Lu Yuanshen is also an animal bender
His people who pet animals and have many non-alliance forces seem to be stronger than others.
Whichever of these pet animals is taken out alone can be completely independent.
But Liu Yuan has more than one.
This makes many non-alliance forces a little puzzled.
They don’t understand how such monsters as Lu Yuan are cultivated.
And it’s not Liu Yuanyue’s ice and fierce inflammation, even Chen Zhan, who has the worst record.
They are all unimaginable geniuses.
At the same time, so many horrible monsters have been cultivated.
The alliance details make these non-alliance forces very afraid.
Because it means that the gap between them and the alliance will get bigger and bigger as time goes by.
Now they can also rely on their own strength and alliance to be a little stiff.
But when Liu Yuan, the younger generation, grows up, this balance doubt will be broken.
Thinking of this, many non-alliance forces began to calculate their own future.
It can be said that this time the champion king war brought them a great shock.
There’s quite a sense of defeating the enemy without fighting
But the actual alliance really wants to show a muscle to the outside world in this championship.
Tell everyone the alliance or the alliance, your father or your father.
People who want to make trouble should behave themselves.
However, not everyone has a strong sense of crisis because of this time.
Dragon Valley, the three major non-alliance forces, has completely different ideas from the other two forces.
"Is this Lu Yuan really an apprentice in the Little Dream Alliance?"
"According to the information obtained from our alliance, Liu Yuan was a miss student at the earliest."
"At that time, the young lady was very special. Although she was a teacher in a place called Yongjiang Royal Veterinary College, there was Lu Yuan among the students."
"The two of them are not the same class of teachers and students, but more like a master apprentice."
Sue scales suddenly looked weird when she heard these words.
At that time, he sent his daughter to the league, but he didn’t expect such a situation to happen again.
At that time, he was looking at his daughter Longgu, who was in a bit of an awkward situation and left her in Longgu.
We might as well let her go to the league for fun, so the pressure will be less.
And Su Meng was really comfortable after he went to the League.
After Jia Su Li’s failure to dream, he didn’t pay too much attention to Su Meng.
This time, I still saw the terrorist strength of these alliance kings in the battle of kings.
He remembered his daughter who was still in the league.