In case of going to see Xun Changhuai or seeing others who practice evil, no matter which way her identity is exposed, it will be the rhythm of taking advantage of lunch.

I hate this dove who looks at people too closely!
"Twilight friends, don’t be distracted. You have to be closer to you. I’ll wait for you before you arrive. Others have already entered the green birch forest first. Without you to lead you, if you make a mistake, you will get lost in the forest," said Turow.
"Thank you for your care." Lin Qing looked around and remembered the route while thinking about the escape strategy. "The younger generation just wanted to pick up what we have to do … some worry."
It’s a pity that she has a poor sense of direction and is a little dizzy. She didn’t even have a help to remember the way before the red date.
Turow shook his mung bean eyes and turned around. "You don’t need to worry. Since you are divided into this group, I will let you pretend perfectly. If you want to do great things according to your teachings, you will surely succeed."
What’s Lin Qing’s plot?
She reluctantly followed the dove behind her, who looked ugly and took care of the younger generation. This "thoughtfulness" kept Lin Qing from even having a chance to run.
She smiled and said, "The younger generation naturally believes that the true gentleman is the younger generation and has too much experience, so some much ado about nothing makes the older generation laugh."
Turow seems to be in a good mood. He laughs. "I have decided which brothers you pretend to be."
With that, he took out a photo stone and proudly said, "Look, this is me, you pick your identity."
Lin Qing leaned over and saw the girl in the photo stone wearing a blue shirt. She had a green eyebrow and a cherry mouth, but she was somewhat sharp. This woman was a monk in the early days of then, and she was far from being a brother of Yuanying in the early days of then. However, like deliberately releasing water, Kuluo made her frequently push the girl in the blue shirt and had a bad feeling. As a result, Kuluo threw a magic weapon like a Wuzhishan and couldn’t run away.
Lin Qing looked so sweaty that she couldn’t help secretly glad that she didn’t escape for the first time.
She really hates those messy magic weapons!
Tears welled up in her heart, but her mouth answered, "It turns out that this person is the elder, and I have chosen my identity as a hard elder."
Not sure what they were up to, Lin Qing was able to repeat a sentence in a dry way. She then asked, "I don’t know the origin of this girl in blue?"
Kuo Luo quickened his pace. "I will tell you the specific identity of this woman later. Let’s speed up. Maybe others are already waiting."
Lin Qing heart thumped a.
It is very likely that the horse will meet an acquaintance!
What should we do?
She doesn’t care if Guiluo wants to take the initiative and pull out a Yi Dan from her arms. She will soon turn into a blue woman and then chuckle, "Do you think I look like a senior?"
"What are you doing in this state?" A lift of dove-Luo eyebrows
Yi Dan maintained for several hours. These evil practices are really a sight to see. Be patient!
Lin Qing said coldly, "If the younger generation wants to do it, it’s best to do it. I’m afraid it’s not good enough later. I want the older generation to help me first."
With a sharp look, Turow squinted at her.
"It’s a bit of a marrow."
See dove Luo didn’t immediately suspicious of her Lin Qing secretly relieved.
Talk A bluestone courtyard has appeared in front of you.
Turow took a token from his sleeve and then hit the courtyard gate with a flash of green light.
There is also a law in the courtyard?
It’s hard for Lin Qing to take a deep breath and ride a tiger. She can talk to Turtle.
Follow all the way in, but there is no barrier inside. Cross a corridor and cross several thresholds. Lin Qing followed dove into a place similar to a hall.
The hall is very large, and there are already many people sitting in it.
Lin Qing glanced at blazing with anger, who was dressed in a brown robe and had a long beard.
There is still a place next to him, which is obviously reserved for dove.
In addition to Yuan Ying, there are many positions in front of them, all of which are seated by Godsworn then.
She didn’t know anyone else, but she saw the familiar blood brake, the method of star and the Ubufan then who chased her into the snow.
Blood brake and others are a little surprised to see Lin Qing. They all know that Kuluo has gone to take care of the twilight. It is said that Kuluo Zhenjun is cautious and has information about the twilight. But who is this strange woman?
When I was wondering, I saw this strange woman pay a respectful salute to Yuan Ying in the previous step, and then gave a faint hand to others. The tone was clear and cold, saying, "The road is in some trouble, thanks to the help of my predecessors, it is a sorrow that many Taoist friends have been waiting for a long time."
When I heard this, I was familiar with the tone of dusk sorrow, and she was just like dusk sorrow. I really don’t know what the hell she was doing with this appearance. She looked at it and turned elsewhere.
After she finished speaking, the bearded Yuan Ying said, "Now that people are here, I’ll wait."
Turow shook his fan and sat down.
Lin Qing followed her into the blood brake.
The sound of blood brake gave her "How did you make this look like this?"
Lin Qing with heart smoke eyes light horizontal "naturally previously adapt to identity I do things have my own reason? If I do, I still need you to take care of it? "
In my heart, I muttered something about not letting the blood brake or the method star come out to meet me. If it were them, she wouldn’t be in such a dangerous situation now. Don’t come if you are really worried now!
Besides, there is a law in this courtyard. Can she run out?
Blood brake listened to Lin Qing’s answer and laughed at it, but he hated it in his heart.
Since the death of Yin Shi, the younger brother of the five inheritors has been the highest in the world. In recent years, she has become more and more rampant, and one day he will come from behind and break her arrogance.
Yuan Ying, who is unfamiliar with each other at the same time, has said, "You are the elite of our country, the peninsula and the wild. In a few days, it will be the battle of Zhongshan’s strength ranking. Today, I will call you here to discuss the big plan. If this matter can be achieved, it will definitely affect the pattern of Zhongshan. The wild peninsula can also get what it wants."
Lin Qing was surprised to hear that this Zhongyuan baby was someone she didn’t know, but it turned out to be a man who won. !