The 3rd Armored Division of the SS rushed to the No.112 tank of the front armored unit, and the commander Marcus complained to the company commander Carter on the intercom, "It’s like a dog to drive dozens of kilometers with an order."

"Stop complaining! Look at Rennes … This is the great warrior loyal to the Fuehrer! " Carter was chatting and responding as the tank shook. A few days ago, they just replaced the new crawler and repaired the engine gearbox, and then they were ordered to turn around and push north. As a result, they haven’t met a Polish soldier all the way so far.
"The company commander! See the smoke at 1 o’clock? " Ryan’s earphone sounded, "I think when the regimental headquarters arranged us, it was to let us deal with this unit with experience in tank warfare!" "
"All tanks! Prepare the artillery! " Carter’s voice is a little tonal because of excitement. "1 o’clock! Massive polish troops! Adjust the car body for one minute and then test the throat phone … "
On September 25, 1937, the Third Armored Division of the German SS was ordered to attack the Lodz army exhibition in Poland in the north, which was encountered near a famous hill on both sides.
Chapter 194 194 Armored First World War
"We were hit! We were hit! " Bruce shouted, just now, a shell hit the front armor plate of No.113 Leopard tank, and the whole tank trembled. The short and restless knock made everyone in the chariot twitch inexplicably.
"Calm down! We’re not pierced! We have not been pierced! " The gunner Andre woke up all the people in the car, and at this time Ryan was leaning out of the tank car and staring at the Polish tank that was constantly burning opposite.
After a while, he got back into the tank turret and pointed to the right and said, "We can see three Polish tanks on the right, two tanks on the left and an outdated armored vehicle."
"Turn the turret! Right tank fire! They are trying to get close to us, "Ryan said to Andre.
With the mechanical roar, the turret of the Leopard tank rotated to the right, and soon stopped at a position. The coaxial machine gun fired several shots, and then Andre reported, "I found the target!"
"Boom!" One shot, a 75 mm caliber armor-piercing projectile flew out of the muzzle and rushed to its target at a speed indistinguishable to the naked eye. A Polish Renault tank was penetrated by the shell and instantly turned into a jumping flame.
"My emperor! Reverse the car! Another tank aimed at us! Hurry back! " Andre saw another tank in the sight, and the dark muzzle of the tank was facing him.
"Fire! Fire! " Ryan shouted, "Don’t wait for my instructions! If you see anything, you can shoot! "
"Boom!" The leopard tank once again caught fire with the shells. Just a moment later, the tank opposite them exploded into a pile of twisted scrap iron. Renli grabbed the handrail and laughed and praised, "Well played! Andre! Two tanks! "
Melodious music reverberates in the magnificent banquet hall. Men dressed in aristocratic ceremonies stop in front of the ladies with red wine or champagne and politely talk about topics of interest to everyone.
This is the Fuehrer’s birthday party. Everything seems so peaceful and warm in the venue. The sound of the piano accompanied by the aroma of food makes people feel that this is a country that has declared war on several world powers at the same time.
"Heads of state to! The Fuhrer’s wife is here! " The attendants pulled the gate at the door, and everyone turned to the direction of the gate, where arcado was walked into the hall by Mercedes, arm in arm and smiling on the thick floor.
I saw the figure of arcado, whether it was those once arrogant nobles or those rich monopoly chaebols; No matter those emerging heavy industry capitalists or those military bosses who are in charge of one side of the army, they all straightened their bodies, "clicked" the heels of leather shoes and held their right arms high at a 45-degree angle to heaven, giving a standard German gift.
"Long live the Fuehrer!" Everyone shouted in unison.
"Long live the Great Germany!" Arcado waved his hand to signal them to withdraw their etiquette, then smiled confidently and said, "Welcome to my birthday party. I don’t want to be such a wave, but Mr. Bos is willing to pay for everyone to get together here, so I will have the cheek to eat."
"Ha ha ha" all the celebrities and noble gentlemen who came to attend the Fuehrer’s birthday party burst out laughing.
"Everyone must have fun today! Otherwise, the two of us are not well entertained! Just now, my dear Fuehrer told me that if you don’t have peace work tonight, you must stay drunk! " Mercedes wore a special black evening gift, showing her sexy shoulders and back. It was beautiful and impressive. She snuggled up to arcado and said with a smile.
"Don’t get drunk!" Everyone raised their glasses in response to the first lady’s proposal.
"Bruce! Hurry up and reload! This is the seventh car! " Andre excited phone shouted "my god! The burning wreckage of the enemy tank covered my sight with smoke, and I couldn’t find the target. "
"No.124 tank was hit! Tank 124 was hit! " The company commander Carter’s voice came in the earphone because he was too flustered. His voice was a little distorted. "Oh, my God! Tank 114! Can you see our tank? Tank 124 is smoking. "
"Boom!" Rennes tank was on fire again, but the shells hit the ground and set off a mass of black soil. More than 20 destroyed Polish tanks were smoking in the wilderness, and these smoke drifted by the wind, which seriously affected the shooting rate of aiming at German tanks.
"114115 you cover a hit tank 124! Ryan! Marcus! You push forward 2 meters! Establish a new line of defense! " After a while, Carter’s big order came from the earphone.
"Polish tank soldiers are crazy? They have lost dozens of tanks. Why don’t they retreat? " Marcus complained that everyone felt a little uneasy, but dozens of Leopard tanks still formed an overwhelming advantage. Polish tanks have surrounded this lone German armored force on three sides, but they did nothing about this piece of fat.
"Andre! Polish tank on the left! Left! " Ryan patted Andre on the shoulder and ordered, "Bowman! Move forward slowly! We need to push the defense forward a little! One of our guys has been shot! Need our cover. "
"We also need cover!" Bruce complained, "This situation still requires us to move forward? Find someone to collect the body for us! "
"Bruce! Shut up! Clark, watch out for those infantry behind Polish tanks! We didn’t deal with them. We gave them to you, "Andre shouted as he aimed.
"Where did they get so many tanks?" Clark’s machine gun aimed at the infantry and said, "The ammunition is running out! I still have two drums! Ryan! "
On a hillside opposite them, two more Polish tanks rushed in, followed by countless Polish infantry.
"Mr Boss! Thank you for helping my husband plan this dance. I think this is an important step to repair the Fuhrer’s nobility and chaebol. I thank you for the Fuhrer’s toast! " Mercedes was generous and decent. When she finished this sentence, she raised her red wine glass and motioned for a toast. After that, she put a sip on her delicate red lips. I don’t know if it was because of the color of red wine or other reasons, the lips looked redder.
"This is what I should do everywhere!" Boshahaha laughed and said that with the outbreak of war, Germany’s demand for synthetic rubber and synthetic oil has increased greatly, and seven regions have established French companies’ refineries. The representatives of Bosfah Company earned a lot of money and naturally smiled a little more.
"Please also ask Mr. Boss to support my husband a lot," Mercedes said with a slightly rosy cheeks. "Your support can make him go further, and the further he goes, the further Germany will go."
"The further Germany goes, the more we will earn! The more we earn, the more we will support the Fuhrer! " Krupp said at the same time, "Miss Mercedes said that we are all loyal supporters of arcado and we will support him until the end of the world!"
"How’s the design of the Tiger Tank going?" Mercedes suddenly asked the person in charge of Mercedes-Benz, "The Fuehrer has been waiting for your plan, but weapons distribution is the Fuehrer’s most important thing in wartime."
Krupp knew that the army’s main weapons were issued, and the Fuehrer continued to support Mercedes-Benz, which has since become the first Krupp factory in Germany, and has gradually fallen into a processing enterprise. This technology has been beyond the sense of crisis and haunts his mind.
"The Fuehrer of Nature ordered that some of the weapons developed will be transferred to Krupp factory for production." Mercedes changed the topic after a little click. "I heard that Krupp produces ultra-light 15mm howitzers, and it seems to be very popular with the troops."
"11 o’clock direction! A Polish tank! Armor piercing projectile loading! " Ryan ordered that the front of their tanks was full of bodies of Polish soldiers, and ten f17 wrecks were burning violently not far away.
Just now, the high-intensity battle made Ryan’s crew know the surrounding environment like the back of their hand. Now they can accurately rotate the turret according to the password and point their 75 mm cannon in the direction they need as quickly as possible.
"Boom!" There was another loud noise. The No.113 tank fired two hours and 43 guns. The last Polish tank opposite them was pierced by the great force of armor-piercing bullets, but inertia made the tank climb forward for more than one meter before it stopped. The tank did not explode and did not move.
With the sound of the cannon, the battlefield was quiet again, and the Poles attacked and retreated like a tide, leaving bodies all over the ground and nearly seven tank wrecks.
"They … retreated …" Ryan wiped a handful of Pakistani sweat drops off the back of his seat and said generally.
Bruce found a cannonball rack and sat down panting. Andre didn’t leave the gun sight until now. Everyone didn’t talk and the noise of the engine disappeared. At this time, everyone found that all the clothes were wet with sweat.
Chapter 195 War and peace
"We … this is … won?" Andre clutched the gun launcher and his hand trembled slightly. He still looked at the sight without looking back, but he asked
"Win!" A headset shouted that not far away, a German armored car in Tanqueray had lifted its hatch to reveal half its body and waved its hat to celebrate this hard-won victory.
"It should be … won, right?" Ryan stretched out his hand and touched his coat pocket and took out the tin box. He poured out two pieces of chocolate candy and threw it into his mouth.
A few minutes later, the friendly troops arrived in the village not far away and built a defense line. These German armored soldiers really believed that they had come alive from the cruel battlefield.
"Wait here, and take a rest." Ryan looked at Bruce, who was almost powerless, and Andre barely squeezed out a smile. "I’ll go to tank 124 and see what I can do for you."
He pushed his captain’s hatch cover and climbed out of the tank turret. Just as he wanted to get on the bus, he saw a Polish soldier lying on his back in muddy soil. The blood in his nostrils had dried up slightly, and his blue eyes were not closed yet, staring straight at the gray sky.
The soldier was shot through the chest by a machine gun, and a rifle was thrown around him. He didn’t even have a Grenade, which seemed to be a threat to the huge tank, but he was still hit and fell down. It was as dead as a pile of mud here.
Reinmer didn’t look at the body for a few seconds, then jumped out of the tank. His slightly muddy boots stepped on the body arm and stumbled. But he didn’t look down at the strange face. He went around to the front of his car and took a look at the bullet hole that was deeply sunken.
It was just hit by a shell here, but because of the inclined armor design, the shell was refracted at another angle and flew to the sky with the armor plate in front of the tank. Fortunately, their tank was not punctured, and everyone was still safe except for a little fright.