The eyebrows a wrinkly and then body a shock cried.

"It’s him!"
"I actually saw the clay bodhisattva. Damn it, if I had known, I would have let him deduce a divination!"
"Clay Bodhisattva knows how many people want to ask him for a divination a thousand years later, but I can’t believe he passed by!"
These people beat their chests and feet and regretted it.
The ghost wind has a feeling. He glanced at the old man’s face in the direction where he just left and wondered, "Is it strange that there was a sense of causality and chaos just now?"
He has reached the realm of the half-step god king, and has involved in a higher field, touching the causal universe, but any causal change can’t be hidden from him.
Just now, he felt someone deliberately covering up the cause and effect, and Yin and Yang whizzed past him, but that person had already left by the time the ghost wind reacted.
The old man in gray frowned and nodded, "Old people also feel this way. Causal change is a profound means for people to pass by."
They accelerated their March and didn’t want the universe to wander for too long.
This time, although they will catch all the black list masters, there are still days to worry about the list. If the strong ones come here one day, it will inevitably fall short.
The black list of the list of days of sorrow seems to belong to two lists, but in fact, the black list of the same spirit is removed, and the master of the list of days of sorrow will not stop there!
The army marched rapidly in the universe and finally arrived at the headquarters of the Imperial Clan of the Ghost after half a month.
Ghost emperor star!
This is a magnificent and vast planet, full of words and mighty breath, and full of vitality. There are huge mountains and rivers flowing around this planet, and the high-rise buildings are more beautiful than jade.
It can be seen that several nether emperors have thrived here, and a huge secret realm has been carved out, and it flows in vain like a small world revolving around this planet.
At the center of this planet, there are several tall buildings, and Guanghua is filled with ancient vicissitudes of life.
The army of the ghost wind finally landed in the central square where this ancestral star fell.
"Seal the magic hole and seal the demons!"
As soon as the ghost wind came, he waved his hand and said nothing.
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen Sealing the magic hole
This central square is tens of thousands of miles wider than the square. Around it, there are 100 giant columns, surrounded by 36 peripheral 72, which coincide with the highest heaven and the earth. The face is carved with dragons and phoenixes. Every giant column is seated with a second-step master of the nether world.
At the moment, the ghost wind made the 100 masters immediately act together and rowed their hands to produce a mysterious dharma seal.
The whole square shook violently, and the light shone brightly, and several runes wandered like a monster slowly recovering. Suddenly, this square cracked a dark and bottomless hole, from which the magic gas came out and went straight to the sky, and the whole day was set off in a flash.
This breath suddenly makes people feel marginal despair, and it seems that once they fall, they will sink forever and turn over forever!
"Throw it in!"
Ghost tuyere drink a way
All the troops immediately grabbed a black list master and threw them all at the black hole.
These gangsters are surprised and angry and swear.
"Damn things, you are old!"
"Ghost wind old fuck mud uncle have the guts to kill the old!"
"The old man refuses to recognize the leader. This generation will always follow his old man’s ghost wind. If you have the ability, you will kill the old man!"
"Ghost wind, you wait for the old man. If you don’t die this time, you will kill your family!"
The square shook, and more than 3,000 black list masters were quickly thrown into the black hole and disappeared.
When the black hole is slowly closed, the magic gas also converges quickly and disappears into the black hole square again, and it will be clear and flat in an instant.
The ghost wind turned around and sneered, "I won’t kill you if you are thrown into the magic cave and respected now. When you come to your senses, you will naturally be released and loyal to me!"
He went to a big hall in the distance and sat high on the throne. "Mr. Jiang also asked Yu Xiao to be released for personal questioning."
Jiang Tianluo smiled "Sir Zhong’s instruction"
He seized the mountains and rivers, and when he shook, there was a brilliance flying out and landing. Xiao Yu looked like he was wearing a pipa and his blood was tied by thick chains, making it difficult to move.
He was previously attacked by Jiang Tianluo Jin Gangzhuo, and he was almost killed on the spot. If it weren’t for his strong body, the blow would definitely kill him.
"A rat dare to plot against your grandfather!"
Xiao Yu is more angry than struggling violently.
Looking down at Xiao Yu with a cold smile, the nether world said, "Since ancient times, the leader of the alliance has become a king and defeated Xiao Yu. Heaven and earth are eternal, and you have been arrested by respect, but you don’t want to kill you. I can give you a chance to swear allegiance to me, so that you and your brother will have a good name. What do you think?"
"Ha ha ha “`"
Xiao Yu burst out laughing. "Do you want me to be a slave? Old people are born free, saying that you are a ghost emperor, even if you are a yellow god, how can you be like that? People who live honestly don’t want to get old. "
"So it’s time for the leader to go it alone?"
Ghost wind suddenly face a cold mouth way
Xiao Yu sneer at a "cut the crap and fall into your hands. It’s an old misfortune to kill. Whatever you want."
He has nothing to be afraid of, and it was his intention to get the facts caught.
He has long wanted to find a chance to blend in with the Emperor Clan of the Ghost and steal the God Dan of the Ghost. This is definitely a great opportunity for him qR1.
The so-called wealth and risk! Plus, he has great protection. Once there is a real crisis of life and death, those seven punches can help him resolve the disaster.
Xiao Yu thought about all kinds of strategies in an instant.
At this time, the ghost emperor suddenly drank and scanned Xiao Yudao. "I don’t know how to live or die, but I dare to talk nonsense and not die?"
"Little thing, are you talking to me? Believe it or not, the old breath can blow you to death. "Xiao Yu glanced at the ghost emperor Tukou drink a way.
"You “`"
The ghost emperor suddenly trembled with anger and shouted, "Somebody give me a shot!"
Immediately blunt come over ten emperor master holding a thunder stick to Xiao Yushen blow.
Bang bang bang!
Waves of rumbling to the thunder stick Xiao Yu body hard to hurt him that exists, just like mosquitoes let him feel no pain.
"This is the so-called imperial clan, but it’s not much to want to beat the old, so that some strength can’t be eaten. Hahahaha “`" Xiao Yu laughed wildly and looked puffed up.
The cold wind in the nether world shook people’s hearts and said, "You won’t eat and drink to honor the leader, but it seems unnecessary to keep your life. Now it is necessary to bring it to me at noon on Sunday and invite the forces in Sendai to watch it together. You must personally supervise it!"
Immediately, the ten imperial masters grabbed Xiao Yu and dragged him out directly into the prison.
At this moment, the ghost wind took out a token and slowly said, "Emperor Earth, please invite all the surrounding forces with my big order, and say that you have seized the black gang leader at noon on the first day, so that they can all come and testify. Whoever dares not to come will be regarded as the party’s immediate destruction."
"It’s my second uncle"
Ghost emperor soil grimace of a grin after the token immediately quit the hall.
The news that all the forces around us were shocked was unprecedented than that the nether emperor invited them personally.
In fact, the Imperial Clan of the Ghost has really seen their sudden invitation in recent years, which makes some forces feel that they can’t touch the North.
"Grandma, all the ghosts and emperors are disdainful. Why should I suddenly invite the old man this time?"
"What the hell is the ghost wind doing?"
"What did you say about catching the gangster grandma on the black list? Even if you catch all the black lists, what are you always shouting about?"