Reading this, Zhao-yang Xia’s mind is more fluent than concentrating on uniting.

At first light, two people woke up from the practice one after another.
Looking at the morning sun, I remembered a good place, so I turned my head and fled to the blackwater swamp at the source of the two rivers.
Xia Chaoyang, who was still frozen in the blackwater swamp, was immediately shocked by the beautiful glacier.
"Brother, is this Ziyan’s frozen glacier? It’s beautiful. You can always see the bottom of the lake. It’s even more beautiful than what brother described …"
When talking, Sister Xia flashed forward and then the glacier slid and looked very skilled.
Xiao Chaoyang plays with Baiyun Tower, but he also feels comfortable and flickers to the ice to practice the cloud palm.
I didn’t expect this unusually smooth ice surface to have a wonderful feeling of practicing the palm of the cloud. It is difficult for the avatar to play a complete palm of the cloud without using the technique.
A palm wind and a turning foot may disorientate the Baiyun Tower and make it experience novelty.
After a half-wick of incense, I groped for the Baiyun Tower and finally played the cloud-discharging palm method completely on the mirror-like ice.
Zhao-yang Xia watched the fun and learned to slide on the ice and became interested. It didn’t take long for him to find out the trick.
Two people practice a few sets of cloud palm method ice play a Baiyun Lou suddenly stopped to look across the winding glacier because of the induction to the familiar smell.
Stretched out his hand and pulled up Sister Xia’s Baiyun Tower to flicker and fly to the other side of the glacier for a moment, bypassing a swamp jungle and then seeing the weak little figure.
Small Taohua is sitting on a plate, not far from the shore, and the breath of the glacier is fluctuating. Obviously, this little girl has just broken through to the initial stage of condensation.
This talent and understanding are absolutely limitless for top practitioners in the future.
"Is this Ziyan’s disciple Xiao Taohua? It’s so cute. A small mirror of Momo tweed will definitely like it when you see it. It has become a small teacher’s aunt," sighed Xia Chaoyang.
"Don’t say small mirror pool is not this small Taohua Shi Gu? What do you do this teacher gu prepared a gift "Baiyun Lou quipped.
"It seems that … the gift is naturally indispensable."
Speaking, Xiao Taohua has closed her eyes and opened her eyes very coldly. Her eyes are very similar to those of former Ziyan, but she still reveals a little smile.
When I saw the glacier coming, two fairy-like little Taohua couldn’t help but stay. It turned out to be a master, and then he got up and walked to meet him.
"Guy’s okay …" Small Taohua leaned slightly before the two men. It seems that he has learned the etiquette of Daxia countries and knows how to salute and greet, but his voice is still hoarse.
"Little Taohua is called Master Gu, but you are the best sister. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your master Bo." Xia Chaoyang squatted down slightly and said to Little Taohua.
"Master Gu is well …" It must be true that Tao Hua can be talked by the master Bo with his beautiful sister without hesitation.
"It was the teacher elder sister’s lovely disciple." Xia Chaoyang suddenly smiled brightly and took the jade bracelet with the symbol pattern from her wrist and then said, "Since she called the master aunt, she gave it to Xiao Taohua."
See small TaoHua some tybalt slain Xia Chaoyang pulled TaoHua hands gently set to, and then move the jade bracelet to narrow a circle is delicate again.
"This bracelet turned out to be a horoscope?" Baiyun tower is not surprised.
"When bubble medicine pool endure pain refining? School sister is fierce, isn’t it? "Summer school sister said proudly.
"This bracelet doesn’t seem to work. It can hold several clothes before. Is it expanded?"
Xia Chaoyang shouted, "It seems that nothing has changed. When my junior sister was refining, she thought that it would be enough to make changes. I didn’t expect it to be refined."
"Change can? That’s a good avatar. Can you change? " Baiyun building then asked
"It just changed, brother. Do you think this bracelet is just the right size with a small pottery wrist? Is there any change?"
Talking about Xia Chaoyang’s mindfulness makes this rune jade bracelet change.
Looking at the jade bracelet with rune pattern, it can not only change the size and style, but also change at will. Sometimes it’s simple and sometimes it’s mysterious, and the Baiyun Tower is white.
It took Xiao Chaoyang some time to refine a spirit ornament, which is the same except that it is two feet square.
Sure enough, it’s true that your vulgar thoughts are very good for your temperament!
Chapter four hundred and forty-three Across the West Sea
Seeing the big brother nodding his head in praise seems to appreciate Xia Chaoyang’s refining the jade bracelet. Some people are elated and happily pulling the small pottery flower to teach such as refining and changing.
Baiyun Tower sensed the small breath on the distant shore and immediately shouted "Come to Taohua for morning exercise …"
After counting the interest, the three Taoyuan villages jumped out of the shore and ran happily all the way.
On the ice, it can be seen that Tao Ye was much more comfortable when he came running at the bottom of practicing.
"Bai Dage ok …" Tao Ye three people have established themselves.
"Well, is it okay to take my sister by this time and see everything in your village?" Baiyun Lou asked
Tao Ye came out and replied, "Everything is all right. Years ago, Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce sent many new year’s goods to the village. The village had a very peaceful year."
"Chaoyang, these are the ones who told you about Tao Ye before." See Xia Shimei curiously looking at several young Baiyun Lou.
"This is the school teacher elder sister, you three shout Xia teacher elder sister."
"Xia, the teacher elder sister is well …" Tao Ye naturally knew that this beautiful sister was also a fairy-god-like person, so she hurried to meet him.
Looking at the youthful Xia Chaoyang, I couldn’t help but praise a big brother. Seeing that the teenager was really good, I immediately raised my hand and took out a basket of fruit.
"It’s all good … I’ll send you these spiritual fruits at the beginning of your martial arts practice, which is very effective for refining the body. Small peach blossoms, it’s enough for you to put away these spiritual fruits with jade bracelets first." Xia Chaoyang is very familiar with refining the spiritual fruits. After all, I have tasted them.
Glancing at the Baiyun Tower briefly, I was secretly relieved. Fortunately, there are no purple fruit. They are all low-order fruit, which is very suitable for these small refining bodies.
Just a moment’s thought, it is a New Year’s gift for Baiyun Tower to take out a few bamboo swords that have not been refined and sent to three teenagers.
Although they are ordinary jewels and swords, the three teenagers can’t put it down and feel that their strength has doubled.
Passing by this place is to bring my sister to see this beautiful glacier. I will also have fun and meet several teenagers in Taoyuan Village. It is quite satisfactory to even send a New Year gift, so I have the intention to go.
When he left, Baiyun Tower said to Tao Ye several people, "This glacier is condensed by the magical power of Ziyan Operation, and it contains a lot of spiritual power. Small pottery flowers have sensed that this glacier is unusual and have just broken through to the initial stage of condensation."
"Ah …" Tao Ye was surprised.
"There is still a month or two before the ice melts at this time. If you guys are not afraid of the ice and cold, you should get up early every day to practice or practice the palm technique in this glacier." Baiyun Tower still gave some advice.
"I see. Thank you for your advice." Tao Ye quickly saluted and thanked him.
At this moment, Xiao Taohua, who was quite silent, suddenly asked in a hoarse voice, "Is Master OK?"
"Little Taohua, your master is now in a retreat. She will come to see you when she has time." Xia Chaoyang took Taohua’s little hand and comforted him.
When I saw Taohua’s wrist jade carving, I couldn’t help but be stupefied. I was still very delicate, and it turned into an ordinary mahogany bracelet.
Those symbols have also changed into mahogany textures, which are simply natural.
Baiyun tower looks at the corner of its mouth, and such a mahogany bracelet is also pretty. Although it is not exquisite, it won’t attract disaster for no reason.
Now it seems that this small pottery flower is exquisite and transparent although it is cold and has some mumu thoughts.
Looking at the mahogany bracelet, Xia Chaoyang suddenly remembered Tao Hua’s life experience and couldn’t help fondly caressing Xiao Taohua’s small bun. She said, "I have something to do, so I’ll leave first. When I am rejuvenated, Master Gu will come to see Xiao Taohua again."
Taohua nodded cleverly.
In an instant, two people rise in smoke, wrap them up, and then slowly disappear.
Jade clouds two people didn’t go far, but looked at these teenagers in seclusion.
That pottery leaf is really enough. I heard that glacier cultivation is quite effective. I directly took off my cotton and wore a suit of clothes and sat on the glacier to practice.
His two teenagers followed suit and sat there for a moment, shivering with cold.