Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, the man didn’t turn around. "How can it be so simple that the Divine Comedy wants to imitate artistic conception? All laity ignore it. "Hearing this man’s comments on himself, Zhang Tao smiled, but he didn’t expect himself to become a laity." Qin Yin’s artistic conception seeks to experience the mountain sound and touch the running water, and his bosom friend is in love, and his bosom friend calls to his heart to imitate it? To figure it out? " Zhang Tao said these words after the man suddenly zheng.

It seems that because Zhang Tao’s words brought him feelings, he suddenly turned around and found that the man behind him was handsome and his face was full of shock. "Is he?"
Sitting in Tonghua Pavilion, Zhang Tao seems to be able to find the original four people chatting. At this time, a step is slowly coming. Zhang Tao smiled. "It seems that there are already people living in Tonghua Pavilion. Chapter 576 Gathered in Tianyuecheng.
Pushing the door was actually a white man who had just played in clear water, which made Zhang Tao slightly surprised to see the middleman in Tonghua Pavilion. He never hesitated to let go of the guqin and immediately knelt down. "Little Zhang Bin hopes that Zhang Tao’s adult can teach me the true meaning of the piano and the exquisiteness of the piano."
Hearing that the other person is also surnamed Zhang Zhang Tao, he will raise his hand with a slight smile. "Do you know my identity?" Zhang Tao has changed his appearance, otherwise, these students will see the familiarity of the statue every day and even cause a sensation as soon as they come in.
"Because there is no other person except Zhang Tao who can understand the mountains and rivers like this, even if it can be imitated perfectly in those days," Zhang Bin said seriously.
Zhang Tao looked at the man quietly. "Do you live here, Zhang Bin?"
Zhang Bin shook his head. "It wasn’t just Zhang Tao’s words that made me guess your identity. I know you will definitely come here again, so I came here to try my luck."
"Who lives here?" Obviously, people who can live in Tonghuage are not necessarily simple, but what makes Zhang Tao mean most is that this young man is agile in his mind.
"It is the first master of universities". Although Zhang Bin talks about the most powerful person, his eyes are full of reverence, but he is dismissive with a little bit.
Zhang Tao spilled a smile "such as? Do you want to surpass him? " I don’t know if this little guy Zhang Tao likes to talk about it because of his understanding or his personality. It seems that he has his own personality and Mo Lengfeng’s personality, and I don’t know who will work miracles in this generation of noble institutions of learning, and he will not bring him miracles himself.
"Visit the master" Zhang Bin immediately knelt down and Zhang Tao will lift "Don’t call me master, I want to give you a chance to see if you can change everything".
Later, Zhang Tao learned that it was not so simple to learn the complete piano score. Only when he reached a certain level could he learn the piano score. After learning, he had to learn it bit by bit
It is not so simple to learn the perfect musical score. Zhang Tao gave him the musical score department such as the legendary swordsman, a high mountain and flowing water, and also gave the music of Kowloon to Zhang Bin. With his own efforts, his future may be amazed by the legendary swordsman’s skills and the music of Kowloon will reach its peak.
Sonic attacks can’t be prevented. If you practice hard, it will still have a good effect. Zhang Tao didn’t promise to accept him as a disciple, because he was not qualified yet. Although he already had a disciple named Lv Fan, he was only registered.
Zhang Tao finally met Dong Dao in the middle of the bamboo forest. Now Dong Dao has retired to the second line, and Dan Xuan has not continued to guard the front yard. Almost everything has been handed over to Sun Yue’s love poems and clouds and Yu Songtian, but they have experienced life and enjoyed life.
After seeing Zhang Tao coming to Dong Dao slightly surprised, he kept a sage like type smile. As the saying goes, Dong Dao is very cunning. Like an old fox, Zhang Tao was tricked into growing up by him. Now he sees a familiar smile, but his heart is slightly warm.
Zhang Tao, the "wine-offering adult Dan Xuan", is still polite and courteous, and he will not become arrogant because of his soaring. This virtue has also been brought to him for nine days and a little.
At the beginning, I said that no matter how proud you are, no matter how powerful you are, don’t forget that people who have helped you don’t change because of your strength and status.
It’s not the strength that nine days and one less brings to Zhang Tao. Of course, it also has a bottom line. Seeing that Zhang Tao is gentle and polite, Dong Dao is very satisfied that he was born with such students. It’s really worthwhile to have this life.
"Zhang Tao, an adult in the wine offering, came here. I think you know that this time has caused you trouble." Zhang Tao said with fuels.
Dong Dao asked Dan Xuan to make tea but didn’t say much about letting Zhang Tao sit on a bamboo chair. "Now, Zhang Tao, your achievements have already surpassed our imagination, but you still can’t forget that it’s a trouble to return to Haoran University." You are bringing glory to our great country and our noble institution of learning. "
You know, even Dong Dao is not qualified to see so many great people from overseas gathered together to see that the strength is now unfathomable. Zhang Tao Dong Dao recalled that he came to Zhang Tao nine days ago to find a look. Now it’s really a terrible past. "Zhang Tao, now you are full-fledged and famous. Don’t mind asking the old man about it?" In those days, I left a nine-character word for nine days, but I don’t know what it means until now. I have always been concerned about the fact that Zhang Tao Dongyue mainland was just a leaf in a boat, and Dong Dao didn’t ask much.
Now that Zhang Tao is a powerful man, it must have hurt to ask about it, right? "Excuse me, my Lord," Zhang Tao smiled.
"When your teacher gave word nine! What is the meaning? " Dong Dao has also been to overseas land several times, but he has never heard of nine meanings.
Zhang Tao smiled when he was taught a lesson by Yu Song Tian for nine days and found something secretly. He already knew that his heart was moved, but he could not help laughing. Master Gong had already lived for many years, but in some places he still kept a child’s touch.
"My master is the first master in Dongyue mainland and the founder of Nine Heaven Temple. Not everyone knows this." Zhang Tao dialect immediately shocked Dan Xuan and Dong Dao?
No wonder! Dong Dao recalled that he had a simple fight with Nine Days and One Little, but now it is chilling to think of it. Only in this way can the first master teach Zhang Tao such a stunning and peerless figure?
After catching up with the past, Zhang Tao confirmed the location of Haoran University, and it was getting closer and closer when he formally faced Dongyue mainland. Zhang Tao came to the place where he first saw Yuemei, and it was still a small bridge and flowing water.
However, Zhang Taoxian found that people live here and have been like this ever since it was restored. Although some people clean it regularly, it is deserted. Perhaps they will treat Yuemei like this because she is their own woman.
With a sigh, Zhang Tao once again came to the place where he met the king for the first time. The path in the center of the lake is still the same. It was when he heard Wang playing the piano that he would make a Liang Jun.
"I will save you." Zhang Tao’s eyes are full of firmness.
A few days later, Qin Zhen took the lead in returning to this city. He and Qin Huanran arrived first. After all, they belong to Tianyuecheng, and they are familiar with all the cloud guest houses, elegant buildings, and people from the government gathered together to discuss the meeting in a few days.
This time, it is a serious matter to gather strength and even destroy the whole Dongyue mainland! But what Zhang Tao needs most is to destroy the temple and save the king and the poisonous cloud.
In fact, there are not many people who know about men in black. Just like a guard behind Zhang Tao, the frost feather is also clever. People in the Temple of Nine Heavenly Houses on Zhang Tao’s shoulders are naturally scattered around. Zhang Tao is telling everyone about the reception methods of the two special places in the Astrology Valley and the Temple of Nine Heavenly Houses.
Zhang Tao in Jiutian Temple will naturally give him an excuse to prevaricate the past, just like destroying the building. It is better not to let anyone know this secret.
In the mysterious place of Astrology Valley, Zhang Tao naturally needs special etiquette. Astrology Valley can infer the direction of the mainland and predict the future according to the astronomical phenomena. Special sects have always been regarded as a sacred place because they can accurately predict the short future.
Their predictions are almost 90% correct, and because of this, some people who want to get predictions will naturally flock to the Astrology Valley and voluntarily become the patron saint of Astrology Valley.