"Pear fragrance, these two goods are not sensible, and one person will get a slap in the face!"

"It’s the boss!" Chengtian Huilixiang suddenly left the seat and flashed her hand as white as a wheel. She and her accomplices were blindsided by a loud slap in the face and immediately returned to their seats after playing Lixiang.
"What happened to Bao Jin? It seems that someone slapped me in the face?" White as a wheel a face of Meng than way
Sitting in a row with Bai Rulun is really Liu Shuaifu, the director of nine planets Gong Distillery, and Liu Baojin, the elder brother, has done a second-hand business with Bai Rulun nine planets City, disguising domestic products as imported online merchants.
"Brother seems to be that bitch!" Liu Bao Jin Wu wear irritable face way
"That woman is a waste skin two dog bodyguard? Hold the gold and give her a look! " White as a wheel, my nose is out of breath. Do you think about him? What’s the matter? How dare a loser be so arrogant?
"Brother, look at me!"
When Liu Bao Jin left the seat, Tian Huili’s face was thin and a wretched smile. "What’s the price, girl?"
"Looking for death!" Pear fragrance kicked the key part of Liu Baojin with a leg lift. Liu Baojin Zi sat down with a straight face.
Engine room uproar all eyes brush a focus to come over by long with a few elder sister hurried forward, "what’s the matter? Sir, please go back to your seat! "
In fact, the two boys laughed at Pi two dog and saw the two goods being beaten and turned a blind eye and deliberately muddied.
Liu Bao-jin’s face is as ugly as it is in pain at a certain part. The goods know that it’s not pear-scented opponent, so they return to their seats in a despondent way.
"The boss this name is white is a fake dealer! Occasionally, I also work part-time as a pickpocket. Our town Lan Shanfa is a group with him! " Li Xiang xing Dao
"I’m not so arrogant to sell fakes," said Pi two dog, pointing a middle finger at the white wheel.
Liu Baojin suffered a big loss and saw Pi two dog gesticulating with his middle finger. He suddenly gnashed his teeth and said, "Brother Bai, the king’s egg gesticulates with your middle finger!"
"Sun, see how I can repair him!" White as a wheel whoosh, like a fat pig planing and wrestling with Pi two dog.
This white fist kung fu is not bad. In an instant, two dog got several punches in his face, but no matter how good his fist kung fu is, it can’t stand the divine power of Pi two dog.
Then, as white as a wheel, I was knocked down by a strong force and slammed my head on the floor for a while. I turned my mouth and shouted, "Who hit me?"
In his eyes, Pi two dog had been abolished by Qiu Qingwang, and that strong force just now could not be from Pi two dog.
Must master secretly help two dog!
"I hit you and bit me?" Two dog Hippie Zhile Road
Chapter 547 Big host
"How is it possible for you to waste a person without relying on others?" White as a wheel when you get up, you have to be as embarrassed as you are. Passengers watch his jokes.
At this time, the beautiful woman came over and reprimanded, "Sir, the plane is not allowed to fight. Go back to your seat!" "
White as a wheel to know that you can’t take advantage of it is to say, "Pi two dog, you will know who I am when you return to nine planets City!"
"Ok, I’m waiting!"
At two o’clock in the morning, the plane landed at the Imperial Capital Donghuang International Airport on time. Assistant Ye Daxing was responsible for picking up the plane. two dog and his party were arranged to stay at the famous Congress Hotel in Imperial Capital.
Pi two dog takes the door, the first thing to do is to take a bath. As usual, the pear fragrance serves and washes off a dusty body. When you lie down on the couch, you will see a square breeze and sway the willows.
Looking at Pi two dog’s way, "two dog, I have a prosperous star in your imperial city by looking at the gas! This prosperous star represents noble people, not ordinary people, but royalty! "
Square Cui thick words don’t leave two dog in distress situation "Fang Jie you this SJMS female great god also have miscalculation, you think how can I know the imperial city royalty as a small peasant? This is impossible! "
"I think gas observation is closely related to the place. If Wangxing is very bright, there must be a noble person in his place. Through gas observation, I can conclude that your noble level in the Imperial Capital is quite high!" Fang Cuinong vowed to say
Suddenly Pi two dog patted his thigh and said, "I remember that a few months ago, I was bitten by a poisonous red snake and almost died. Finally, the emperor came to the good man and saved me! You said that the noble should be him! "
The nobleman who saved him was none other than Ada, the eldest grandson of the royal family. Ada also wandered to Ada, Baiyang Town, nine planets City because of an incurable disease. Later, Pi two dog cured her. Two friends were not shallow. Pi two dog didn’t know Ada was a royal princess!
It is even more impossible for him to think of flying a helicopter to Da Nai Mountain to save him. The noble is also Ada!
"I didn’t calculate wrong? The benefactor who saved you is at least the emperor’s relatives and the country! God, two dog, you are so lucky! " When Fang Cuinong looks at two dog again, it’s like looking at a god. Think about it. A small farmer in a mountainous area all over the world has a friendship with the royal family in Yaodi, Wan Li!
This kind of luck can’t be more appropriate to explode.
"It’s a pity that I still don’t know who is my savior? I really have another reason to go to Beijing this time, and that is to find a savior! " Pi two dog threw a big bang.
"What you don’t know?" Fang Cuinong’s implication is impossible.
"Don’t look at me like that. I really don’t know if the other party intends to hide my identity!" I remember that girl said before leaving that the benefactor would meet him. The question is, after hearing from the benefactor for several months, where can he find a super metropolis with a population of 20 million? This is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
"Then there is no way unless you look at the media or find someone through the Internet!"
Fang Cuinong woke two dog with a word "Yes, let Wu Qingqing help! Wu Qingqing is a famous host of CCTV. It is right to find her! "
"Haha, you are joking. You also know that she is a big-name host. Don’t say that you don’t necessarily see what Ye Mei wants to see!"
"Black qingqing is hard to see? I don’t think so. "After he loaded the goods, he dialed out in one sentence."
Someone knocked at the door half an hour later.
A girl with big feet and big sunglasses came in, curled up and looked at the other side. My god, Pi two dog couldn’t understand him more and more. How many amazing secrets did he have when he was young? Wu Qingqing was always arrogant and uncharacteristically. Let Pi two dog give him a word!