This Mr. Zhai is really hidden. I didn’t expect the boss to care so much about him

"I said, brother, you’re a little boring, aren’t you?" Zhai Ling walked over and sat on a bamboo chair in a careless way.
"Bro, this means … ha ha, I don’t know. Bro says it’s a base thing. It’s my fault. I’m really sorry, bro." The old man Zhen immediately smiled when he saw Zhai Ling’s expression.
Zhai Ling didn’t talk. He tilted his head and looked at the old man Zhen. He needed an explanation
The former Zhen old man promised that the experimental base can be far from the Hongdaoshan base where Zhailing is staying now.
"To tell you the truth, bro, I did win a secondary base for bro before, but my brother has a political enemy who abruptly messed this up for me. Under some pressure, my brother can settle for second best and barely win a primary base." The old man Zhen explained with a wry smile that his so-called political enemy in this position is not a simple thing, and he can’t really fight with the man, so he can be wronged first.
But Zhen’s words haven’t finished yet, and he suddenly laughed. "But now things have changed, bro, but after helping me a lot, I humiliated that guy severely. Now the position in the old brother’s yard has also risen a lot. That guy is too nervous to provoke me now. How about this? I’ll change the secondary base for bro. I promise it’s definitely the best base in the secondary."
The first-level base and the second-level base had also heard from Hong Tao that every year, their refining base will compete at the level.
If the strength is strong, the natural level will be high. Naturally, those base members will enjoy better treatment, not to mention that the salary has doubled several times, and even the equipment is the latest, and the latter is what those refiners like most.
Eye Zhen old man is also out of guilt and gratitude. He wants to change Zhailing to a higher-level base. He has the highest position in the current courtyard and can get the second-level base. That’s the dean and St. personally controlling him. He is absolutely afraid to intervene.
"No red knife mountain base … it’s not bad." Zhai Ling put the teacup and shook his head and refused. His mind also flashed through the little old men who quarreled every day in the base, not from the corners of his mouth.
"That … just follow the old brother’s idea, but don’t worry about what you need. No one dares to refuse." The old man Zhen also saw that Zhai Ling was firm and would no longer persuade him to give his promise.
He can get the honor now, which can be said to be given to him by Zhai Ling. The old man must treat Zhai Ling as a benefactor.
"Then I thanked my brother." Zhai Ling smiled and raised his teacup.
"You little" Zhen old man shook his head.
For a moment, the food was served. After those beauties left, the old man Zhen said to Zhai Ling, "I want to ask you a wish this time."
"Yes, I’m listening." Zhai Ling looked up and wiped the oil stains on her mouth.
"I don’t know if my brother has heard of the secret realm?" Zhen old man pointed to Zhai Ling.
"shakotan coast? I have seen the secret realm. How can we have a secret realm in Da Zhou? " Zhai Ling eyebrows a pick some accidentally look at zhen old man.
"Hey, hey, bro, that’s right, but Da Zhou is very strict with the control of the shakotan coast, and only a few circles have flowed in these hundreds of years." The old man Zhen nodded with a smile and said.
"What does Brother Zhen mean?" Zhai Ling is hesitant, but the corners of his mouth are already wide.
"Hey, hey, bro, you’re really smart. You guessed it after a few words. Yes, the horse is coming to the secret land. This year, bro, I have two places in my hand because of my promotion. Can I go or not?" Zhen old man grinned
At most, he had only one place before, and sometimes he didn’t have one. This year, because Zhai Ling helped him a lot, he was not only given a place, but also rewarded him with one more.
"Go, of course," Zhai Ling immediately laughed.
It’s the king’s egg that the elder cloud is cheap and not accounted for
"Ha ha, brother, I knew that you had specially prepared something for you." The old man Zhen laughed.
"Do you need to bring something to the secret world?" Zhai Ling some vacant.
"Of course, we’re not going for a day or two, but we’re going to stay for a year. It’s too painful to be prepared to take it." Zhen explained with a smile.
"A year!" Zhai Ling was surprised this time.
"Ha ha, bro, I didn’t know that there is a special power in the land. The velocity inside is different from that when we are experiencing it now. It is estimated that a year in the land is quite a month in real life." The old man looked at Zhai Ling with shame and laughed.
Zhai Ling, a genius in refining industry, was deeply satisfied.
"When did that brother enter the secret realm?" Zhai Ling has some shortness of breath and said that there are many natural materials and treasures in the secret land, all of which can greatly improve the self-cultivation of those who fix the truth.
Now ZhaiLingXiu but it is difficult to have high resources around for most of Zhai Ling has no effect.
If it weren’t for Zhailing, I really don’t know what to do in the next day.
The appearance of the Eye Mystery naturally made Zhai Ling see the hope of ascension.
"After seven days, we Douchayuan people will get together according to the instructions and then enter the land together." The old man Zhen Xiaoweiwei converged some seriously and then looked at Zhai Ling hesitantly. "But bro, if you go to the land, your identity may be exposed."
If the identity of Zhai Ling’s refining master is exposed, it will definitely cause vibration in the whole Zhongxing Island.
You know, almost the whole Zhongxing Island refining industry has been shocked by Zhai Ling’s refining of a magic weapon of nine dimensions.
If we let them know that it is only a 17-year-old student who has refined such a high-level magic weapon, I really don’t know if some narrow-minded people will do anything insane.
Speaking of which, the old man Zhen has some concerns and looks at Zhai Ling.
And Zhai Ling heard Zhen old man worry is confident laughed "brother you don’t worry about this matter when the time comes you have to do is give me a change of identity".
"Change your identity?" Zhen old man at that time some confused look at the Zhai Ling.
4, someone die (a more)
"Yes, just change your identity? W? W? W? This way, Zhen old man, please wait for me. "Zhai Ling said with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, and then Zhen old man got up and left the room in confusion.
a short while
Bang bang.
Someone knocked at the door.
Zhen old man knocked at the door and looked suspiciously at the bearded man knocking at the door.
"Who are you looking for …? Ah, you are brother Zhai! "
The original Zhen old man hesitated, but he saw the bearer dressed like Zhai Ling and was immediately surprised.
"Haha, it’s my brother Zhen."
The big fellow with a beard is naturally Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling had to get the magic face of the old man in the world. It was Zhai Ling who didn’t want to make such a shocking move in front of the old man, so he left the room easily, and then found a place where no one changed his face into another person and went back to the room.
"Tut-tut Zhai bro, you’re so easy to operate. If I don’t remember your dress, I can’t believe it’s you." The old man Zhen looked at Zhai Ling and walked around in the heart and couldn’t help but be surprised.
Zhai Ling smiled and said nothing more.
After sitting with the old man Zhen, Zhai Ling smiled and poured himself and the old man Zhen a glass of wine and then laughed. "When the time comes, Zhen brother, you will give me an identity again and you won’t worry about being discovered."
"Well, that’s a good idea." The old man Zhen nodded. He didn’t expect Zhai Ling to have such a magical skill.
"Seven days later, we’ll meet at the Wind Tower. This is a token to enter the secret land. Please put this thing away. If I lose my brother, I’m helpless." The old man Zhen took a pebble-sized bloody token from his pocket and handed it to Zhai Ling.
"Don’t worry, brother, I will come to see you this time." Zhai Ling took the bloody token and nodded and smiled.
"All right, you have to come with a token. I’ll get everything ready for you." The old man Zhen laughed.
"Then I thanked my brother first." Zhai Ling raised his glass and gestured for one and then gulped it down.
"Haha, you are young"
Zhu Feng Yuan Chen Jia Mansion is located here.
It wasn’t long before Chen Tianyu chatted with Zhou Feng and left the restaurant for the Chen family mansion.
"Father, I have found out from Zhou Feng that Zhou Hai was seriously injured and is now in the hospital." Chen Tianyu respectfully looked at his father and said.
"Is that so? Ha ha. What tricks does Zhou An really want to play? Is this old fox planning another plot? " Chen Shiye raised his hand and squinting slightly.
"Father Zhou Hai was suddenly hospitalized this week, and the Zhou family actually blocked this matter. Will there be any tricks?" Chen Tianyu also frowned and said
"Well, Zhou Jia, Zhou An, has always been wily. This time, Gao’s move should be something to do or the old fox heard something …" Chen Shiye’s eyes narrowed and there was a faint flash of inexplicable meaning.
"News?" Chen Tianyu one leng lost in thought.
"Don’t worry about this matter." Chen Shiye turned around and said lightly that this is the game between their two big families. Chen Tianyu shouldn’t ask questions, so naturally there is no need to let him participate.
"It’s my father. If it’s okay, I’ll go back." Chen Tianyu leaned still respectfully and said.
"Well, don’t leave the core members for examination after three months. You must work harder." Chen Shiye looked at his son and smiled slightly. Although he has always been unsmiling in front of Chen Tianyu, he is also very optimistic about his son.
"I know the father’s adult child excused himself."
Chen Tianyu walked out of the room. Chen Shiye looked at his son’s back and dazed. Then he looked back and picked up the freshly brewed tea.
Chen Tianyu, who left his father’s room, did not return to his room immediately, but went to the small pavilion in his mansion lake.
"The old slave has seen Master Tianyu," said an old man with a blue robe and a fair face to Chen Tianyu’s back.