"Let’s sail north, too …"

喝茶工作室VX Jun 21, 2024

"To the north! Go north! "
So several warships also joined the team sailing north.
Not long after, several ships joined in, starting from Lanxi and Midi, almost all of which were targeted at Fusang or the Far East, and almost all of them changed their course.
It seems that they are all possessed.
Journey to the south! North!
On the sea, a group of Jiao Ren emerged from the sea.
Jiao Ren elder Kun Kun looked at dozens of ships with satisfaction and nodded with satisfaction.
"So many ships about …"
Next to it, a Jiao Ren took out a piece of paper and carefully compared it with the code and name written on it. These were all selected by the manor and the destination was Fusang State Ship.
Not far from Jiao Ren Zhuang, I suddenly found that he didn’t need to make any icebergs at all.
What special effects are there like brain effects?
Not far from Zhuang, I asked them to get some boats to try the route, but Elder Jiao Ren obviously didn’t think so.
"We must show our strength to the owner of the villa, or we will continue to live in Jiao Ren … There must be no shortage of these names!"
Then I got almost all the ships on the list.
Jiao Ren is an "ideological worker" domesticated by manor owners to paralyze and manipulate manor servants and tenant farmers.
Humans or all humanoid creatures are called "people" because they all have a brain that is too powerful for their bodies.
Manipulating the brain is tantamount to manipulating the whole person.
Jiao Ren is a master of creating illusions and manipulating thoughts, and they are good at all kinds of illusions and emotions-pain, joy, hope or despair.
Anyway, it’s all illusory, and you’re not afraid to give too much.
For Jiao Ren, human beings are no exception. Love, hope, dream, responsibility and honor are all manipulative things.
Isn’t it just ideological work? They have more effective ways than language.
If you want to immerse them in false dreams, everything is easy to say.
A group of Jiao Ren led a fleet straight to Green Island Port.
Chapter 169 We pioneered kidnapping to fill the international white
One day in mid-May, more than 70 small boats, large and small, came to the waters near Green Island Port.
When a chicken warrior reported to Zhuang not far away that a large number of ships had arrived, he almost bumped into the beach.
"I asked you to get a few boats at will, not to kidnap so many!"
Jiao Ren is really a race that is particularly good at have it both ways.
After being thrown into the whale manor not far from Zhuang, I quickly realized the reality. After all, it is not enough to be a manor official.