Li Xun saved their homeland from being invaded by the war, and went all the way to kill the enemy with a great army. They actually started a disaster. After returning home, they even resisted Li Xun’s squad. How can you say that an emperor of the Alssen Empire and the head of the Tianshan Palace can swallow it? If someone resists again, they will kill them without pity.

"Stand back or I’ll kill you!" Take the lead in the general to the front coming to civilian way
"Kill kill!" Civilians turned a deaf ear to warnings and still killed again and again.
"Ah … ah …" Then she heard a scream.
A group of civilians who didn’t listen to the warning rushed to death. Archers shot arrows at the ground, and the bodies died at the sight of so many people. Those civilians only retreated behind and watched in panic as the army kept advancing. Those civilians were really stubborn. Li Yun’s army kept a certain distance and shouted slogans to follow! When Li Yun’s army passed through the city for a mile, it was blocked by twenty thousand defenders.
"What do you mean, how dare you stop the marshal and the princess army? You should be guilty or you should kill them!" The general in front of the road pointed to the defenders and shouted
"Somebody get me a murderer …"
The garrison general on horseback pointed to Li Yun’s army, but before he finished speaking, he saw a firm but gentle shot from Li Yun’s carriage, and the general on horseback escaped. However, even the man and the horse were left in a pool of blood by Li Yun’s firm but gentle shock, and he didn’t know how to move his lips a few times before he finished speaking! I don’t want to know what the other half of my lips say, just take the murderer.
Quiet …
The latter figure flew out of the carriage and slowly floated in front of the army; Arrogantly standing in front of the way, the army was carrying momentum, and a thick murderous look emanated from Li Yun’s body, as if it felt bloody murderous look from hell. The army in front could not help but retreat, and it was too scared to be incontinent on the spot. Without a commander, the army was like a group of dragon heads and suddenly did not dare to make a move.
"Roll for me! ! !” A divine voice from the Nine Days buzzed in their ears.
"Marshal adult we are all here to escort! Somebody disperse those civilians! Protect the Grand Marshal and Princess Ann! " A lieutenant replied hesitantly.
But Li Lian ignored them and flew back to the carriage and told the army to move on. If they attacked, Li Lian would kill these troops, but the lieutenant was still a sensible man. When he saw Li Lian like a god of death, he changed his mind in a hurry and put the target on the civilians behind Li Lian.
General Linda’s office!
"What did you say? That little guy actually launched a private army to attack civilians? Kill the general in the city again? Does the palace have anything to say? " General Lin asked an official in the palace and said
"It was Li Yun who did order the shooting of those civilians who were close to the military families, and he knew about it, but he said that they all committed crimes and sent people to detain the Lord to return to the palace for interrogation," an official replied.
"What? How dare you say that and send troops to capture the duke to the palace? Damn it, back off first. Be careful not to be seen here! " General Lin cursed the way
The day before yesterday, General Lin of the Yuan Empire recruited several martial arts experts and told them that they must kill Lord Lukakatahna and prevent him from entering the palace. Later, he told some people to go out with some gold coins and ask him to buy off some ordinary people. If not, his family threatened them, and they had to make full preparations to deal with him before Li Yun returned to the imperial city.
But will Li Yun fall for that? What witness, physical evidence or threat? ?
Soon the Lord of Cartagena was arrested by some big guards, and the Lord of Cartagena shouted unjustly, "What did I do to arrest me?"
"I’m sorry, Lord Cartagena. We are just following orders. Please cooperate. Please go to the palace. Nothing will happen!" Guards with struggling Cartagena, the main road
"Brother Bing, I have children with a high hall and three months. Can you let me go and help me tell the pursuers that I really can’t leave Cartagena! The people need me and my family needs me! Please, I can give you silver. "The Lord of Tahna knows that this is not so simple, and his heart is very white.
"Sorry to offend someone to take the Lord of Cartagena away!"
Finally, Li Xun led ten thousand troops to Tianyuan Imperial City, and then they went to the palace. All the officials seemed to be waiting for Li Xun, and even General Lin watched Li Xun slowly enter the palace with a sly smile.
In front of the officials, Li Yun said hello to Zilu’s father. A faint tunnel said, "I don’t know if you are so eager to recruit me into the palace. What can I do for you? I just came back from a long journey to have a rest. If there is nothing, I will leave first."
Say that finish Li Xun away from the palace toward the outside, don’t put the purple dew father look more ignored those ministers and officials eyes looked at Li Xun was about to recede Tianyuan imperial king was about to ask Li Xun to see Li Xun has left the big palace to leave a long-lasting tone way
"What’s the matter day to say again! I’ll give you an answer one day. I’m tired! "
It’s true that Princess Li Luan, who was soaking in Zilu, personally led the troops in the eastern expedition to recover more than ten cities over mountains and mountains, and constantly plotted to occupy the enemy’s territory in a province. Just after leading the way, he was recruited to the palace for questioning, but for seeing Zilu, he was rewarded with "Vigorously king kong palm" on the spot.
"Li Yun, a high-minded person, please ask him to arrest him, or we will be afraid that it will damage the face of the royal family if we go out of Tianyuan Empire." General Lin said with a clear head on his knees
"Hum, I think it’s what you want to face. How do you get involved in my father’s body? How do you do it? The enemy beat the enemy, but it was also occupied by the enemy. After watching Li Yun recover the territory and expand the territory, are you jealous that others are better than you? Didn’t you see it? When people come home from a long distance without greeting them, it’s like trying a prisoner. Father, you are all bastards. If it weren’t for Li Yun, you would never have seen your daughter. I hate you! ! Hate you! " Sitting next to the throne, Princess Zilu got up and pointed to the officials and the king of Tianyuan Empire and left with tears.
"You are all a bunch of bastards. What do you have all day long? If this matter is found out for me, I will punish them Jiuzu and piss me off. Baby daughter, you wait for me! It’s my father’s fault. It’s my fault. Don’t walk so fast. Wait for me! ! !” The king of Tianyuan Empire also got up to face the officials and scolded them so much that they didn’t dare to lift their heads, and then they chased the crying purple dew.
On the top of the mountain outside the city, Li Luan caressed the shawl with the mountain wind, and his mind was full of melancholy, and he was so arrogant that he could kill their so-called senior officials on the spot regardless of the scene, but he couldn’t do that at this time because he didn’t want to hurt his beloved woman or hate herself.
"Alas, I didn’t think that I could open a great emperor and worry about women. Forget it. After this, I’d better build a sect and then leave this world and Zilu. They make it clear that if you come with me, you can hate it or not! Anyway, it won’t last long! " Li Yun murmured to the mountain wind
The Iceberg Palace has enrolled thousands of students since the day Li Lian left. All of them are beautiful princesses from all over the world. The genius is 1 to 2 years old. All of them are as beautiful as a fairy, and with a red sword, they are more beautiful than a little dragon girl. The aura at the top of the floating palace and the practice of mind have become like eating people and fireworks …
I don’t know how Princess Anna is now. She was the first woman to get Li Xun’s heart. Presumably, she has learned an advanced art by now, and she has also traveled with Li Xun’s thirteen protoss women to the Grayson Empire. Princess Anna will not worry her father, but of course she must give him a magic letter.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Can I stay?
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Can I stay?
On the top of the mountain, Li Lian knows the protoss and looks for a senior archangel in the protoss. When Li Lian feels her, she will hit another mouth with great power. The other entrance is to suck her in as soon as she appears beside the senior archangel.
Finally, Li Lian let her out of the world. When the angel dressed in mysterious clothes appeared in front of Li Lian, look at Li Lian’s evil smile, slender white hands and two fingers to form a long firm but gentle stab at Li Lian to avenge the protoss. When Li Lian saw her, she split her and shouted that the same one flew over and she fought.
Less than 10% of the skill, this fairy-like mysterious-dressed angel’s battle on the top of the mountain has changed color, sand and stones are flying, and even the trees next to it have been destroyed by Li Lian and his wife. It seems that Li Lian’s creation of magical power from another plane has never been expected to be turned into a true spirit by the twelve angel protoss, and every move and style are so powerful that Li Lian’s semi-success has even tied her.
Did Li Yun think that the magical power I created would also flow to the divine world? Hehe, I can see that Aslan Si and her family still love their protoss ideals.
"Yes, that trick’ the combination of man and knife’ has opened my eyes!" Li Yun side and the Vietnam War more gas xuan garment angel said
"See how I tidy up you this Yin jun! Eat me a trick’ man and sword are one! "Say kill kill fine hands together to form a huge knife gas a fly into the huanglong great break hordes; The white shadow flew to the front Li Luan.
"Good, good, let you see a Chinese saying that" Tai Chi "is a great solution!" Li Yun made a handshaking gesture against a huge white knife.
Because Li Yun made great progress in practicing kung fu, it was so powerful that Tai Chi appeared after Li Yun.
In front of Li Luan’s true qi, a circular Tai Chi fish of Yin and Yang blocked the flying knife gas and white shadow, and moved her firm but gentle to the side to make a sound. A huge abyss with a depth of 10 meters and a length of 100 meters was created by firm but gentle, and it was rowed from the top of the mountain to the middle of the mountain, and the trees next to it fell to the sides and broke.
"If I didn’t have Rapier in my hand, I would have killed you, a slut." The angel of plain clothes flew before Li Xun and gasped at the smiling Li Xun.
"Okay, okay, that day was my fault, wasn’t it? I shouldn’t have touched your ass and milk ~ ~ ~" Li Yun said to the angry virgin angel in front with a somewhat flirtatious statement.
The angel thought that Li Yun defeated the God King after he entered the protoss that day, and then he molested them. The archangel was just one of them.
"You! You rascal! You flow! !” I can’t beat Li Yun again. She can scold like this.
"It’s me, but I’m not a rogue. I’ve tried my best to give you a good life. I haven’t killed you all. You should be reasonable. Don’t be angry. Sit down and talk to me about something. I’m in a bad mood today! Don’t worry, I have no feelings for you, otherwise I would have asked you to come out to accompany me to bed! Hehe, don’t look at me like that, just think I’m wrong! " Li Yun looked at the virgin angel who was angry and was less than twenty years old. Actually, she should be over two thousand years old, but it seems that she is only in her twenties.
After that, the two of them chose a big stone to sit and talk together, and talked about many things, including their life in the protoss, which made Li Xun feel more fond of and pity for them. The virgin angel who sat next to them looked at Li Xun many times with very confused eyes, thinking that she was naked at this person that day and was touched by his hands in several places. At this time, her face could not help but float a little red.
Speaking of the hundreds of thousands of virgins touched by Li Xun, this woman sitting next to her is the one that Li Xun touched the most. Although it was a moment that day, Li Xun’s hands touched her breasts and buttocks several times. As soon as this angel appeared in front of Li Xun, she waved her sword to kill Li Xun, which was aimed at this aspect.
"What do you look so beautiful that the male angel didn’t you start work? Are they other performances? " Li Yun asked curiously the angel sitting next to him.
"Fairy? You mean angels, right? That dead male angel, they can’t wait to be bad to me every day, but we have rules. He dare not be bad to me! "